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How to Process a Deer

Knowing how to properly process a deer (or any animal for that matter) is a useful skill and one that everybody who eats meat should be aware of. It can give you a good sense of achievement to know that you have done a job well, saved the meat from spoilage and have done something […]

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How to Build a Survival Shelter

People build survival shelters for three main reasons. The first is out of necessity: If you can’t get back to your cabin or car and the bad weather is coming in, a solid shelter can literally be the difference between life and death. The second reason is convenience: if you want to go hunting for […]

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Bow Hunting Tips

Bow Hunting Tips & Advice

Bow hunting is an age-old skill that dropped out of popularity with the birth of the rifle but has recently been making a rather wonderful comeback. Purists are suggesting that actually getting out in the field with a bow and arrow is a more “noble art”. Whether it’s better or worse than hunting with firearms, […]

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