How To Look After A Gun Safe

How To Look After A Gun Safe

​The number of legal owners of guns has significantly increased all over the world thanks to modernization, especially in the U.S where the majority of people have some sort of contact with firearms. It is estimated that ​around 30 - 40% of U.S citizens owns a gun or lives with someone that owns one. The main reason why people ​purchase guns ​is to help them protect themselves from dangers, be it intrusion or attack by robbers or gunmen. These guns that ought to offer you protection however, must be stored safely and correctly in a gun safe to protect your ​family and other people from them. That said, we now know that a gun ought to be stored away securely in a safe. The safe must also be maintained and looked after correctly on a regular basis​. ​Looking after you safe essentially says that you take your firearm safety and storage very seriously. And so every gun owner should!

​Here are some top tips on the best ways to look after and maintain your gun safe investment:​

Clean The Safe

​Dust and dirt tend to settle on the exterior parts of the safe when the room is swept or cleaned. It's standard that no matter what you do, dust will inevitably get into your safe one way or another. Make sure to clean the dust and dirt along the edges, handles and locks at least once a month.

​Do not use an abrasive material to clean the safe's surface especially if its surface is textured or has a special finish, this is because it will scratch the ​coating on the exterior badly. Use a damp soft cloth instead to carefully wipe out the dust and the dirt that has settled on the exterior.

​Finally, wipe out the safe's exterior with a dry non-abrasive cloth to remove any moisture from the surface. Note that if you allow dust to settle for a long time on the surface, it will become very hard to clean it up.

It is advisable that if you are cleaning the lock and handle, you should not use metal polishes. The polishes will consume the coating on the parts. The coating prevents the safe's parts from tarnishing.​​

​Service The Lock

Rusty Lock

​It goes without saying that every safe has a lock, though some may be more accessible and easier to get into than others. There are different types of safes to choose from, each requiring their own special way of ​servicing the lock. The lock of your safe may ​wear away or become loose with time. It is therefore important that you check ​it's condition from time to time. When the lock is loose, the safe's main purpose of a safe storage for your gun becomes irrelevant as your gun becomes accessible to anyone ​that opens the gun safe. This could mean that your weapon could end up in the hands of the wrong person, which may even include children!

​Seek the services of a professional locksmith when the condition of the lock is in doubt. This ensures that your gun ​safe maintains the best quality of health that it can. If a locksmith is not an option for you financially, then there are plenty of other free guides out there online ​that can assist you in servicing your locks. Even contact the manufacturer of your safe to see if they can offer you some assistance and guidance on how you should best look after it.


​Apply oil or grease to the lock and the hinges to prevent them from jamming. The oil and grease should be applied on the side, top and bottom of the hinges. Apply a drop of oil on the lock if it does not open and close smoothly. Don't overdo the application of oil as it could quite easily do the exact opposite of what it is intended to do and ruin the lock completely.

​Oiling should be done at least once a year at the bare minimum to ensure that the safe ​can be easily opened and closed.​ The last thing you need in an emergency where your gun is vital, is to find that you can't actually open your safe door!

​Moisture Control

Moisture On Window

​It is very dangerous for moisture to accumulate in the safe as this may cause rusting of the safe walls and even the gun itself. ​If rust forms in the gun itself then this may lead to it ​misfiring when needed​. This would essentially mean that your gun is void and not fit for purpose, seriously ​compromising the security of you and your family.

Use gun safe dehumidifier​s to lower the moisture content in the safe. Place them on the walls or floor to raise the temperature inside thereby lowering the moisture content. ​Dehumidifiers are a great, cheap option that can improve the condition of your safe on autopilot. ​Dehumidifiers are typically the recommended choice by any serious firearm owner out there. Check out reviews and ratings of some of the top models to find out which one may be right for your storage. Alternatively, use silica packs which absorb the moisture. However, the silica packs should be in contact with the guns as this will cause rusting.​

​Well, How Does Your Safe Look?

​Have you now come to the ​realization that you've neglected your gun storage? If so, then ​you could be ​compromising the functionality of your gun, and potentially endangering you and your whole family. The main thing is to just give it a regular service and look over every so often, even if that means only once a year. Something as simple as opening and shutting the door a few times is enough to ​give you that peace of mind in an emergency situation.

If you're going to spend the money that a good safe demands these days, then at least put the time and effort into ​ensuring it's longevity. ​And remember above all, always invest in you and your family's safety first!


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