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Top 5 Best Hunting Shows On TV Of ALL Time

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Need to Knows about Elk Hunting

Hunting is an ancient practice that humans partook in to obtain food. It was later enjoyed as a sports activity, only practiced by royal people. But now, hunting is practiced all around the world, and there are some TV shows that forecast this practice.

Most people don’t like watching hunting shows, but here I’ll tell you about some TV shows that are well worth watching.

I’m going to review each show following four important points:

  • Storyline.
  • Cast.
  • Personal review.
  • Details of the show.

Now, let’s get on with it!

1. MeatEater


MeatEater hunting show

MeatEater is a show about Steven Rinella, who travels around the country hunting animals from birds to bears. After catching his prey, he then goes to show us how to prepare and cook the meat.

He travels the country from Alaska, Arizona, and Texas, and finally meets with a biologist to finish off in Alaska for a duck-hunting adventure. 


Steven Rinella showcases a hunting adventure based on obtaining food. He says that if he’s going to eat the meat, he better cooks it with all respect towards the animal.

He is a writer, television personality, and an avid outdoorsman, these are all characteristics of a great hunter. He truly loves what he does; being a well-spoken man with an immense calm at the time of hunting.

Steven Rinella has the hunter gene within him. Being raised in the Midwest, he always had a passion for this practice. He even goes to say that he has an ancient hunting eye that takes over him when he’s in the wilderness.

Rinella is the right guy we want portraying a hunter. He is funny, smart, and knowledgeable. Besides, he has a lot of experience hunting because he has lived in many places, and has explored a lot of techniques.

Personal Review

MeatEater streams on Netflix and TV, and it is one of the best hunting shows due to a lot of reasons. The most significant reason is the lovely man Steven Rinella. He is a recognized author and television personality.

Steven Rinella is what makes the show so good, he has a funny but smart personality, and he doesn’t treat animals as prizes.

I love that he hunts primarily for food, not just for killing animals! After each show, he proceeds to cook and prepare a meal with all the animals he got to hunt during the day.

This show truly highlights the ethics and reasons why people should hunt. It isn’t full of drama and filler content; instead, they show the realness of hunting, with all the respect towards the animals.

Details of the Show

MeatEater was released in the US on January 1st, 2012. It was streamed on the television, but now it is available on Netflix too. This is a significant move because streaming platforms are taking over the TV.

Besides the TV show, they also run a podcast and have released several books regarding this topic.

2. Pure Hunting


PureHunting show

This reality TV show is about Willi Schmidt trying to prove that you can hunt in an unspoiled, accessible, free-range, and affordable manner only if you have the guts, creativity, will, and know how to conquer it.

Willi and his friends will go to a budget location to hunt the most unthinkable animals. And this will show American Hunters that they can do this too – find a pure hunting location.

Hunting purely and on a budget can’t be executed with all the luxuries we’re used to. This means that you have to do this by yourself and with your bare hands.


Willi Schmidt and Christopher Nowak are the stars of Pure Hunting.

Willi has a passion for hunting like no one else. Even if the cameras weren’t rolling, he would be hunting! He has an intense training regime to keep him fit to hunt. Besides the physical training, he spends countless hours with his guns and weapons, making sure that everything is running smooth. He’s been hunting since he was a boy, gradually upgrading the animals he hunts.

On the other hand, Christopher Nowak is a tougher hunter, being raised as one. He prefers hunting elk, that means that he likes challenges and things that are hard to accomplish. Besides from this practice, Chris also enjoys swimming, backpacking, golf, and skiing. 

Personal Review

Pure Hunting showcases the real American Struggle: hunting on a budget. Willi and Chris show that you don’t have to spend a lot to hunt precious animals. You can go to undiscovered lands to pursue the wildest of animals.

I find it really interesting and binge-worthy because they don’t have fancy equipment or specialized guns. They are just two guys with a passion for hunting, looking to achieve the biggest goals without spending all of their savings.

I love their personalities, and the topics they talk about are essential in the hunting world. If you’re looking for a show that’s filled with drama and filler content, this isn't one of them.

They hunt on each episode, and they do this without talking too much. You can see their passion through the screen, and that’s amazing!

Details of the Show

Pure Hunting aired on TV in 2015 in the US. Since then, it has become one of the most viewed hunting shows in America.

3. Fresh Tracks


Fresh Tracks TV Show

This reality TV show is about Randy Newberg traveling to public lands for hunters. On these public lands, nature isn’t cooperative.

In each chapter, there is a different story to be told. For example, conserving wildlife, advocacy for the public lands, and man vs. himself.

In these episodes, you will see a man that is connected to nature, and to his deepest hunting desires. Randy showcases a rarity in TV shows, which is hunting on public lands, and he’ll show you the good and bad while doing so!


Randy Newberg has a hunter soul, and he is an advocate for public lands in America. Besides from starring in two television shows, he also runs a podcast, and represents hunters in both the Congress and State Legislatures.

Randy is also a lovely citizen, being a volunteer for many conservation and hunting groups. His career started as an accident, but it soon became his passion and his life path. 

Personal Review

I have watched many hunting shows, and this highlights the importance of nature conservation, educates people on public land hunts, and the beauty of the landscapes.

Randy is such an educated person that you will binge-watch him without even noticing it. He talks a lot about education, conservation, and he gives out an important message – take care of your land.

When I watch this show, I feel empathy for those hunters that do their practice in public lands. And also, Randy encourages me to protect those locations with all the information he gives.

He is an ethical, passionate, and fun-loving hunter that takes you along on his journey, making you think about the nature that surrounds you. 

Details of the Show

Fresh Tracks has been running since January 1st, 2013. It aired on television in the US, and it is currently streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

This show has six seasons, and each one has approximately ten episodes. In each episode, you’ll see Randy Newberg, and he occasionally has some guests to his show, giving it a fresh feeling to each chapter.

4. Solo Hunters


Solo Hunters TV Program

This show is characterized by its style of filming. It eliminates all production, and instead, it is self-recorded.

It is about following a man alone in the mountains. Solo Hunters shows the reality of adventure, hunting, and survival. With Remi Warren and Tim Burnett starring in the series, they have a different approach to any hunting show.

Each episode showcases the adventures one man can have alone in the mountains, and every chapter is filmed in a different location.


Tim Burnett is a family guy with a passion for hunting and nature. He is the creator and host of this show, and he initiated this project because he feels comfortable with the simple things in life. He felt like he needed to keep his show relatable and straightforward, unlike many other TV dramas. And also, he wanted to portray hunting as pleasant as possible for the people that don’t practice it.

Remi Warren is a known producer and writer. He worked on many shows like Apex Predator, MeatEater, and most recently, Solo Hunter. Remi has spent his whole life in the mountains, getting to know them and even working from them. He believes that filming Solo Hunter is pretty difficult because you have to take on many roles like cameramen, producer, adventurer, and hunter, all at the same time.

Personal Review

Solo Hunter gives you a whole different perspective from other hunting shows. It is about a man that is alone in the mountains, and he films everything he does.

They usually cover topics like survival, conservation of the fields, and obviously, hunting. This program is so different from the rest, and it gives the non-hunting population a different view of what it’s like to be a hunter.

This is one of the most real shows out there, but sometimes the presenter can be a little egocentric. If you’re okay with that, then go ahead and watch it.

If you’re tired of those boring TV shows that only talk instead of act, this is something you should watch.

Details of the Show

Solo Hunters has been on air since 2010, and it boasts an impressive seven seasons. The cast usually consists of just the one man.

This show streams in the US and is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Into High Country


Into High Country TV Program

Into High Country is based primarily on Montana and the Western states. It showcases the heart, soul, and excitement of hunting during the big game hunting in the USA, and it is filmed in a cinematic style.

It focuses more on the hunting than on commentaries, and it packed with images from the wilderness.


Jason Matzinger started hunting from a young age because his father taught him to. He had a passion for creating a TV show because he believed that what he was seeing could beat anything that was on the television. Nowadays, Jason has traveled all around the world and has hunted in the most exotic places.

Personal Review

Jason has a lovely personality and charisma, but his filming style can feel a little more distant than other shows.

Into High Country made me fall in love with nature and hunting as it has impressive images that are breathtaking. His way of filming is a lot more theatrical than most hunting TV shows, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

This isn’t a show that will teach you important things, but instead, it is a show that you can enjoy with your family if you love hunting and landscapes.

Details of the Show

Into High Country premiered on June 30th, 2011. This show is produced by Zing Outdoor Productions, and it airs only on US television channels.


Hunting is a very personal thing for each person. I enjoy watching hunting shows, that’s why I have reviewed all of these. In my opinion, they are all great in their own way.

But if I had to recommend you only one, I’d go for Fresh Tracks. It is the most complete show in every way. It is educational, showcases hunting in a human form, and it encourages us to protect nature.

In the second place, I would choose Solo Hunters. They have such an original concept that it is worth checking out.

Either way, all of these shows are the best out there. If you love hunting, these are the right programs to watch.