Big Dog BDL-1050 Stadium Ladder Stand Review

Big Dog BDL 1050 Stadium Ladder Stand Review

From the hunting gear manufacturer Big Dog comes their flagship ladder stand model - the BDL-1050 Stadium series. Bid Dog sport a few other ladder stand models, but the BDL-1050 Stadium two man stand always seems to be the ladder stand that hunters are interested in. For this reason, we’ve decided to do a full review of it and take away all the hard research work for you.

We’ll get into our take on this two-person ladder stand, listing everything you need to know about it and help you decide if it’s worth all the hype and money it demands.

​​1. The ​Specification

Here are the full specs of the Big Dog Ladder Stand:

  • 2 person seating
  • Curved 53" x 13" mesh foot platform
  • It has a curved 37" x 16" padded seat
  • The maximum weight capacity for this stand is 500lbs
  • Double rail build
  • Padding all around including the shooting rail, back-rest and armrests
  •  20” seat height

2. What Comes With The Purchase?

There are a few handy things ​that are included in the price:

  • A blind that fits around the shooting rail and footrest
  • Straps
  • X 2 300-lb weight capacity safety harness
  • TMA Safety video
  • Adjustable support bar

​3. Our Review​ of the ​Big Dog BDL-1050 Stadium Ladder Stand​:

4. What We Liked About It

There is lots to like about the Big Dog Stadium ladder tree stand. Firstly everything you’re going to need is included in the price that you pay such as, safety harnesses, an adjustable support bar, and even straps. The setup is also a breeze and straightforward for any level of hunter. The curved design that it sports should also be seen as a positive for any hunter, as this promotes a wider field of view and makes it easier to turn around for a shot.

It is also spacious and can seat 2 people fairly comfortably, with double backrest making things even more comfortable. The construction is great and is very sturdy and stable. The fact that 4 ratchet straps are used gives you even more piece of mind and adds an extra element of security.

We did find that although the seat is not made from the strongest of material, ultimately it is very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. The Big Dog BDL-1050 price is fantastic for what you get when you compare it with similar competing ladder stand manufacturers. It includes everything you need to get going straight out the box all included in the price, and, if you’re not happy with your purchase, then you’re in good hands as returns and customer service is great with Big Dog.


  • Great price tag
  • Lots included with the purchase
  • Setup easy and straightforward
  • Curved design increases fi​eld of view
  • Spacious and can seat 2 people
  • Sturdy, stable and secure
  • Comfortable seating for long periods
  • ​Good return policy

​5. What We Didn’t Like

With any hunting product, there are some points that let this ladder stand down and should be considered before purchasing it.

One of the biggest let-downs with this ladder stand is the shooting rail. Firstly, for most hunters it will feel a little low and too short to rest your gun on, this can be resolved with a little bit of hands-on DIY. Secondly, the actual rail itself feels a little flimsy when leaning on for taking a shot, again, this can be resolved with a little DIY of your own, but can run the cost of the purchase up slightly.

The second biggest gripe we have with this is the quality of the paint finish. The paint finish is low quality indeed and encourages rusting pretty quickly, again, you can resolve this by applying a cheap protective coat yourself to ensure its longevity. A little bit of an extra cost again to protect your investment.

There are a few issues with the quality of some of the material that ​is present on the Big Dog Stadium ladder stand. The first is the quality of the blind that comes with it, although it comes free and included in the price, it feels pretty cheap and isn’t designed to last long. Another quality problem is the seat. Although we mentioned that the seat is very comfortable to sit in, the material itself could have been better quality.

An all too common complaint with bigger hunting products such as tree stands is the instructions very being poor and hard to understand, and this model is no different. Though in fairness to Big Dog, assembling this is very easy and straightforward for any level of experience.


  • Shooting rail flimsy and short
  • Poor paint finish
  • Quality of material not great
  • Instructions not helpful – though easy setup
  • A few bits of DIY to the stand can add a little extra to the cost

​6. Is It Worth Purchasing?

If you’ve read over all our likes and dislikes about the stand above, then you should be able to see that our over-riding feeling towards this model is that it’s fantastic. If you can get over the fact that the shooting rail can be a bit a problematic for some hunters, then it should at least make your shortlist.

When you consider the overall price of the Big Dog BDL-1050 Stadium Ladder Stand, taking into consideration all the little extra DIY jobs that may need done and cost a little extra, the value for money is nearly unmatchable. For a straightforward 2-man ladder stand that you can have setup in no time with everything ready to go out of the box, it’s a no-brainer. When we compare the price tag of this ladder tree stand with similar competing manufacturers, this stands out as great value for your money and a sound investment.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check it out for yourself:


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