Best Hunting Long Johns Reviews of 2018

Best Hunting Long Johns Reviews

When hunting the gear and equipment you have makes up a large percentage of your chance of success. Although having clothing that keeps you warm may not affect your direct success, it inevitably will have in in-direct effect on your chances. If you do not have the right clothing and protection from the elements, then you simply won’t be able to last as long on the hunting. You could potentially have to sit in the same spot for hours and if you’re freezing then you’re not giving yourself the best possible chance.

There are several pieces of clothing that you should have to ensure you stay camouflage, dry and warm. Long Johns are great way of keeping your legs nice and warm underneath all your hunting gear. Instead of throwing pair after pair of pants on, a more practical and cheap option is to just wear your normal hunting pants with some long johns on underneath.

A good pair of long johns for hunting should be comfortable, non-itchy, washable and scent free. With these things in mind we’ve put together our reviews of the best hunting long johns available on the market in 2018.

​Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best ​Hunting Long Johns of 2018

#1. ​First Lite - Allegheny 230g Merino Bottom

First Lite - Allegheny 230g Merino Bottom

We’ll start straight off with our number 1 choice for best long johns for hunting. First Lite have a large range of clothing for keeping your warm while hunting such as gloves, hats, jumpers etc. Bearing in mind what we said about what to look for in a good pair of long johns for hunting, this pair ticks all the boxes.

This pair stands out from other long johns because they are odorless. You can spend days hunting with these on and not leave any human odor thanks to the Merino wool. They are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and do not itch, this is very important as a hunter as you could be exposed to the cold for long periods. Another thing that makes these a great choice is that they can be washed very easily and are waterproof. Thanks to the special it is made with, it absorbs the moisture and then passes it back through the material into the air.

There really are no downsides to these leggings except the price. The only thing that may be off-putting is the price, however, saying that they are well worth the price if you’re serious about hunting.

Overall has everything you would look for in a great base layer for your legs, and takes the number one spot on our best hunting long johns list.


  • ​Odorless
  • Comfortable
  • No itching
  • Washable and waterproof
  • Large choice of colors and patterns
  • Comes with a warranty


  • ​More expensive than the other choices on our list – worth it if serious about hunting

#2. ​​​​Carhartt Men's Base Force Wicking Cotton Legging

Carhartt Men's Base Force Wicking Cotton Legging

From the lesser known outdoor cloth manufacturer Carhartt, this is our selected long johns from their range. There are 2 colors available in these leggings– black and natural. You get a massive selection of sizes to choose from - Small all the way through to xxxx-Large.

What stands out with this pair of thermal leggings is the comfortably and the ability to keep warm that they offer. These are perfect if you need to wear them for extended periods of time and typically if ordered in the right size, should offer a nice tight fit. Another plus is the fact that these leggings are 100% machine washable and absorb any moisture.

For the sake of hunting a let-down is the fact that they may not be odorless. Another thing that could potentially affect your decision is that because these are 100% cotton, they may be heavier to wear than other long johns.

Overall a very comfortable pair of long johns that are guaranteed to keep you warm in the harsh weather. Just consider the fact that these leggings are heavier than your average pair, and are not odorless.


  • ​Very comfortable and warm
  • Good fitting
  • Large selection of sizes available
  •  Washable and absorb moisture


  • ​Not odorless
  • Heavier to wear
  • Only 2 colors to choose from

#3. ​​Ekouaer Men's Long Thermal Underwear

Ekouaer Men's Long Thermal Underwear

From Ekouaer comes this thermal underwear base layer set. You have the option to either purchase a set with a top and pants, or just a pair of long johns on their own. There are 3 different colors to choose from – Black, Gray and Navy. They also have a large selection of sizes available, from Small-xxxxL

The stand out with these long johns is the fact that you can purchase a good set with a top and leggings that will keep you warm, and is ultimately great value for money. As mentioned, they are great at their primary job of keeping you warm and are very comfortable. This pair is also washable, breathable and moisture wicking. They are soft on the skin and typically have a nice tight fit to them when bought in the right size.

One concern you may have if you were to purchase these is that they are not odorless. Although they are great for keeping you warm, the quality of the material is not as good as strong as other long johns further up our list.

Overall a great set of long johns that do the job just fine and come in at a fantastic price. We recommend these if you want a cheap pair that will keep you warm to put on underneath your hunting equipment.


  • ​Cheap for a set
  • Keep you warm and comfortable for long periods
  • Good fit to them
  • Washable, breathable and absorb moisture


  • ​Not odorless
  • Material quality not as good as others further up list

#4. ​Tru Fit Men's 2 Pack Performance Thermal ​Bottom

Tru Fit Men's 2 Pack Performance Thermal ​Bottom

Tru Fit are a lesser known company who have a range of clothing and garment, all designed to fit comfortably. The thermal leggings that they offer comes in 3 different colors – Black, Charcoal and Navy. You also have the choice of 5 different sizes – Small to xx-Large.

The Tru Fit long johns make it on the list because they are great at what they do and come in at a very good price. They are ideal for putting on underneath waders and have nearly everything you would look for in a pair of hunting long johns. They are comfortable, fit nicely, washable, breathable, absorb moisture and come in at a great price. A pair of these covers nearly all the basics that you need for keeping the heat in while hunting. If you are considering a pair then you have the choice of up to 5 sizes.

Again, depending on how serious you are about your hunting you will need to consider the fact they are not odorless. With them coming in a lower price the quality of the material is not as good as other pairs on the list, though still does the job of keeping you warm nicely.

Overall a pair that has a lot to offer when keeping you warm and comes in at a low price. Recommended for hunters looking for john johns to go underneath your waders.


  • ​Comfortable and warm
  • Inexpensive
  • Good range of sizes
  • Washable, breathable and absorbs moisture
  • Ideal for under waders


  • ​Material not as good quality as others on list
  • Not odorless

#5. ​Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear

Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear

From Ekouaer again, comes our choice for the best woman’s hunting long johns. Our woman’s Ekouaer selection comes as a set (top and bottom) and has 6 sizes available – Small to xxx-L. You also have the choice of 5 colors – Back, Gray, Navy Blue and Wine Red.

As stated above, the reason why this makes the list is because it’s our choice for woman who are looking for the right thermal leggings for hunting. The price is very good, as for your purchase you will get a set with a thermal top and leggings. The set is comfortable to wear, great at keeping you warm, very soft on the skin, breathable and moisture wicking. Another plus is the fact that you can machine wash these long johns and have the selection of up to 6 sizes, ensuring that you get a comfortable fit.

A few let-downs are the fact that they are not odorless and the material is not of premium quality, however, it does the job of keeping you warm and comfortable.

Overall an ideal purchase for woman who need a good pair of hunting long johns to keep them warm for long periods of time. Although the quality is not as good as your more expensive pairs, they still do the job great and offer good value for money as top and bottoms are included.


  • ​Comfortable
  • Keep you warm
  • Good fit – as long as right size is purchased
  • Washable, breathable and absorb moisture
  • Great range of sizes and colors available
  • Inexpensive as you get a full a top and leggings


  • ​Not odorless
  • Not as quality mater as more premium makes

Things To Consider When Buying A Good Pair of Hunting Thermal Leggings

Because you’re hunting you don’t want to be buying a standard pair of indoor long johns, of course this also depends on your budget and whether you’re willing to spend the money on a more expensive pair designed specifically for hunting. Here are some points you should consider when looking for a top pair for hunting:

  • Odor – Because covering your scent is very important especially if you’re a serious deer hunter, wearing clothing that reduces your scent trail can significantly increase your chances of a big catch. Not all leggings are odorless and you typically have to pair more for a pair that are. If you’re serious about your hunting and want to give yourself every advantage you can, then if your budget allows for it then you should purchase an odorless pair.
  • ​Fit – Not every manufacturer will have the legging size you desire, so be sure to check out what sizes our top picks come in. Saying that, every manufacturer has a different type of fit, therefore the advertised sizes may be too small or too big for some hunters. Check out above what we found out about the sizes ​that each of the manufacturers specify.
  • Type of Material – When you’re hunting you can be exposed to the elements and may even end up soaking wet. Typically you want your leggings to be washable and breathable to ensure the longevity of your hunts. The chances are that you will get dirty and in a mess when you’re out hunting, so you want something that can be washed and cleaned easily, while also having the quality to last you ​numerous trips. Something that’s breathable is also beneficial as your hunt may last for hours, maybe even days, therefore the need for something that’s not going to have you sweating buckets is imperative.
  • Budget – There is a big difference when it comes to price between your standard pair of long johns and a pair specially designed for hunting. These specially designed pairs as mentioned above, usually have odorless qualities and special material to keep you warm outside, so you have to decide whether you want to part ways with that extra cash. The one question you should ask yourself is ‘how serious are you about your hunting?’

Final Word

Hopefully your long john leggings hunt is over. We have listed our 5 best hunting long johns available, each offering something different to the buyer. Our reviews should have covered different types of thermal leggings buyers, from men to women, small to large and lots of different budgets. Overall though our top picks remains the First Lite - Allegheny 230g Merino Bottoms simply because it ticks every box. Whatever you do decide to do, make sure that you ​keep warm when hunting this season.

Good luck hunter!


Hunting is something that has been a big part of my family history for generations. Typically every spare weekend I have is spent outdoors either hunting or doing something else adventure related. This site uses my years of knowledge in the field to hopefully help improve the hunting experience of others.

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