Deer Hunting 101: Ultimate 2021 Beginner’s Guide - Catch Them Easy

Deer Hunting 101: Ultimate 2021 Beginner’s Guide

Deer Hunting 101: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Deer hunting season brings out the enthusiast hunters across different states in the U.S, and is considered a popular mainstream sports today. The culture of hunting is now a regulated activity in the US and is done by the Department of Fish and Wildlife or Department of Natural Resources. In some parts of America, hunting is viewed as a necessity to curb exploding number of deer. Millions of Americans participate in this sport in public lands and strict adherence to rules of the state concerned. Many views the recreational activity as a prerequisite to conserve the wildlife since it provides a substantial amount of funding. The adrenaline rush that hunters enjoy has pumped up the industry considerably. Researchers opines that the sport has benefitted the person physically as well by supplying the necessary nutrition. The cardiovascular workout is also highly advisable and should be done from a younger age. No wonder deer killing is thriving.

Its history dates back to centuries when around 4 million centuries ago, the first deer migrated to the U.S. Many hunters have invested in better arrangements and hunting process, like a biologist discovered the dart-gun system for the hunt. Even today, cannon net enjoys a degree of popularity as Whitetail deer remains the favourite game for all the hunters out there. Hunting Whitetailed deer is common across the vast of North America where the species can be found in abundance. Hunting in some parts form an important chunk of national heritage and always a time-honoured tradition for Americans. You can get your hands on a range of packages thanks to the versatility in the U.S terrain and species. Make sure you have procured the state issued license required for the hunt in some states. Offers and discounts are always on their platter to lure hunters as young as 16.

Deer Hunting Guide

Since it is deemed as a popular game, knowing the basics before you venture into it remains mandatory. Of course, you have to make your determination from the very outset what you are targeting at. Accessing remote areas can provide you with better options, or simply consult a topographical map to know the territories you are going to cover. Arrange your cart to carve your exit out from any area with the deer without dragging it for too long. Daylight hours are strategically the best time to ambush a deer as it is out in search of its food. Further, you can lure the creature by creating a corn pile and waiting to shoot it as it falls into the trap. Or simply make a blend of apples, corn pile, and other goodies to prepare the bait. You need to wait at least some 20 yards away to take your shot at it. Pay attention to the temperature while deciding which species to hunt down.

Late summer is favourite to hunters, and in few instances, hunters also come out during early August. These are the months when a deer is most vulnerable and greater in number, looking around for food. Therefore, with minimum efforts you can haul one. Always opt for a full-body safety harness if you are planning to do a lot of tree climbing during hunting spree. Moreover, deer can detect hunters and even from a great distance and therefore make sure to wash your clothes with non-scented soap.

Need to Knows about Deer Hunting

After you have crosschecked the basics, you need to move forward to acquire some more knowledge for a successful deer hunt. If you are amateur, you need to possess specific information so that you do not run into any legal mess for deer hunting. Here is everything, coherently arranged to prepare you as an expert deer hunter.

Legalities of Deer Hunting in the U.S

Hiding in a Hunting Blind to Shoot Deer

Hunting deer has been regulated in the U.S with specified seasons in various states. The seasons is dependent on the heath and population of deer species and the number of hunters expected to participate. In the U.S, The National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Associated Recreation has forged partnership with states regarding hunting and other recreational activities. However, the use of dogs to hunt down wounded animals is illegal in at least 35 states of the U.S.

Legally permitted weapons are bows, crossbows, firearms and muzzleloaders/ you will have to look for seasons to use them for hunting. In some states, during firearms seasons, you can kill only one deer. In Indiana, you need to carry a hunting license if you are not an inhabitant of the state since at least 60 years. License is however not mandatory for young hunters. In U.S, you will be imposed with strict penalties if caught hunting outside the sanctioned season.

In U.S, the hunter at least have to be 16 and above to participate in hunting. However, the rules differ state wise. In Indian while the age limit starts from 18, in Hawaii it is 16 and Idaho 12. Laws regarding minimum education varies accordingly, and you need to have a strong grip over your qualifications and eligibility before you set forth. Some states have made an adult hunting partner mandatory. The partner should carry a hunting license as well.

Best Locations for Deer Hunting

While you are in U.S, you will never run out of areas to haul a catch. Going to a different state for hunting is a common adventure. Each state has its specific laws regarding hunting seasons, number of deer one can hunt and nature of hunting weapons. The North-western and South-western states are dotted with hunting regions, seasons typically last till the end of February. Some state has the right terrain that makes hunting easier than other states. Pennsylvania has retained over a million acres land from state commissioned hunting land and is popular for deer hunts.

However, before you set out, look into the accessibility of hunting lands and how comfortable they are for travelling. Moreover, while choosing a state do know well about its bag limits, well. here is a list of states that would definitely provide you with an enriching hunting experience.


The craze is at its peak in Missouri than in any other state of the US. The stretches of farmland makes hunting a popular choice, and a way of economic gain. Visit the place around September to November to make the most of your hunting pursuits. You can avail huge lands for the pleasure of hunting. Oak Creek Whitetail ranch remains a top choice for it has the resources to accommodate huge groups. The quality of deer fares better with all the acorns and nutritional supplements. The flourishing deer population in Missouri has attracted vast number of tourists in the allotted parks.


The hunting frenzy starts around September and lasts well into February, and is considered as one of the longest deer hunting seasons in the US. The growth of monster Whitetail is in full swing in Ohio and the stretches of forest that freely mingles with farmlands provide ample number of deer. Plenty of clubs arrange accommodation for lodging, service to provide hunters with a pleasant experience. Deer Creek State Park is notorious as a popular hunting space for tourists. The coyote population is however, on the higher side weighing between 32 to 37 pounds.


The Bluegrass state boasts of a healthy variety of deer and ranks the second after Indiana. Kentucky tops in providing vast expanses of public land for trapping deer. The 1,602,978 acres of land is hunters’ paradise and provide easy access to deer. Riverbend Whitetails is a major attraction with its 6000 acres of hunting space. Favourable seasons for hunting games begin at the end of September. September and October are kept reserved for bow hunters.


You have 2 million acres of land at your disposal in Texas, as Ox Ranch remains a potential area to satisfy hunters’ thirst. You also have the option to pay for semi and full-guided hunt over here. November kicks of the festive spirit and it lasts till the end of January. Sombrerito Ranch with some 11,000 acres produces the best trophy bucks in North America and provides an array of exquisite hunting packages. Coyote population in Texas is fast declining, although they are firmly dispersed in the nooks and corners of the state.


This Midwestern state has consistently maintained its first position in deer hunting and hunters have a record of enjoying 50% success rate. The months from September to January remain ideal hunting seasons. Indiana is a must visit for the best experience of outdoor recreation. However, you need Indiana hunting license before you proceed with your adventure. For non-residents, a youth deer hunting license would do well. Tri-Country Fish & Wildlife Area has around 3,546 acres of land equipped with other impoundments.

Must Have Deer Hunting Pack List

Must Have Deer Hunting Pack List

While on the expedition, you have to prepare your vessel in a way so that you do not run out of the essentials during the stay. Besides packing food and weapons there are other essentials you must pay heed to. Here is a detailed list of items that would prove handy on your adventure.

Hunting Gears

The knick-knacks include compass, or GPS, scent eliminators, hydration bladder, and insect repellent that would help you survive the time in the land. With the hydration bladder, you can easily take your sip without even a sign of movement. You would need to keep yourself fueled since the hunting can take place over a considerable period of time. Pack some scent attractor to bring the animal into your territory. Buy some wicks to prevent the alteration of the fragrance.

Appropriate Clothing

Some of the must-haves are hunting boots especially made of rubber and scent-free. It would help you with height and protection against bug bites. Waterproof boots like that made up of rubber could be fruitful as most of the times animals cannot smell them even from proximity. If you are planning a long stay, carry an odor free detergent to wash your hunting clothes with. Moisture wicking socks are helpful in letting your feet breathe and to keep at bay damp or wetness. Consider to take some spare clothes just in case you need a wound to cover or bugs to shoo. Additionally, some states like Indiana, have strict rule regarding wearing clothes when you are going for a hunt. Carry a fluorescent orange vest if you are specifically traveling to Indiana.

Sleeping Bag

These are immensely helpful to wrap yourself up in case you are feeling a little drowsy after all the activities. The tight quarters is a special characteristic of the bag that helps in quick warm up. Pick a lightweight bag for the journey. In this context, it is significant to choose the product considering the temperature you are going to subject. Removable fleece blankets are also common with some of these sleeping bags.

Water Purifiers and Survival Kits

Prevent contaminants and try carry a purifier on your hunt. If you need to make a lot of physical activities, it will keep you safe from dehydration. Fighting bacteria and other waterborne viruses could be also managed with it. Carry light snacks and camping stove in case the area becomes unbearably cold during nights. He stoves provide fast boiling and extremely convenient to pack.

Wrap Up

For each state, do look up at all the regulations which could otherwise bring you serious troubles. Apply for your license online if you are planning for a trip in the next hunting season itself. The activity is packed with thrills and enigmas, however, you need to learn as you take each plunge. During summer, it is essential that you use a generous amount of tick repellent. Check out the list of firearms that you are permitted to carry during a season- shotguns, muzzle loading long guns, handguns, or rifles. On the whole, hunting needs you to have a degree of literacy about the diverse laws of the land.

You can enjoy a safe trip with the above mentioned essentials, light and easy to manage. If this is your first hunt and you are unaware of extreme weather scenarios, take a quick look at the weather update of the state you are supposed to visit.