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Top 5 Best Hunting Shows On TV Of ALL Time

Solo Hunters TV Program

Hunting is an ancient practice that humans partook in to obtain food. It was later enjoyed as a sports activity, only practiced by royal people. But now, hunting is practiced all around the world, and there are some TV shows that forecast this practice. Most people don’t like watching hunting shows, but here I’ll tell you […]

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What Does It Mean When You See a Cardinal Bird?

what does it mean when you see a cardinal bird

Often the first bird of the morning to feed, as well as the last at night. The red cardinal is also known as the northern cardinal, the redbird, the common cardinal, or even just as cardinal. But whatever you call them, their sighting is wrapped in tradition and myth.  The sighting of a red cardinal […]

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Top 10 Etiquettes When Hunting in 2021

best places for coyote hunting in the usacoyote hunting

Whether it regards your safety, the safety of others, or perhaps adhering to the rules and regulations of your local government, there are few things you need to keep in mind when out hunting. Just like other sports, hunting requires following some guidelines and putting in some practice.  When you’re out on a hunting trip, […]

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What Does It Mean When You See A Blue Jay?

A Blue Jay is a small bird with blue and white feathers and an amazing ability with its song. This bird has a shocking ability to mimic other birds and even humans like you and me. Many believe this animal to be a very powerful spirit animal. A Blue Jay shows signs of aggressiveness, passion, and […]

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Duck Hunting vs Deer Hunting: Head to Head Comparison

Hard-core deer hunters and hard-core duck hunters love their style of hunting. But when hunting season comes around, what is better? Duck hunting or deer hunting? We can’t decide on just one, but we put duck hunting and deer hunting head to head in this comparison to let you decide.Duck Hunting Pros and ConsProsYou don’t […]

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Hunting Bibs vs Pants: Head to Head Comparison

When hunting season comes around, what do you wear? Some hunters stand by their hunting bibs while others can’t stand them. There are clearly some differences in bibs and pants. Hunting pants are just like regular pants, with the exception that they were made for hunting. You’ll usually find water-resistant or waterproof pants that have […]

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Fishing vs Hunting: Head to Head Comparison

Any time fishing or hunting season comes around, someone mentions they like one over the other, and the long-lasting debate continues. What’s better, fishing or hunting? Both have their ups and downs, and each is loved by their respected hunters and fishermen. In this article, we make a head to head comparison that brings up […]

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Turkey Hunting 101 Guide – Beginner Tips and Advice

Turkey Hunting 101 Guide for Beginners

​Looking to have a great chance of hunting some North American wild turkey this upcoming season? Good stuff! We’ve ​gone ahead and put together the ultimate guide to hunting some turkey, with everything you need know for either getting started, or, improving  your game. Like most forms of hunting, there’s many moving parts that need […]

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Buck Scouting Tactics and Tips

Scouting Bucks Tactics and Tips

​​Do you spend hours upon hours sitting in the tree stand waiting on bucks to walk by with noluck? Take a look at ​our tips below ​for increasing your knowledge on buck scouting so you can move closer to them and get one out of the woods easier, instead of waiting on them to walk […]

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