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How Big Can a Deer Get?

Big Whitetail Deer

In North America, it is the whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) which is the most common. In fact, the whitetail deer is one of the largest of U.S. land mammals and are the most regularly hunted species of deer. With muscular bodies, a keen sense of smell and super acute hearing, hunting them can be quite tricky. […]

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How to Camouflage a Duck Hunting Boat

Camouflage A Duck Hunting Boat

There are many ways you can take your duck hunting game to the next level, however, the very best thing you can do is spend time working on your boat to camouflage it and turn it into a suitable blind. Changing your decoys and adjusting the call which you use are all great tactics, but when […]

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What Do Wild and Feral Hogs Eat?

Hog Eating Food

The wild hog (also known as the wild boar or feral pig) is simply a pig which lives in the wild as opposed to being kept as a domestic pet or reared for its meat. The term wild hog is a loose colloquial term used to describe any type of pig which lives in the […]

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How Well Can A Coyote See?

Coyote Looking Around

The basics of hunting coyote are relatively simple. When you head out to the hunting grounds where coyotes are known to roam, all you need to do is set yourself up in a way which makes yourself hard to see, stay still, keep the wind blowing towards you, ​use some calling tactics to attract the […]

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Tree Stand Safety Advice and Tips

Tree Stand Safety

As the hunting season kicks off, people all around the country are taking to the wilderness in chase of game with a rifle in one hand, and a whole host of equipment in the other. Over the last few decades, huge developments have been made with regards to keeping hunters safe; hunting-related incidents – including […]

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Does Coyote Predation Truly Decrease Whitetail Deer Populations?

Camouflage Coyote

It seems that whenever whitetail deer populations decline in the presence of coyotes, deer hunters automatically assume that coyote predation is the cause and thus, they call for a bounty to be placed on the predators. However, the fact is that predation is Nature’s way of controlling animal populations and often, removing apex predators from […]

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How to Hunt Ducks from a Boat

Duck Hunting Boat

Hunting ducks from a boat is a lot more common than hunting them on land. After all, they are waterborne animals and it is important that you understand how to hunt ducks from a boat if you want to take it up seriously. Ducks will often flee to water when startled on land – they […]

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Coyote Hunting Tips and Advice

Coyote Hunting Tips and Advice

Coyote hunting is quickly catching on and becoming a common pastime. It is something which has gained popularity over the course of the last two decades, thanks in-part to the huge boom in coyote numbers throughout the United States. Coyote hunting is just as popular now as other animals such as deer and waterfowl, however, […]

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Our Guide to Nocturnal Hunting for Feral Hogs

Feral Hog

Any experienced feral hog hunter will tell you that pigs are VERY smart animals and thus, they are elusive to hunt during the daytime. In fact, if the pig population in your area has experienced any hunting pressure at all, they will tend to become very wary and will restrict their feeding activities to the […]

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Tree Stand or Ground Blind: Which One is Right for You?

Ground Blind vs Tree Stand

Long before the invention of modern climbing tree stands, hang-on tree stands and, ladder stands, hunters were using ground blinds made from the surrounding foliage to enable them to get close to their chosen quarry. However, over the intervening years, the various types of tree stands have gained a tremendous amount of popularity with avid […]

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