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Top 5 Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews of 2021

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Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews

​Whether you are an expert hunter or a newbie still working on your technique, having a top-quality climbing tree stand will take your game to the next level, literally. A tree stand not only provides you with aerial and stealth advantages, but it also makes for a more efficient and productive hunting experience. A top-notch tree stand will provide you with a safe, comfortable and secure nest, while you wait for your approaching target.

With enthusiasts opting for tree stands nowadays, the wide variety makes it difficult to know which is the right climbing tree stand for you. So, how do you choose? This article will provide you with our best climbing tree stand reviews, ensuring that you get your hands on the perfect one. With that said, let’s get cracking.

Top 5 Rated Models​ Comparison Table

The Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews

Summit Treestands Viper SD

The Viper SD was designed for maximum concealment and comfort, and is by far the best climbing tree stand on the market. It includes all the necessary accessories needed to enhance efficiency, whether out in the mountains or the woods. One of its most attractive features is the cutting-edge Deadmetal sound-deadening technology which minimizes inadvertent noise. This is achieved by way of custom-engineered expanding foam which fills the platform. As well as that, the innovative Quickdraw Cable Retention System provides hassle-free attachment by eliminating the needs for nuts, bolts and pins. The Rapid Climbing Stirrups offer optimal safety by securing your boot to the platform, while jointly allowing you to climb to your desired height. It is lightweight, at only 20 pounds, yet able to sustain up to 300 pounds of weight. The Viper SD guarantees that all fundamental aspects of safety, efficiency and security are covered, leaving you to focus fully on your target. This easily merits its place on our best climbing tree stand reviews list as our top overall pick.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Made from highly durable and resilient aluminum
  • Equipped with a foam-padded seat with backrest
  • Utilizes SummitLokt Technology for extreme strength


  • ​Although lightweight, it is a little bulky
  • More expensive than other stands

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II

​From the manufacturer Lone Wolf Treestands, this climbing model oozes of quality all over. ​With the platform made from solid ​aluminum and ​also sporting a foam ​contoured seat, the whole stand ​can easily fold away to a neat 4". The platform itself is 30 x 19 1/2" and the top dimension is 17 1/4" wide. The model weighs in at a very light 20 pounds and has a weight capacity rating of 350 lbs. It is designed to fit trees that are 6-10" in diameter and also provides a handy bow holder.

What we like about this model is how easy it is to fold away and carry around with you. Being able to fold away to 4" is a major plus point and is certainly designed to be transported from spot-to-spot with ease. It is also one of the lightest climbing tree stands what we have reviewed on the market. Although there may be a concerning amount of reviews found online about the comfortability of the seat, we found that the seat is as comfortable sitting in for long periods as any other seat, provided you make the correct adjustments to it. The quality of the design is second to none and should certainly be seen as a lifetime investment. It's also perfectly designed to ensure that no noise is created when getting in or out of the stand.

One thing that lets this model down slightly is the poor quality of straps provided, although this is all too common with climbing treestand manufacturers these days. We recommend purchasing your own straps and some other beneficial accessories, this of course adds to the already large price tag that it already has. Another thing that can be seen as a negative is the size of platform. Compared with other models the platform is a little smaller than you might expect.

Overall this is a high-end climbing model, and is one of the best climbing tree stands for bow hunting out there if you're looking for something that's light and easy to carry around, has a quality design that will last you forever, and has a seat that can be easily adjusted to allow for comfortable sitting for long periods. The size of the platform has to be considered and whether it is big enough for your needs and type of hunting. Also, we recommend that you purchase some better straps for it, which inevitably drives up it's already larger price tag. Though like anything, you pay for what you get with the Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II.


  • ​Is compact, easily ​folding away to 4"
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Comfortable sitting in for long periods - when adjusted correctly
  • Very quiet
  • ​​Will last you forever
  • Includes a bow holder


  • ​Smaller platform
  • Poor straps provided
  • More expensive than the other models

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II

We all need to begin somewhere, so if you are just starting out hunting, know that security and durability are the name of the game. The Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II offers just that. Not to say that it doesn’t come with a whole bunch of extra features, but be rest assured that you will be safe and protected during your lookout stages. This is because it fits trees of almost any size, ranging from 6 inches to 19 inches in diameter. This means that extra, bulky, stable trees can be used as a base with no problems arising. Also, it supports an immense, 350 pounds of weight. While enhancing your aiming technique, the contoured foam seat and large platform will offer you a load of comfort. A nice highlight is the bow holder which suits an array of limb bows. Our top beginners pick from our best climbing tree stand reviews.


  • Includes a bungee strap and backpack straps
  • Comes with the TMA approved 6-pt Fall Arrest System
  • ​One piece aluminum platform for extra room
  • Folds 5 inches flat and is not bulky
  • Unique 3-D camouflage platform design


  • Bow holder doesn’t work well for split limb bows
  • Climbing is awkward at first

X-Stand Deluxe

If you are a seasoned hunter and require a dynamic tree stand that assists you in maximizing your precision, then the X-Stand Delux is the way to go. This comfy tree stand sports a padded armrest and seat bar. Complementing these additions is a spacious 21 inch net seat with a depth of 16 inches, offering utmost benefits of movability. It folds completely flat and can be easily transported thanks to its built-in backpack straps. One impressive advantage that must be noted is its durability. It is composed of tough aluminum, and the 3-part design aluminum cables are rubber coated for extensive, heavy duty usage. Security is provided by way of safety loops, enabling you to climb the highest tress with no worries whatsoever. The X-Stand is certainly a cheap option that is great for the money.


  • Lightweight at only 16 pounds
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • ​Includes a 4-pt safety harness for extra security
  • The seat can be moved to provide extra room


  • Pulling the pins is sometimes difficult while holding the stand
  • Set-up may take time initially until you become accustomed

Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe

​From the trusty hunting equipment manufacturer Guide Gear, this is their stand out climbing model on the market. Built with solid sturdy steel, the extreme deluxe comes in at a ​slightly heavier weight of 33 lbs. It ​is also designed to fold down to allow for transporting it around. The platform itself comes in at 16" x 26"​, while the 1" padded seat​ is 10" x 17". The weight capacity of this model is 300 lbs and the purchase includes a body harness and straps.

What stands out with this climbing model is the simplicity of it and how easy it is ​to get setup and going. The price of the model overall is ​reasonable enough as it comes with everything you need to get started, including a body safety harness​. This should also be an ​investment that will last you a long time.

There are quite a few things that let this model down unfortunately. Firstly the biggest gripe that we have with the Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe is that even although it folds down easily, it is definitely on the heavy side and is not designed to be carried around. The material used on the seat is also not that good quality wise. The foot rest platform is also quite small and may not be suitable for big guys and girls.

Overall this tree stand climbing model comes in last on our list. It is a simple purchase that is reasonably priced if you want to get something setup fast. This is not designed to be carried around a lot as it is too heavy, so take this into consideration. The quality of the material is nothing special, though it should last you a long time. However, there are better quality stands on our list for the money.


  • Includes body safety harness
  • ​​One of the ​easiest to setup
  • Price is ​reasonable
  • Lasts a long time


  • ​Poor instructions - although easy to setup
  • Seat material not as ​good as other models
  • Poor straps
  • Small foot rest
  • Heavy and not designed to be carried around a lot

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Climbing Tree Stand

Things To Consider With A Climbing Tree Stand
  • Sufficient weight capacity - ​You need to take into consideration that, besides your body weight, you also have extra gear that stacks on extra pounds. Ensure that the tree stand you purchase can support both you, and all the equipment you plan to take with. The last thing you want is to fall out of a tree.
  • Comfortable seat - ​The reason it is essential for a climbing stand’s seat to be well–padded and comfortable, is because you are going to be spending lengthy periods of time up in those trees. You may wait hours until you have a target in sight. This can lead to muscle strain and stiffness, which will not only hamper you hunting abilities, but will also leave you having to loosen up tension because your next trip out.
  • Tough and resilient - ​You never know what weather conditions may come your way while outdoors. Even if you checked the forecast, unexpected rainfall and winds can occur without warning. A durable, heavy-duty climbing tree stand that can withstand harsh weather conditions is vital. Top-quality climbing tree stands are made from aluminum which is virtually indestructible.
  • Safe and Secure - ​Always check that the stand you have chosen is equipped with all the necessary safety features. Make sure that it has a safety harness, safety straps, an appropriate weight capacity and everything else to guarantee your well-being. If, by chance, any of any safety items are not included, be sure to obtain them separately. Remember, it’s dangerous out there, and accidents can be avoided by taking the right security measures and thoroughly inspecting the stand.
  • Noise - Because hunting is all about stealth, ​you want the model you select to be as silent as possible getting in and out of. As well as that, you want to ensure that the stand does not create a lot of noise when putting it up or taking it down.

Avoid anything that is tricky to assemble and creates a lot of noise or disturbance in the area.

Recommended Accessories​

Summit Treestands Front Storage Bag, Mossy Oak Camo

A good storage bag always comes in handy when venturing out with extra gear. Summit Treestands Front Storage Bag has an enormous storage capacity, and is also useful on ladder, hang on and tripod stands. The inside magnetic latches ensure that you maneuver in complete silence. Additional space is provided by way of the front-zippered storage bag and external drawstring and zipper pockets. Heading out with this means you won’t be leaving any equipment behind.

Hunter Safety System Elite Vest

No hunter would be complete without ​these vital safety vests. One that shines above the rest is the Hunter Safety System Elite. It has taken the design of ordinary vests to the next level with its innovative construction and added features. It is lightweight, so moving around and scaling trees is swift, but it is also highly durable and able to endure the severest conditions. The elite Right-Fit zone caters for all sized hunters and allows for full flexibility. The Hunter Safety System Elite is fitted with the distinctive Six-Plus-Two pocket design which sports two deep-well pockets, two accessory pockets and two hand warmer pockets. A nice amount of accessories are also provided and include; suspension deer drag, an adjustable tree strap and an Instructional DVD.​

​A Blind

A Tree Blind

Another accessory that's very popular is tree stand blinds. These are handy covers for your stand that are great for concealment and protection, as sometimes you can stick out like a sore thumb which defeats the whole point of being stealth while hunting. Also you can be exposed to the elements sitting on a tree stand all day, a blind that's waterproof and has a roof offers good protection.​


​​Similar to a blind, ​a tree stand umbrella is designed to protect you from the wind, rain and snow by providing you with a roof or canopy over your head. Typically if you bought a blind with an overhead protector you would not need one of these, however, if you went for a blind for wind protection that has no overhead cover then you buy ​one of these along with it. They are typically cheap being under $50 roughly and are great for ​some extra protection for long periods of sitting in your tree stand.​​

Final Word​

There you have it, our buying guide with the best climbing tree stand reviews. By reading this article, there is now no need for you to endure all the grueling and time-consuming searching and reading involved with finding a top rated tree stand. You also hopefully have a concrete understanding of their importance and benefits, especially if you are a novice. No matter what you specifications or requirements are, you will definitely be walking out the store with the prefect stand for you. Have fun and keep safe always!