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Best Type of Weapons You Could Use in Hunting that Most People Would Forget

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Everyone knows that you can use a gun when you are out hunting. With all the different types of guns and rifles out there, they do tend to be your first choice. But what about the other weapons you could use?


Even though a crossbow is a type of bowhunting, the weapon itself falls into its own category. Crossbows are a weapon that are used more than ordinary bows are, as they allow more room for less accuracy. Crossbows hardly require the talent and strength that a regular bow would need.

Crossbows come with better accuracy sights like those on a firearm. These sights let you be more accurate when hunting in the field. Crossbows, although modern are still less preferred than that of an easier to use a firearm.

You do not need the strength to keep the crossbow’s string fully drawn as you would a normal bow’s string. This, along with the higher chances of accuracy, make a crossbow more common than a regular bow.

Another reason why crossbows are hardly used over a rifle is that it is heavier. This, in itself, requires an entirely different type of strength. Reloading is also a slow and outdrawn issue as the bow only shoots one arrow at a time.


machete for hunting

Machetes are a short-ranged weapon that has many purposes when you are out hunting. If you can get close enough to your prey, you can use this sharp tool to make the kill. Afterwards, you can still use it to skin or cut up the animal.

Not only can you use the machete to kill your prey, you can use it to clear the way when out hunting. Its many sharp edges make hunting a lot easier. Unfortunately, the tool is not used often as it needs you to be close to your target.

When hunting being too close could end badly for you and those around you. Luckily if you are skilled enough and know what you are doing, then this issue will not apply to you. Machetes are sharp, with many edges to use in many different ways.

It is always a good idea to use a machete when in a place with a thick natural environment. These paces could include forests, swamps and other areas with high brush density. The dull edges of the blade could also act as a flint so that you can make a fire.


hunting knife

Knives are a more commonly used weapon when out hunting. Of course, every different type of knife has its own use. Most people want to collect knives because they look ‘cool’. These weapons can be used for so much more than just decoration.

However, hunting with knives is uncommon as it means you have to get even closer to your prey. Some people have a useful skill that allows them to throw knives and hit their target. If you cannot do either of these things, then it would be impractical to hunt with knives.

Here are a few knives that you can use when out hunting in the field:

Camp Knife

A camp knife is a classic and useful knife that you can still hunt with. Camp knives are incredibly sharp with the ability to cut through a thick wood. Camp knives can perform tasks that have their own specialized knives.

Bowie Knife

Bowie knives are double-edged on the tip allowing you to cut through anything you need to. This type of knife is a hunter’s favorite to pick. This is seen as a useful knife to have with you when you are out hunting.

Boning Knife

When out hunting after you have killed your prey and skinned it the next thing to do would be debone it. By deboning your kill, you can take its meat back to your camp with you. The best thing when deboning an animal is to have a knife that is specialized in it.

Skinning Knife

Once you have killed the animal that was your prey, what are you supposed to do? The next step is to skin the animal. In order to skin the animal the right way, you will need a sharp knife. The skinning knife was made especially for this with its razor-sharp blade.

Hunting Knife

Of course, when it comes to hunting and killing the traditional hunting knife is the best way to go. This knife is mostly used for hog hunting. This knife has a razor-sharp double-edged blade it makes killing your prey a lot easier.


Bow Hunting Gear

Hunting with standard bows and arrows is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Bows and arrows give off this kind of thrill that normal modern-day weapons don’t. However, this too is a much less used way of hunting.

Bows and arrows require a lot of strength and accuracy that most people do not have the patience to learn. Without the proper force that you need you will not be able to use this weapon properly. Bows tend to need a certain amount of skill to be used correctly.

Accuracy is an essential factor and skill when hunting with a bow and arrows. Bows are a less modern way of hunting and therefore are generally not used. Mastering the use of a bow and arrow requires time, patience and skill.

There are many different types of bows that you can find today. You can get your old school bow and arrows, a compound bow or a recurve bow. Deciding which one is best for depends on your skill and your ability to be accurate.



Yes, this could technically be classified as a firearm, but this is a more rare form of firepower. This weapon falls under its very own category and therefore does not count as a normal gun. A muzzleloader as it states in the name needs to be loaded through the muzzle.

This makes hunting a bit more complicated than when you are using a normal firearm. These are traditional weapons that are used less and less as time goes on. They make it more challenging to hunt as they only fire one shot at a time.

There are different kinds of muzzleloaders, such as caplocks and flintlocks. Flintlocks are usually favored between the two. You also have a pick of many different bullets or pellets depending on what you prefer.

Hunters do not usually use this weapon because of the time it consumes to reload. Even though the muzzleloader has been modified to be more accurate with a longer reach. Hunters are still hesitant to use this as their hunting weapon of choice.


This is the most primitive way of hunting, and yet there are still people who hunt with spears. This weapon is probably the most unused weapon out of all of these mentioned. It is complicated to use a spear to hunt.

Spears are still being made even today, in a more modern way, of course. The disadvantage of using a spear is that nobody knows how to use a spear correctly. Sure there are some in the world with the skill, but they are few and far between.

You can use spears for modern-day hunting and fishing. Of course, this is still a much more difficult weapon to use than any other. You will need to know how to hold and throw the spear properly or else you might injure yourself.

Sling Shots

sling shot for hunting

No, I am not kidding around when i say slingshots can be used as a hunting weapon. It is not the most conventional weapon you could use for hunting. You could actually use this blast from the past to actually hunt animals.

These slingshots may be small compared to other weapons, but they tend to pack quite a powerful punch. However, you will need one to be specially made for hunting as a normal slingshot will not fit the bill.

You can use a hunting slingshot to distract or lure out an animal. You can even use it to inflict a small wound to the animal that you are hunting. In some cases, with smaller animals, you could even use it to kill your prey.

Another benefit of using a slingshot is that you could visit your childhood. You may even experience a little bit of fun while out in the field. So as unbelievable as it is you can use a slingshot for hunting.

To Sum It All Up

There are so many different types of hunting that may need different types of weapons. Knowing the best kind of weapons that aren’t commonly used may be difficult. The most used weapon is guns and rifles.

Most people forget that there are in fact, other kinds of weapons you can use for hunting. It is unfortunate that hunters want to go with the easiest weapon to use. Because of this, they forget about the harder to use weapons that are just as effective.