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The Best 5 Rubber Hunting Boots of 2018 | Reviews

Best Rubber Hunting Boots

If you want to keep your feet dry and warm for the rest of your hunting trip, then it all starts with the style footwear you choose. A good pair of rubber hunting boots is the ideal type of footwear for hunting in the woods or field as they allow you the freedom to step […]

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Best Outfitter Wall Tent for Hunting of 2018 | Reviews

Best Outfitter Wall Tents for Hunting Reviews

A good wall or outfitter style tent is essential if you’re a keen hunter that likes to spend days, weeks or even months in the woods during the season. These tents are bigger than your traditional standard sized tents for camping and are designed to be able to hold a lot of people and equipment. […]

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Best Hog Feeder of 2018 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Hog Feeder Reviews

Looking for a practical, cost-effective solution for feeding those hogs? You’ll obviously be wanting a feeder designed especially for hogs. You’ll want to go for a model that matches the area and amount of hogs you will have in it using the feeder. Another thing that needs consideration is the type and quality of material […]

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Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask of 2018 (Reviews)

Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask Reviews

You’ve got the leafy camouflage suit ready for some high-quality turkey hunting this season, though why not go the full way and get a matching mask? These masks along with a leafy suit offer the perfect camouflage combo for laying low during the turkey hunting season, blending in nicely with all the fallen leaves on […]

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Best Trekking Poles for Hunting Reviews of 2018

Best Trekking Poles for Hunting Reviews

Sometimes a day’s worth of hunting can include a lot of hiking around rough terrain, this can undoubtedly take its toll on your body. If you’ve been a keen hunter for a number of years, or, are just getting started in the game, you’ll want to preserve your body fitness to ensure longevity. A hiking type […]

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Best Thermal Scope for Hog Hunting of 2018 Reviews

Best Thermal Scope for Hog Hunting

No hog hunting trip would be complete without a good quality thermal scope. Thermal scopes typically give you the ability to identify your target hogs a fair distance away thanks to thermal imaging. These scopes are commonly attached to your hunting rifle of choice and provide a crisp, clear thermal image of the hogs either […]

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The Best Hunting Duffle Bag (Reviews of 2018)

Best Hunting Duffle Bag Reviews

Going hunting can involve the transportation and carrying around of a lot of gear and equipment. You may be a high maintenance hunter, carrying around a lot of gear or even spare clothing for changes in the weather or conditions. Having this gear and clothing organized in one nice, easy to carry around place is […]

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Best Shotgun Case for Duck Hunting Reviews of 2018

Best Shotgun Case for Duck Hunting Reviews

Ready to show off that shiny new waterfowl shotgun you have for the new season? We bet that it looks real nice, though you better have some protection for it due to some of the harsh conditions that duck hunting brings. When duck hunting, you may have to spend your entire day wading, standing or […]

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