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Coyote Hunting Tips and Advice

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Coyote Hunting Tips and Advice

Coyote hunting is quickly catching on and becoming a common pastime. It is something which has gained popularity over the course of the last two decades, thanks in-part to the huge boom in coyote numbers throughout the United States. Coyote hunting is just as popular now as other animals such as deer and waterfowl, however, the similarities stop there; coyote hunting is an entirely different ball game.

Calling in coyotes is not easy and it takes lots of practice, patience and research to get good at it. If you’re looking to kill more coyotes, you’ll need to up your game and follow these top tips to stand the best chances of success –

1. Use Multiple Guns

Two or three guns are better than one. A coyote could appear anywhere between five and fifty feet, and it is always a good idea to carry a handgun, rifle and shotgun to cover all possible scenarios. If you’ve got a partner with you, one of you could be manning the rifle whilst the other takes charge of the shotgun. Don’t be afraid to put a little bit of distance between you and your partner to cover more ground.

2. Steady Your Shot

Coyotes can move quickly and this makes training your sights on one pretty difficult, especially if you’re shaking yourself! There’s nothing wrong with camping out with a good ​coyote ​gun ​​rest; your aim needs to be precise and resting your weapon on a tripod is one of the easiest ways – short of going prone – to steady your aim and line up the perfect shot.

Steady Shot Distance Predator Hunting

3. Perfect Your Call

The most difficult aspect of coyote hunting is perfecting your call; a strong and loud call is important to lure coyotes to you. Both electronic and manual calls work great, and you can even use your hands to do it. Try out multiple different call methods and suss out which one works best for you, then work on perfecting it. The most effective call will depend on environmental factors, so it’s useful to know more than one.

4. Use A Light at Night

If you’re planning a nighttime predator hunt, then the correct lighting needs to be used. We recommend using decent red colored lighting for coyotes, whether it be a gun-mounted, handheld or even headtorch, it is essential to be able to scan and pull off a clean kill in the dark.

5. Don’t Be Obvious

Like most animals, coyotes aren’t stupid, and they can tell when something is out of place. If there’s a truck sitting in the middle of a field, they will know something is off and are likely to avoid the area. Park your truck somewhere discrete and move away from it when you’re on the hunt, and avoid leaving obvious signs of your presence.

6. Hunt Towards the Wind

As with other canines, coyotes have an exceptionally sensitive sense of smell. If you are hunting towards the wind (i.e. with the wind blowing directly into your face), your scent cannot carry towards any coyotes hanging out further up that stream of wind. Coyotes have the ability to sniff people out; if they know you are there, they won’t answer your call.

7. Hide Yourself

Just like a coyote won’t approach a truck sitting in the middle of their habitat, they won’t approach a human standing out in the open waving a weapon around. Good concealment can drastically improve your chances of hunting a coyote, so good camouflage is a must-have. Find a position, get comfortable and stick with it. Use the environment and natural foliage to conceal yourself as much as possible, and wear clothing which will blend in with the natural environment. Coyote hunting isn’t something you can do whilst constantly moving – as soon as a pack are alerted to your presence, you’re finished.


​Predator vs Hunter

Both hunting during the day and at night are viable options, just take the time to decide what time suits your style of coyote hunting best. When it comes to coyote hunting​ during the day, good camouflage, the right call and patience are key. If you're hunting at night then a good light is essential for a successful and clean kill. If you’re willing to put in serious time and effort to learn the ropes, both on and off the hunt, you stand the very best chances of success.

Coyote hunting isn’t just a sport, either. Coyotes are ​recognized by many authorities as a pest; they can become very problematic in urban areas as they are known predators to livestock. Unlike other commonly hunted animals such as deer, an uncontrolled coyote population will very quickly become problematic, and there are few limitations in relation to coyote hunting as a result of this.

Some limitations do exist in certain states, however, and it is down to you to perform due diligence and find out what these are, if any, in the state where you plan to do your coyote hunting. Regardless of the local state’s laws, you should always behave responsibly and participate in hunting as ethically as possible.