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Top 5 Best Fishing Hat Reviews in 2021

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The ideal setting for fishing includes the sun shining on a clear day.

However, the idyllic landscape is disturbed by a worrying fact - you spend the entire day exposed to the sun's rays, risking sunburn while out on the water. When the weather is bleaker, there are still rain, wind, chill, and humidity to consider.

Whether, rain or shine, fishing hats are a must-have. Otherwise, the best-case scenario ends up in you not enjoying your trip. Even worse, sunstroke or a headache gets you.

You could go for a standard cap or even a T-shirt around your head. Still, there are better alternatives if you're serious about protecting yourself. It's best to choose the best fishing hat. Below, we've reviewed the best models to keep you safe and enjoying your trip. 

Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Best Fishing Hat Reviews: Our Top 5 Picks

We reviewed many models, considering their features, benefits and drawbacks, and customer reviews. Here are those we think are best.

Colombia's Bora Bora II Booney

Colombia's Bora Bora fishing hat offers fantastic sun protection with a floppy brim for style points. Besides being super comfortable, it will block out up to 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Colombia made this hat from 100% textured nylon poplin. The material makes the cap easy to pack, quick to dry, and lightweight. If it rains, leave it to dry and fit it in your fishing backpack without a hassle.

There is also a mesh vent panel will allow for ventilation in hot weather. It also comes with a sweatband, keeping sweat out of your eyes while you're fishing.

This product is also entirely adjustable with its chin strap, toggle, and drawcord. It's a one-size-fits-all, and it is unisex. Adjust the strap if the wind is blowing or loosen it if it's sizzling.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Ventilation for cooling, and moisture wicking
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Excellent UV protection


  • Since it's lightweight, can get too floppy
  • The thin material retains wrinkles

Customer Sentiments

The reviewers love how lightweight and adjustable this hat is. It does the job, and once they get it, they use it for other outdoor activities besides fishing. The complaints focus on the floppy brim, which makes it difficult for the hat to keep its original shape after packing.

Home Prefer's Fishing Hat for Men

The UPF rating on this cap is 50+, blocking, just as the previous pick of ours, 98% of all harmful rays. Home Prefer is known for its high-quality products, and this cap for men in eight available colors doesn't disappoint.


This hat is made of polyester and offers similar protection that nylon would provide. This model is lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable.

The mesh vents allow airflow to cool your head on hot days, and the wide brim offers extra shade and sun protection. The neck flap, which most models forget to add, will protect your neck, helping you avoid nasty burns.

The chin strap helps the hat stay in place, and on the sides, you will find velcro straps that adjust the cap to your head size.


  • Quick-drying and moisture wicking
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Comes with a neck flap 
  • Excellent UV protection


  • The light material is troublesome in windy conditions
  • This product runs small

Customer Sentiments

The hat is much loved for using in general heat, both while fishing and otherwise. It's light and breathable, so people with these needs strongly recommend it. Those who fish in windier environments prefer something sturdier, though.

Tilley's LT5B Naylon Lightweight

Tilley is a brand renowned for its high-quality, reliable products. Honestly, you could use any of their sporting hats on the water. When they made a fishing hat, it became one of the best in class.


The LT5B Nylon Hat will block 98% of the harmful rays. As the name suggests, it's made of nylon, making it lightweight and great on ventilation. The brim offers protection from the sun, and the sweatband makes it great for hot days.

Not only does it dry quickly, but this model is water-repellent, making it an even better choice for time on the water, and it floats.

The brand promises that it will come back to its original shape every time. An extra benefit is the secret security pocket in the crown - to help protect a couple of items from the elements.


  • High UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Water-repellant
  • Easy to pack
  • Comes with security pockets


  • Pricier than competitors
  • The chin strap is complicated to tackle

Customer Sentiments

People love this hat for its weight and breathability. As they say, it's not a fancy cap, but it's perfect for outdoor activities. The negatives are mostly due to the fact Tilley charges more than other brands, while not offering much innovation.

The Hat Depot Bucket Hat

The Hat Depot's bucket hat is the most affordable item on our list and for a good reason. If you aren't expecting extreme weather conditions, and plan a short trip, it will be your ideal companion without breaking the bank.


Unlike the other items, this one consists of 100% cotton. The material makes it soft and comfortable to wear all day long. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

The brim is about two inches wide, protecting your head to some degree. Besides, there are brass outlets that ensure your head doesn't overheat.

It's easy to fold and store this hat, making it an excellent accessory for fishing trips, as well as other types of outdoor activities. Due to its stylish design, you may wear it as everyday sun protection, too.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Looks fashionable and comes in a variety of colors
  • Easy to pack and clean (even machine-washable)
  • Affordable


  • Sizes run large
  • Not great for fishing in the elements

Customer Sentiments

People love this fishing hat for a variety of reasons. It seems that fishing, although it was to be its primary purpose, was put aside. All in all, this bucket hat is excellent for any outdoor activity but go for something more specialized if you're a serious angler.

Camo Coll Outdoor Fishing Hat

The Camo Coll Outdoor cap is stylish and functional. It's heavy-duty and comes in a range of colors, all with the simple, fresh design. We may say that Camo Coll found the balance between form and function as one of the top fishing hats in the market.


This Outdoor cap is made of a blend of cotton and polyester. The mixture makes it elastic and light, while also durable.

Besides being soft, stretchy, quick-drying and lightweight, it boasts being resistant to stains, water, and wrinkles. The cap also comes with a mesh and four grommets to promote airflow.

The model is one-size-fits-all, and it works for most people due to the flexibility of the cotton. There are also straps for achieving a snugger fit for smaller heads and windier days. 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Combination of two great materials
  • Accurate sizing
  • Adjustable chin strap


  • No UV protection
  • A bit flimsy

Customer Sentiments

As with the previous model, people use this hat for a lot more than fishing. Again, go for a specialized model for serious angling, but for every other situation, there are no reasons that this model isn't the perfect choice.

Fishing Hats 101

Having given you our top recommendations, it's time that we go through necessary information on fishing hats. That way, you will find the one that's right for you much more quickly.

Types of Hats

Fishing hats come various styles differing in protection and design. Here are the main varieties out there.

1. Bucket Hats

A bucket hat is the most popular type of fishing hats. They tend to be made of cotton and come with short brims. For this reason, they are great for short trips due to the comfort they provide.

However, they don't offer enough protection for the neck and ears if you're planning to be out in the sun all day.

2. Boonies

Boonies are round fishing hats with wide brims all around. They are the top choice for anglers who prefer day-long trips.

3. Wide Brim Hats

Wide brim hats resemble boonies, but they are wider and angled downwards for extra protection of the ears and neck. While they can limit peripheral vision, the sun protection they provide is supreme.

4. Sun Skirts

Sun skirts come with features for additional protection in extreme weather conditions. They hang over the neck, but the extra elements are either removable or foldable.

5. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps for fishing look precisely like the typical baseball cap that you see everywhere. They protect the top of the head but do little for other parts of the face and neck (i.e., they have no neck flap to protect the neck). Still, they are stable and stay on your head if you're in a speed boat.

6. Legionnaire Hats

Legionnaire hats share the look of baseball caps, with the addition with capes for ears and neck. Some also come with extensions for eye protection.

Important Features

There are many types of hats, and many features to look out for, depending on your needs. Below, we made a rundown of the most important ones.

1. Ventilation

Choosing a hat with decent ventilation will allow air to circulate your head and heat to escape. Well-ventilated models use mesh panels and holes to achieve this effect.

The vents should not be located on the top of the hat, as that part of your head faces direct sunlight. When it comes to materials, some are more breathable than others. Also, choose a bright hat, not a dark one.

2. Adjustability

This feature enables you to adjust the size when the weather changes. Look for wide brims and removable parts. Also, adjustability determines the fit, especially in caps that come in a single dimension.

3. Retention

Your hat should be snug on your head, as there will be sudden gusts of wind here and there. Chin straps are also a great feature to look for, and a hat is made of a floatable material is also a plus.

4. Size

Your hat must fit you. If it's too tight, it will cause a headache, and loose caps fly off your head. The best method for determining the size is by measuring the circumference of your head. Also, if you're not sure, go for adjustable hats.

5. Water Resistance

While you fish, the chances are high that your hat will get wet. So, go for either a waterproof hat or one that dries quickly. For example, cotton comes with many benefits, but it soaks, so cotton hats need to have a drying method.

6. Sun Protection

You need to protect the top of your head, face, neck, and ears from UV rays. So, the hat needs to cover all these parts. Besides the design, some hats come with UPF resistance, and it's recommended that you go for those models.

7. Brim Width

The sun rays come from above, but they also reflect from the water, so the brim needs to shade your face, and it's ideal that it angles downwards.

FAQs about Fishing Hats

Below, we answer some frequently asked questions to ensure you get a fishing hat, and that you choose wisely.

Q: Why wear a fishing hat?

A: Because of the nature of this activity. You'll spend a lot of time in the sun, as well as other harsh weather conditions. A fishing hat is there to protect your face Also, prolonged exposure to heat drains energy, so wearing something on your head will make you capable of fishing for a longer period.

Q: Do I need a fishing hat in the winter?

A: Yes. Although its primary role is to protect you from the sun, it suffers from the cold as well. A hat will protect your head and neck from the winter chill. Besides, there are harmful UV rays, even in winter.

Bonus tip: If your hat isn't well-insulated for winter, wear a beanie over it.

Q: How to keep my hat firm on windy days? 

A: Buy hats with chin straps - most come with adjustable ones. When the weather gets windy, tighten them.

Q: Does the season affect my choice of fishing hats?

A: Yes. If you tend to fish in warm seasons, your main concerns are lightness and ventilation. Cold seasons require insulation. Also, when it comes to materials, go for breathable during the summer, and windproof for winter.

Our Verdict

The importance of wearing a fishing hat is undeniable. Any of our top best fishing hat picks will provide you with protection and comfort on your next trip. However, it's only fair that we announce our winner.

If you get the size right, the Home Prefer's hat is the best choice for serious anglers. It's protective, breathable, and extremely convenient. For those looking for a more casual fishing hat, though, the Hat Depot's Bucket hat is our best recommendation.

For further details, make sure to check out detailed Fishing Guide.