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The Best Hang On Tree Stand | Reviews of 2021

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Best Hang On Tree Stand Reviews

​Tree stands are very common in the world of hunting and for good reason. But with so many different types such as hang on, ​climber and ladder tree stands, the marketplace can seem a little confusing ​even to the most savvy hunter. In this article we cover the different hang on models that you should be considering with your money.

Hang on models differ from the other tree stands mentioned above as you can put ​them as high up the tree as you like, though ​they do not come with anything to help you climb the tree to get to it​. You have to climb it yourself ​either by ​using just your arms and legs, or, you can buy some pegs, a ladder or some climbing sticks to help you get up.

These are straight forward stands that are typically used because of how simple they are and the control you have over where you set them up on the tree. They can be setup in some great ​positions for bow hunting that you might not normally be able to achieve with other stands.

We've laid out everything below that you need to consider when purchasing the best hang on tree stand, including in-depth reviews of all these selected models. So let's get into the good stuff!

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

The Best Hang On Tree Stand Reviews

Millennium Treestands M100U

Millienium Treestands is very popular in the hunting world, so you can count on this hang on tree stand being one of the best. The M100U is a very lightweight and compact tree stand that can be carried around and put into almost any tree, without sacrificing any quality or comfort. The M100U is 20% lighter than the original M100, weighing in at only 11.5 pounds. That is very light. It gets away with this thanks to the all-aluminum construction, but still manages to have a hefty weight limit of 300 pounds.

The ComfortMAX patented sling seat is ultra-comfortable, with a deep seat and a large foot platform. There’s plenty of room to move around and line up a good shot, even the when target is moving, and the seat folds up against the tree and out of the way. We do wish the seat was a bit higher, however.

The Camlock Receiver and Post system make it easy to fold and ensure it locks tightly in place. The folding design also makes it easy to move around and attach to your backpack. In fact, it’s so light you may not even notice it on your backpack as you hike in and out of the woods.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for -  something ultralight that you can move around while barely noticing it’s on your back - the Millennium M100U is the stand you need.


  • Super light – only 11.5 pounds
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds
  • ComfortMax sling seat
  • Camlock Receiver system locks securely in place
  • Nice and affordable


  • Seat are a bit low
  • Can be noisy to move around in

Lone Wolf Assault II

The Lone Wolf Assault II is another ultra-lightweight tree stand, that, like the Millenium M100U, comes in at only 11 pounds. The design is very different, however. Unlike the M100U’s deep seat, it features a simple seat perched atop a very large footbase. In fact, the platform measures 26" x 19.5" across, which makes it pretty comfortable and gives plenty of room to maneuver. It’s made of a cast aluminum construction, with the platform itself being one-piece. And in cast bow holder works with bows of all sizes, and ensures a smooth, sturdy draw.

The system fits trees anywhere from 4”-22” in diameter, and uses a strap design that tightens securely.  The attachment bracket moves left to right to sit comfortably on trees that aren’t exactly straight, and the system is actually self-leveling; the seat and platform will automatically level out to fit those crooked trees as well. It also includes a handy 6-point fall arrest system in case anything slips.

When you’re ready to pack up the Assault II, it simply folds up nice and thin, and you can throw it on your back with the included backpack straps. The only thing we don’t like about the design is that the seat can get uncomfortable after a while, if you’ve nothing to lean back on, especially when you’re on a very narrow tree. However, the light weight, innovative, leveling design and ease-of-use make this hang-on tree stand an excellent buy.


  • ​Lightweight – only 11 pounds
  • Offset bracket
  • Self-leveling System works on crooked trees
  • Large platform


  • Uncomfortable seat – nothing to lean back on

Lone Wolf Alpha II

The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang II is much like the Assault II, but is a bit bigger and heavier duty. It features a similar one-piece cast aluminum platform, padded seat and supports, as well as the same self-leveling design and offset bracket. The in-cast bow holder and slim-folding design, with backpack straps, are also there.

So what’s the difference? The Alpha Hang II weighs about 3 pounds more, thanks in part to its larger platform size (30”x19.5”, as opposed to 26”x19.5”). The seat measures the same, and both have a height of 21”. As a result of this heavier weight, however, the Alpha Hang II has a higher weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Another cool feature of Lone Wolf stands is the EZ-hook system, which allows you to preset multiple stand locations on different trees. Then, instead of using the offset bracket, you can easily hook the stand up to the EZ Hang, for a quick, portable attachment.

So if you’re looking for a slightly larger hang-on tree stand with higher capacity, but like the design and versatility the Lone Wolf Assault II, the Alpha II delivers.


  • ​Good platform size
  • EZ-Hook hang system is versatile – and easy
  • Offset bracket works with trees of all shapes
  • In-cast bow holder


  • ​Pricey
  • Uncomfortable, thin cushion

Guide Gear XL​

The Guide Gear XL Hang On Tree Stand is another heavy-duty tree stand, made of a tough, thick steel construction. The trade-off there is that it weighs 21 pounds, which is significantly heavier than some of the other stands on our list (50% more than the Alpha 11, and almost twice as much as the Assault II and M100U. However, it also has the largest platform of all, coming in at 30” x 36”, which provides ample room for moving around, getting the best angle and lining up a good shot. A cool feature the Guide Gear XL has, is a footrest, that flips up and is held in place by two sturdy metal cables.

The extra-large seat is 12”x20”, is comfortably padded, and has a height of 23” from the platform, which is better on your knees and legs – and far more comfortable – than seats that are too short. It flips up when you need to stand, or for packing down to carry. Weight capacity is 300 lbs.

The Guide Gear XL is held on by claw ratchet straps, which are easy to wrap around the tree and tighten. When it’s time to pack up and move, the whole things folds up to a convenient package and can be worn with backpack straps. A fall-arrest system is included just in case.


  • ​Heavy-duty construction
  • Large platform – 30”x36”
  • Large seat, high seat height of 23”
  • Flip-up footrest


  • Heavy – 21 pounds. Makes it harder to move.

Millennium Treestands M150 Monster

The Millenium Treestands M150 is a serious tree stand at an affordable price. It’s the big brother to the M100U, using a similar design, but heavier-duty and even more luxurious. Like the M100U, it is made of aluminum with a powder-coat finish, but this time weights a heftier 19.5 pounds. The platform measures W 24” D 37”, a good size between compact and light, and spacious. The seat flips up and locks in place using the CamLock receiver system, which also lets you choose from multiple seat heights. In fact, you can adjust the seat anywhere from 16” to 20” high. You can give it up to 15 degrees of lean, too, which is helpful for trees that aren’t quite straight.

The seat itself is a super comfortable, deep sling seat, with Millenium’s ComfortMax build. It’s about as comfortable as it gets when you’re 20 feet up a tree. And when you’re ready to move, the whole thing folds down flat for backpacking back and forth. At 19.5 pounds, it’s not exactly the lightest of the bunch, and still only has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. That’s not super attractive if you’re looking for a lightweight tree stand. But if comfort is important, the ComfortMax sling seat is unmatched, and the adjustable seat is nice feature to have as well.


  • ​Adjustable Seat Height
  • ComfortMax Sling Seat
  • Large platform size


  • ​Heavy for its weight capacity
  • More Affordable

Final Word

​If your ​preferred tree stand choice is a hang-on model, then we should have provided you with everything you need to know when spending your money on one above. Just consider what type of hunting you are doing and the type of trees in the area that you will potentially attach one of these to. If you're in need of something simple and easy to use that is not designed to be moved from location-to-location, then this is ​definitely the tree stand you should choose.

That's a wrap on our reviews of the best hang on tree stands, so hopefully you now have the confidence to go out there and purchase the right fit for your style of hunting!