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Best Tree Stand Umbrella Reviews of 2021

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Best Tree Stand Umbrella Reviews

Tree stands play a major role in many hunting trips, and although they are great at what they do, they can leave you majorly exposed to the rain. One option is a tree stand blind, however, sometimes the blinds do not come with an overhead roof on them and can sometimes be tricky to set up.

If you’re looking for some reliable overhead protection from the rain and sun, then it’s a tree stand umbrella that you’re looking for. These umbrellas can be used for overhead protection alongside a blind or cover that doesn’t protect you from above. Transporting them around is usually very easy as most models can be folded away and have a carry bag that comes with them. This is obviously​ a big appeal to any hunter as limiting the amount of equipment needing to be hauled around is a priority.

The main things to ensure when looking for these protectors is that the quality of the material is strong, is fully waterproof, can handle wind, does not make a lot of noise and as easy to transport and setup. With these things in mind, we will now proceed with our reviews of the best tree stand umbrella you can buy.

Top 4 Rated Model Comparison Table

​The Best ​Tree Stand Umbrella Reviews

allen instant roof camo review

​Next up on our list is ​this simple model from Allen. The width of this umbrella is 57” and can be mounted to most trees easily with the provided mounts. A transport bag is also provided which makes carrying it around easy, light work.

What stands out with this model is the fact that it’s very easy to carry around and setup. It’s a nice, straightforward model that is simple to setup and attach to any tree thanks to the provided mounts. It also has a fairly decent span of 57” which is enough to at least protect one person on a tree stand.

The material itself is not the strongest and a bit flimsy. Although it should hold up well with rainfall, one big let-down is that it is not designed to withstand a lot of wind. If you’re out hunting with a lot of wind, then we recommend you look for another model.

Overall a nice cheap, easy to setup model that gives you some good protection from rain and the sun. If you’re looking for some basic protection for your tree stand, then this umbrella should be your choice.

​Verdict: Best Overall for the Money


  • ​Cheap
  • Easy to transport and attach
  • Good coverage from rain and snow


  • ​Material not the best quality
  • A little flimsy
  • Not designed for winds

#2. ​​Summit Treestands Roof Kit

Summit Treestands specialize in designing tree stands and accessories for them. Summit ​has come up with this quality umbrella that covers 4 square feet and can be attached to trees with a diameter of 8 to 20 inches. This foldable umbrella is lightweight at only 4.3lbs, making it ideal for transporting around.

What sets this model apart from the rest is the craftsmanship and the quality of the material. With most models you get basic element protection, however, with this umbrella, you get fantastic protection from rain, wind, and snow. The material has a quality feel to it and is designed to last a long time.

One thing that lets this tree umbrella down is that it can be a little tricky to setup. Although the set up is not overly complicated, compared with other models, it is a little more challenging. ​We do not advise setting the umbrella up when in the tree stand, instead, we recommend setting it up on the ground first.

With other low-quality umbrellas, a problem that pops up is the fact that they make a lot of noise when exposed to rain and wind, this problem is not present with this model and is very silent.

Although a little more expensive than the other models on our list, overall it is the best tree stand umbrella in terms of quality​.

Verdict: Best Overall Quality


  • ​Great material quality
  • Fantastic protection from rain, wind or snow
  • Silent
  • Good coverage
  • Light and easy to transport around


  • Setup a little more tricky – we recommend assembling it on the ground

hawk wingspan ultimate review

From the lesser known manufacturer Hawk, this is their umbrella protector model. The dimensions are 42” w x 60” with a pull out extra section at the front and weighs in at only 2.7 lbs. It collapses and folds down to 27.25 inches, comes with a T-handle and silent hooks for attaching it to the tree.

This model is good in every department and has a bit of everything. Unlike a lot of other models, it’s very easy and silent to put up and take down, however, we still recommend having a practice of putting it up first before climbing your tree stand. The framework and fittings make for a solid fitting and should not budge. It has excellent protection all-around and keeps the rain, snow, and wind away no problem. It is very lightweight and is easy to carry around. It also has a nice extra pull-out from the front of the umbrella which ​increases its coverage, ensuring that your feet will stay dry also.

This is another high-priced model on our list, and although it has a bit of everything, one thing we would like to have seen included is a nice carry bag for the umbrella.

Overall this a very good well-rounded product that excels in every department and does its primary job of protecting from the elements very well. If you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting model, then we recommend this choice.


  • ​Good, solid design
  • Quality material that does well in every weather condition
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wide coverage


  • ​Does not come with a carry bag
  • Pricier than other models – worth it if serious about investing

guide gear deluxe tree stand umbrella

Guide Gear is well-known for producing good outdoor and hunting equipment. This is a basic, cheaper model that still offers good protection for your tree stand. This roof measures in at 37" x 44"w and has a nice solid steel frame to it.

What stands out with this Guide Gear model is the fact that it’s a cheap and simple to use tree stand umbrella. Attaching and taking it down is very easy, although we do suggest purchasing some extra straps. The build quality of the steel is good, sturdy, and typically should last for a long time. The price of this model is very low and should definitely be considered at this price point.

With this price tag though there are inevitably some downsides. The material that it has is not quite as strong as most of the other models on our review list and can feel a little flimsy. The roof also sits flat instead of arched, which can, unfortunately, mean that some water and leaves can collect on the top. This umbrella roof is also heavy and is not designed to be transported around, it’s designed as a permanent roof solution. Another thing is that we don’t recommend it for use in high winds, as it just isn’t up for the job.

Overall a simple, but good budget option tree stand umbrella that’s great at offering some basic protection. If you’re looking for a cheap model that doesn’t need to be transported around, then this would be an ideal purchase.


  • Very cheap
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • Offers basic protection


  • Material quality not the best
  • Roof not arched
  • Not recommended for transporting around – more a permanent solution
  • Not great in high winds

Ameristep Treestand Hub Umbrella

Ameristep have some of the best blinds available on the market currently today, this, however, is a review of their tree stand umbrella model. This protector comes in at 48" square 6 ft. deep and is large enough to fit 2 people. It comes with tie-downs and is another light option weighing only 3.1 pounds. This option comes in as one of the more expensive selections on the list.

What stands out with this model is the coverage and protection that it offers. It’s very strong and reliable, and can easily fit a tree that holds 2 people. The material is strong enough to stand up to rain, wind, and snow. Once attached the umbrella is typically very stable and strong, ensuring it can be used for a long time. A nice handy travel bag is also provided, that and the fact that it is very lightweight allows it to be transported around easily.

Even although this a top-end model, there are still a few things that let it down. One big thing is that assembling it is a little trickier than most other umbrellas that you’ll find on the market. Another off-putting thing is the fact that it can be quite noisy when there is a lot of rain and wind. Although it does its job great of protecting you from these elements, creating a lot of noise when faced with them can affect your hunt.

Overall a very good umbrella protector option that holds up in all weathers and is large enough to cover 2 people. It has a quality design and is meant to last, the main things that you need to consider with it are whether these positives, balance out the fact that it’s a little difficult to setup and makes some noise when exposed. We recommend it if you need a quality roof for a larger sized tree stand.


  • ​Quality material
  • Solid design and attachment
  • Easy to transport with the carry bag provided
  • Good protection from the elements, including strong winds
  • Large enough to protect 2 people
  • Long-lasting


  • ​Difficult setup
  • Makes noise when exposed ​to wind and rain
  • One of the more expensive options

Things To Consider When Buying ​​​a Good Umbrella

Making a Decision

​​​Quality of Material​

The most important thing to consider with your umbrella purchase is the quality of the material. You want to ensure that the material is strong and robust enough to stand up to rain, wind and even snow. The last thing you want is for water to leak through the roof or even the material to rip in some strong winds.


How big is your treestand and how many people does your umbrella need to cover? Also, consider how big the tree is that you're attaching your protector too, just to ​ensure ​that it will fit. You should also consider if your protector is just for overhead protection, or, whether you want something a little larger to fully protect your feet as well.

Ease of Setup​

You don't want to get up into your tree stand only to find out that you can't attach your umbrella or it takes you hours to get it up. You can see which models are tricky to setup from our reviews, though as we mention you should look to set up your umbrella before you climb. Have a little practice setting up your chosen models a few times at home on the ground before you go on your hunt, a little practice ahead of time gives you best chance of utilizing your time on the day.


If you need to carry your umbrella to different locations, then remember to check out the weight of each model and how easy they are to carry around. Some are designed for carrying around and come with a nice carry bag; others are designed to remain in the one place.


Because hunting requires you to be as​ stealth and quiet as possible, you don't want an overhead protector that makes a lot of noise and spooks your targets. Check out what choices are recommended above for staying silent during the rain and wind.


There really isn't much price wise between all of these models shown above, just remember to consider carefully what your requirements are so you get exactly what you need for your money.

Advantages / Benefits of These Roofs

​Protection From The Elements

The obvious ​big benefit that these roofs provide is protection from the wind, rain, and snow. Proving that you buy a top ​quality model, ​you should be kept nice and dry on your hunt.

Camouflage and Cover​

Because hunting is a stealth activity you want to be as less ​visible as you possibly can to your targets. These umbrellas typically come in a nice ​camouflage color; this adds some great cover for you when in your stand.


You can't go wrong with the price of those of these covers. You can easily purchase ​one of these covers that will last you for ​seasons to come for as little as $20. They really are a cheap investment to make.

For such little money for something that will ultimately keep you nice and dry on your hunt for years to come, this is an investment, every tree stand owner should make.

​Final Word​

Well, hopefully, you’re now a step closer to purchasing the right roof protector for your tree stand. We all know that hunting in the rain can be one of the best times for a hunter, however, getting soaked all the way through is not so fun. Typically these umbrellas are not so expensive compared with other hunting accessories, and if you’re serious about hunting from your tree stand, then you really should purchase one. We highly recommend the Allen Instant Roof Camo as the best product. As long as you’ve followed our reviews and guide to choosing the best tree stand umbrella, we’re positive that you’ll get the right cover and protection you need for your hunt.