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Best Tree Stand Blind Skirts and Covers Reviews of 2021

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Best Tree Stand Blinds Reviews

So you've got yourself a tree stand for your hunting game, whether it be a ladder, hang-on or climbing model, and now you're looking to go undercover with it? The ideal solution is to get yourself a tree stand blind or cover so that your targets won't spot you. These blinds can also be used for protection from the wind, rain, and snow, with some blind models even having a roof over them much like an overhead umbrella. Hunting is all about being tactical and stealth, so sitting in full view of your target in the trees makes the hunt completely pointless. You don't want to stick out like a sore thumb so having the right cover or camo for your tree stand is essential.

We've been round reviewing and checking out different tree stand blinds on the market, putting together a list of different ones that we believe you should consider. There are a lot of cheap blinds on the market, which is why we tried to stay away from anything that wasn't rated highly by consumers. The market that we cover in this review roughly ranges from $20-$150. So let's get into our reviews of the best tree stand blind skirts and covers and see which one is right for your treestand.

​Top 5 Rated Models ​Comparison​ Table

The Best Tree Stand Blind Reviews

#1. Millennium TreeStand Blind

 Millennium TreeStand Blind Review

Millennium are known for their higher-end tree stands they have on the market, offering all-round quality crafted products, and this is no different. The Millennium blind is at the higher end of the blind market but offers all-round quality in every area. It has a roof that's important for some people, as it can give you an extra bit of cover and even protection from the weather. It also has adjustable windows that are handy, as sometimes you have to adjust your positon. This blind was designed for Millennium tree stands, however, it fits most other models on the market. You should easily be able to get 2 people in this model. The material used is high quality and long lasting, not posing some of the problems that other poor quality blinds have. 

A small breakdown of what the model offers:

  • Two man size
  • Adjustable windows
  • Mildew resistant fabric
  • Weatherproof
  • Adjustable roof
  • Fits all L-Series ladder stands excluding the L360 (fits most other models as well)
  • Note: No treestand is supplied with this purchase

This a great well-rounded model with quality in every department, there ​are however a few negative things we had to mention. The instructions (like most manufacturers these days) supplied are pretty useless, although setting it up yourself is pretty easy. Although the addition of having adjustable windows feels good, some hunters may find that the windows are a little small for what they're trying to do.

Although this is one of the more expensive models on our best tree stand blind reviews list, you pay for what you get with this purchase.


  • Easy to setup
  • Fits most stands
  • ​Weatherproof
  • Great long lasting quality all round
  • Lightweight


  • Poor instructions
  • More expensive than the other blinds on the list
  • Windows a little small

Verdict: Best Overall

#2. Field & Stream Outpost Treestand Blind Kit

Field Stream Treestand Blind Kit review

A fairly new company on the hunting scene is Field and Stream who have a large selection of hunting products you can check out. They've come up with this mid-high end priced blind that has a bit of everything going for it. Although maybe not one of the more well-known models, this our personal ​favorite all-round tree stand blind. It has a bit of everything to it, adjustable sides, weatherproof roof, detachable skirt and quality material to match. It can also fit most treestands on the market but double check with the manufacturer over any uncertainty.

What the field & stream has to offer:

  • Adjustable sides, roof, and skirt
  • Fits 2 people
  • Weatherproof
  • 44" x 30" height - adjustable
  • Fits most doublewide tree stands
  • Note: No ladder is supplied with this purchase

We're always honest in our reviews and like to mention what we didn't like about each model, but this Field and Stream model made it hard for us not to like anything about it. The only thing that you maybe should check out before purchasing is whether it fits a smaller tree stand if you have one. Overall our choice for the best tree stand blind on the market today.


  • Good sized windows
  • Weatherproof
  • ​Easy to use
  • Great for concealing movement
  • Quality material
  • 2 man size
  • Fits most doublewide stands


  • Maybe not ideal for fitting smaller tree stands

#3. Hunters Specialties Easy Fit Treestand Skirt, Realtree Xtra

Hunters Specialties Easy Fit Treestand Skirt, Realtree Xtra Review

Hunters Specialities are another manufacturer that isn't as well-known as your bigger names on the market. They've come up with this nice inexpensive and basic blind skirt. This model maybe doesn't have all the features that the other selections on our reviews list have, but it does ​an excellent job ​and is still a good quality skirt for your stand. Even although it's cheap, the heavy duty material it displays is not, and will not blow away easily. It's also waterproof as well which is a must in a blind for any hunter.

​What you're buying into:

  • Treestand blind skirt
  • 2 sections measuring 32” high x 50” long
  • Interior pocket
  • Weatherproof
  • Black backing
  • 1 man fit

Because of the low price tag that this blind skirt has there are obviously some negatives that come with it. Although the material is heavy duty, it may be a little heavier than other blinds making it a little awkward to shift about if needed. Attaching this model may take a bit more work than you're used to as well and can sometimes be a pain. This is designed to fit a 1 man stand and depending on the size of your stand, this might be a little too short for you. Also, you're not getting a roof with it, but come on... you can't ​have everything with it at this price.

If you're looking for a blind skirt that's a nice, cheap budget option and does its job, then this should be your choice.


  • Great price
  • Heavy duty material
  • ​Weatherproof
  • Nice accessory pockets inside
  • Long-lasting


  • Heavy
  • A little trickier to attach
  • Designed for a 1 man fit only
  • A little short for some stands
  • No roof

#4. Guide Gear Universal Hunting Tree Stand Blind

Guide Gear Universal Hunting Tree Stand Blind Review

Guide Gear are another manufacturer that's maybe not as well known in the hunting scene. This is another example of a budget blind skirt that does a basic job. Made ​of plastic, this is quite a big blind that can cover most stands easily, and should be able to cover 2 people comfortably. The material used has its downsides, but it is however waterproof. It is however nice and light, and you will be able to have it up and attached fairly easy.

What this model offers:

  • Blind skirt
  • Dimensions: 45" x 160"
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • 36" bi-directional centered zipper door
  • Fits most stands
  • Can hold 2 people
  • Note: This purchase does not come with a tree stand

​This skirt has a lot going for it with the price tag, but there are a few let-downs that have to be considered before purchasing it. The main one is the fact that the quality of material it has isn't as good as most of the other blinds we've reviewed. A common complaint from users is the fact that the material makes a lot of noise when exposed to the wind, this could potentially ruin a hunt. The material does hold up well in the wind and rain but also can rip fairly easily. There's no roof build into this, but again, you can't expect everything with this price tag.

A great example of a no thrills, does the job tree stand blind. Still, really good value for money if you're looking for an easy to attach skirt.


  • Fits most tree stands
  • Cheap
  • ​Easy to fit
  • Can 2 people easily
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight


  • ​Can be noisy in the wind
  • Material not the best quality
  • No roof

#5. Guide Gear Universal Tree Stand Blind Kit

Guide Gear Universal Tree Stand Blind Kit Review

From Guide Gear again comes a more well-rounded tree blind kit. This has a bit of everything for your stand, including a roof to protect you from the elements. The material again has some downsides, but on the whole is pretty strong in the wind. Around the mid-range of the market, this blind has some nice features such as the good sized windows and is suitable for most sized stands. It offers good concealment and for the most part is noiseless in the wind.

What this blind kit has:

  • ​Tree stand blind
  • Roof
  • Dimensions: 3'9" x 4'4" x 5'2"h
  • 3 extra-large zip-out windows
  • Fits most stands
  • Can hold 2 people
  • Weatherproof
  • Note: No tree stand comes with this purchase

​Although a well-balanced purchase, there are a few niggles that have to be noted. Like most blinds on the market, the instructions provided are a waste of time and offer no value. Assembling this is fairly easy, but can unfortunately can be a little time-consuming. It isn't the most portable, and we wouldn't recommend carrying it about very much. Yes, the model has a roof which is a nice addition, but the way it's built doesn’t allow for the rain to run off it smoothly, this can result in water build up on your roof if it's raining heavy.

With some drawbacks to consider this is still one of the best blinds for tree stands, and is still a great mid-price range option for anyone who doesn't want to invest a lot into buying one.


  • Good sized windows
  • ​Has a roof
  • Can fit a 2 man stand
  • Weatherproof in most cases, strong material
  • Decent price


  • ​Poor instructions
  • Can take a while to assemble
  • Roof sometimes can hold water

​Points To Consider When Buying ​A Tree Stand Blind Cover or Skirt

Quality of Material
  • Quality of Material - The biggest point you should be considering is how good the manufacturing quality of the material is. Will it hold up in the ​wind and rain without ripping or blowing away? Because staying dry is such a big ​priority ​for a lot of hunters, you need to invest in something that has good quality material and will last a long ​time.
  • Concealment - How well does your blind conceal you? Does it fully cover you ​or does it just add some camouflage cover? You should also decide whether you need one with a roof or not, roofs can be great as some extra concealment and should protect you from the rain and wind. With a ​good roof the price you would expect to pay would go up a little, so consider carefully if this is something you need.
  • ​​1 or 2 Person - Some blinds listed above are only designed for covering one person, ​whereas others ​can cover up to two people. Take into consideration how big your treestand is and how many people your blind needs to cover. Our buying guide above clearly highlights how many people each ​protector should ​cover.
  • Ease of Attachment - The worst thing you could do is go out for a hunt in your stand in the rain only to find out the blind you have purchased is an absolute nightmare to attach, or worse does not even fit. Check out all the sizes and dimensions of each model above and how easy we found it was to attach ​them.
  • Price - As mentioned earlier in this ​review, the price of these attachments typically range anywhere from $20 all the way up to $150, therefore you have to select which features we listed above are important to you and what are not.

The quality of the material is really what you pay for when purchasing a higher-​priced blind.

Final Word​

​Well, that's all from us in the hunt for your perfect blind for your treestand, now it's up to you which choice ​to make. Just take into consideration the points we have made and also make sure you get the right fitting blind for your stand. Some models offer much better quality material than others, but it seems that the general principle in this market is you pay for what you get. We hope our best tree stand blinds reviews, will leave you with a product to enhance your tree hunting skills. Remember, concealment is the key!​