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Top 5 Best Fishing Gloves Reviewed for 2021

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Fishing is a lot of fun. Many anglers will tell you how it's a mixture of relaxation and excitement. To achieve the perfect blend, though, you need to be aware of the dangers that come with it, especially for your hands.

While you fish, your hands will get exposed to UV rays, sharp hooks and knives, and various fragments. Of course, fishing accidents aren't a common occurrence, and for a good reason - the right equipment.

So, when choosing the best fishing gloves for your next trip, you'll want only the best. We dug through many brands and their various models, and are here today to deliver our top five picks. There will also be a lot of useful information to help you choose.

Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Best Fishing Gloves: Our Top 5 Picks

Many companies dealing with sports equipment put out more than one model of this piece of fishing equipment on the market. However, we wanted to keep it versatile and not prioritize one manufacturer over others.

So, here are our favorite models by five names that earned respect during their years in the business.

Berkley's Coated Fishing Gloves

Berkley delighted us with this pair of exceptionally protective fishing gloves you can get on a budget. Their design is simple and efficient, and they get the job done for under $6.


The model consists of coated fabric. There's also a second layer on the palm and fingers to provide a textured, waterproof grip. The material makes the glove resistant to slipping, too.

These coated gloves will protect your hands from harsh lines and hooks. You can wash them in a machine once they get dirty. Make sure you give them enough time to dry, though. The material is thick and heavy-duty, so when it soaks, it takes a lot of time to dry.

The coating also means that this piece of equipment provides little flexibility. These gloves come in a universal size, so be cautious if your hands are unusually large or small.


  • Protective, heavy-duty coating
  • Non-slipping, waterproof grip
  • Versatile usage
  • Long-lasting
  • Very affordable


  • Not very flexible
  • Universally sized - they won’t fit all hands

Customer Sentiments

Most reviewers were astonished by the quality Berkley offers for the price. They confirmed the excellent grip and protection this piece of equipment offers. Still, some complained that they were too cumbersome and that they also pose an issue if you soak them by accident.

Lindy Fish Handling Gloves

Lindy claims that wearing their fish handling gloves is like a bulletproof vest for your hands. They come with armor technology that prevents any harm while allowing you to handle fish with ease


The gloves are made of SuperFabric, a material by HDM, Inc. famous for its durability. This medical-grade material is perfect for handling sharp-toothed, saltwater fish, but also anyone looking for supreme protection.

The palm and finger areas come with an extra layer to avoid slipping. On the wrist, you'll find a velcro strap to keep the glove snug. Also, if you're left-handed, worry not; Lindy offers a left- and right-handed model.

The gloves are odor-resistant, and if some smell does stuck on them, you can pop them in the machine for a quick wash. They also repel gas and oil, being chemical resistant. Be careful when handling slimy fish, though, as the slime gets stuck and reduces your grip.


  • SuperFabric is heavy-duty
  • Resistant to odor and chemicals
  • Machine-washable
  • The velcro wrist strap helps keep them snug
  • Available in variations for left- and right-handed people


  • They are small, so customers have to risk with ordering the next size up
  • Can be slippery

Customer Sentiments

No customer got injured after wearing this Lindy’s pair, confirming the effectiveness of SuperFabric. They also say the gloves offer decent dexterity for such protection. The chief complaint related to size - it's challenging to find the perfect fit even with the size chart.

Glacier Glove's Pro Angler

If you tend to fish in cold weather, the Pro Angler by Glacier Glove is the best choice for you. It protects from both the dangers of fishing and the nasty winter elements. Glacier Glove also claims that this piece of equipment is the best glove for fly fishing on the market.


The glove is made of tech-grade neoprene and lined with 2mm fleece to keep your hands warm and safe. There are two slits, though, on the thumb and index finger, that allow maximum dexterity while wearing them.

The design is quite ergonomic and durable. The finger areas are slightly curved to provide a comfortable fit, and the gloves are both glued and blind stitched for durability.

If you worry about water in the cold weather, Pro Angler has you covered. The velcro wrist band will keep your hands dry even when you're handling wet fish. However, while snug around the wrist, the glove is a bit loose on the palms.


  • Fleece-lined neoprene will keep hands dry and safe
  • Slit for thumb and index finger
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Water-resistant due to material and velcro strap
  • Best glove for fly fishing


  • Loose around the palm
  • Pricier than most
  • A bit bulky

Customer Sentiments

All who used it agree that this glove is of excellent quality. A few tweaks here and there would make it ideal, customers say, but it's worth trying for winter activities and irreplaceable for fly fishing.

Rapala Marine Fisherman's Gloves

This product by Rapala Marine is another excellent budget choice. Versatile and design and ticking all the necessary boxes, these gloves are a favorite of most amateur anglers.


These Fisherman Gloves come coated with durable latex that protects the hands. Beneath, there's cloth to keep you warm. Both are appropriate for salt and sweetwater alike. However, this material will get wet, so be careful.

The model provides non-slip fish control, allowing you to grab your catch seamlessly. The latex makes them lightweight and flexible, not taking away your skilled hands.

Being so versatile, you may use them for all your activities several years long. Luckily, popping them in a washing machine after your fishing trip is a possibility.


  • Warm and durable
  • Flexible, easy-grab
  • Versatile, salt and sweetwater
  • Reasonably priced
  • Machine-washable


  • Can get soaked
  • Not the highest protection from puncturing
  • Sizing can be problematic

Customer Sentiments

The customers say they got more than expected for the money. The gloves proved themselves to be an essential piece of equipment, especially if you're not into professional fishing. They do leave some things to be desired, though, so if you're a professional, go for a more specialized model.

The Fishing Tree's Fingerless Gloves

The Fishing Tree brought us a model with a rare feature. These unisex fingerless gloves come with an SPF of 50+. The company claims the UV protection factor doesn't wash away, either, as it's woven in the fabric.


The pair is made of Spandex and faux leather, making them the most flexible item on our list. The top also comes with non-slip patches, which both help you hold on to your catch and add protection.

These gloves are lightweight and appropriate for a wide range of sports. They will stay put on your hand thanks to the Velcro wrist strap, too. Once you're done with them, pop them in the machine for a quick wash.

This model isn't waterproof, but the Spandex is quick-drying. Also, being fingerless, you are likely to use them in warm weather so that you may enjoy this feature out on the water, too.


  • Offer sun protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Versatile
  • Offer maximum dexterity
  • Quick-drying


  • Not the most protective
  • The wrist strap is bulky
  • Not great for saltwater fish

Customer Sentiments

These gloves are universally loved for their versatility and the comfort they provide. People use them for a variety of activities besides fishing, too. However, the glove isn't of the highest quality, so you may expect to get a new pair every year or even more often.

Fishing Gloves 101

You could blindly trust our recommendations, but it's vital that you know how to choose your equipment. Most fishing gloves come with similar specifications, so it may be challenging to distinguish between models.

Still, there are several areas where the gloves need to deliver to be worth the money. Here are the most significant ones that make or break the glove.


Durability is the number one feature to consider when shopping for fishing gloves. You're looking for a pair that is strong enough to help you tackle even massive fish. Also, they shouldn't tear easily.

The material makes the gloves durable, and the design and the quality of stitching add to it. Of course, the level of sturdiness you're going for depends on your preferred type of fishing.

Material & Construction

The higher the quality of the material, the better the piece of equipment. Most often, these gloves get made of rubber, latex, leather (and faux leather), neoprene, mesh, and fabric. The manufacturer's choice will determine both the sturdiness and comfort of your gloves.

Rubber is the most inexpensive. Fabric, especially the SuperFabric we mentioned earlier, is the sturdiest. Look into different types of materials and their pros and cons before you choose one.


Fishing is often a waiting game, so your gloves should also be comfortable.

You need to make sure your equipment is breathable, not allowing sweat to build upon your hands. The material impacts this feature, as well as the type of glove. As a rule, lightweight gloves are more comfortable.

Weather Conditions

The final factor to consider is whether your gloves are appropriate for the conditions in which you tend to fish. Ice fishing, for example, calls for lined, warm models. Warm places allow breathable and light pairs, even fingerless gloves if your catch isn't too aggressive.

FAQs about Fishing Gloves

Finally, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about fishing gloves in case you are confused about any of the aspects we mentioned.

Q: Why should I use fishing gloves?

A: For two simple reasons - protection and warmth. Even if you fish in warm weather, they will help you avoid injuries and sore palms. Also, it will be easier to handle fish with gloves, as bare skin doesn't provide an excellent grip.

Q: How to clean fishing gloves?

A: Since you handle fish wearing them, these gloves will get dirty and smelly. Most models nowadays are machine washable, and in this case, the answer is straightforward. If your model isn't washable, though, put some mild soap and water in a bowl and wash them there.

In either case, it's best that you leave them to dry naturally unless the instructions specifically state that you should dry them in a machine.

Q: How to get rid of the smell from fishing gloves?

A: The smell which sticks to the gloves comes from fish residue and bacteria. It's the easiest to remove both with warm water. You could add some essential oil to the water to cover the smell, too.

Q: When do I need fishing gloves?

A: If you quickly get sore hands, wear them through your entire fishing trip. The same applies to ice fishing. Otherwise, put them on before handling fish.

Our Verdict

After considering all aspects, we believe that the Fish Handling model by Lindy is the best option of the ones we named. They will protect you from the elements, water, and sharp fish teeth. Besides, they leave you handy enough to use your fishing skills.

If you're ready to pay a bit more and dislike our first option, go for Pro Anglers by Glacier Glove. However, any option you choose, we are sure these gloves will make your next fishing trip better than ever before.