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Best Hunting Seat Cushion Reviews of 2021

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Best Hunting Seat Cushion Reviews

If you’ve been known to spend long periods of time sitting out in the woods, on your hunting seat or tree stand, you probably know exactly how uncomfortable it can be. While many hunting seats come with ample padding, many don’t, and sitting on their thin, hard seats all day long can leave you longing for something thicker and more comfortable.

Luckily for you, there’s a whole collection of good hunting seat cushions out there to lend a bit of luxury to your deer hunting days in the woods. And to lend you a hand, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the 5 best hunting seat cushions. Keep reading to see which one is right for you.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table






Beard Buster Jumbo

1. Beard Buster Jumbo

Editors Choice

Closed-Cell Foam


ThermASeat Infusion

Closed and Open Cell Foam


FatBoy Lite

ComforText, GripTex


Hunter Specialties Bunsaver

Air Cushion


NEP Outdoors Therm-A-Seat

Closed-Cell Foam


Reviews of the Best Hunting Seat Cushions​

Beard Buster Jumbo Seat Cushion

The Beard Buster Jumbo Seat Cushion is another very thick seat, but at a more affordable price than the ThermASeat Infusion. It’s got a PVC-coated waterproof bottom to keep water from seeping in and closed-cell foam on top to prevent the same. The middle layer is a soft, open cell foam panel for even more. It’s 3” thick and very soft.

On the center-back of the cushion is a snap hook attachment, which lets you attach it to your bag, hang the cushion from a lanyard, whatever you need. Easy and convenient.

One complaint: despite it’s very thick size, the Beard Buster compresses down and flattens out when you sit on it, leaving only a thin layer between you and the hunting chair, which just isn’t very comfortable. Too bad, because the waterproof layer is excellent and the construction quality is as well.

It’s thus a nice option for a waterproof layer at a good price, but not as comfortable for other uses – especially if you are on the heavier side.


  • 3” thick and soft
  • PVC-coated waterproof bottom
  • Three layers for max comfort and waterproofness


  • Flattens out too much underweight, even at 3” thick

Verdict: Best Tree Stand Seat Cushion

 NEP Outdoors Therm-A-Seat Infusion

The Therm-A-Seat Infusion is a thick, padded and premium hunting seat cushion, made from a 3-layer construction that ensures the best of comfort and quality. It’s got a thermal barrier, which is 3/8” thick and made of Softek closed-cell foam, trapping in heat and warmth. On top is a 1-5/8” thick layer of furniture grade urethane Comfotek™ foam, which adds some comfy padding, and below that, an “earth barrier” - A 1-inch layer of closed-cell foam guarding against cold and dampness.

It’s extremely and padded, and supremely comfortable. We’re also big fans of the aluminum carabiner clip makes it easy to carry, and the freeze-proof design that ensures that it doesn’t freeze solid when the temperatures drop. The construction is quality, with military-grade hardware, webbing and a rubber-coated non-slip base on the bottom.

Our only wish for the ThermASeat Infusion is that it would be a bit larger; it fits well into any seat, but we’d like to see it provide a little more coverage, especially for the price.

But we like it all around; it’s a thick, padded hunting seat cushion that will keep you comfortable for long periods. 


  • Very thick, padded, comfortable
  • 3-layer design provides protection and padding
  • Carabiners for carrying
  • High-quality


  • Expensive
  • Not as large as it could be

Hunt Comfort FatBoy

The FatBoy Lite is one comfortable cushion. It’s also one of the most expensive, but totally worth it in our opinion. Built with Hunt’s LiteCore technology, it uses triple-density foam that distributes your weight evenly across the pad and prevents it from flattening. The outside is covered in ComFortex fabric which reduces noise and is waterproof, in addition to having UV inhibitors, which prevents color from washing out or fading in the sun.

A nice feature of the FatBoy Lite is that the bottom of the cushion uses GripTek fabric, which is non-slip, abrasion-resistant and waterproof, and keeps the cushion firmly planted in a metal chair or on wet ground. It also has a 1.5” heavy-duty utility strap on the top, with a side release buckle, for hooking it to your vest or pack.

Anything we don’t like about the Fatboy? The large square shape doesn’t always fit in very small or round seats, so keep that in mind. This doesn’t take away from its performance on larger platforms, however.

The FatBoy Lite is definitely an investment, but if you spend a lot of time sitting in your hunting seat and are willing to pay for the highest-quality, most comfortable cushion you can, it’s absolutely worth it. Just make sure it fits your seat.


  • Thick, triple-density foam is comfortable and distributes weight evenly
  • ComFortex fabric is waterproof, reduces noise, and doesn’t fade
  • GripTek fabric on the bottom is non-slip and abrasion-resistant
  • Very high-quality and durable


  • Expensive

Hunter’s Specialties Bunsaver Cushion

The Bunsaver (cheeky) is something a bit different; it’s self-inflating and lets you sit on a soft cushion of air, as opposed to a thick foam. It uses an easy air valve system, which lets you inflate, adjust, or deflate the cushion just by turning the valve. Real simple, and no blowing or pumping.

On the outside, there is an elastic strap, as well as an adjustable snap hook, which let you carry it or hang it from your pack when hiking in and out. The exterior fabric is water-resistant, as well, which is always welcome.

Downsides? It’s relatively small, especially when compared to larger pads like the FatBoy and the Beard Buster. It will fit in almost seat but doesn’t give as much coverage as we would like. It’s also not very stable; the air cushion is firm, but sometimes a little too firm. It doesn’t let you sit comfortably, instead, moving around underneath you as you try to get comfortable. This can be annoying if you’re sitting on a slippery surface.

For a budget option, however, it’s not a bad choice. It’s very easy to inflate and packs down small in your bag. Maybe avoid inflating it entirely if you’d like to keep it from moving around under you.


  • Self-inflating; just turn the valve
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Packs down small to fit in your pack; also has straps for attaching


  • Small size
  • Air cushioning can be uncomfortable when fully-inflated. Not soft

#5. ​NEP Outdoors Therm-A-Seat

NEP Outdoors Therm-A-Seat

The Therm-A-Seat Insulated Seat is made of NEP’s SoftTek closed-cell foam, that traps heat in and adds a nice layer of warmth between you and the cold ground or metal seat below. It comes in both 1” and 2” thick options, providing a decent amount of padding and smoothing out any small rocks or uneven surfaces. The size is perfect for hunting seats, but also works well for other uses, such as in a kayak or sitting at a sports game.

There is a fabric loop handle on the top of the pad for hanging it from your gear or looping it your belt; it weighs practically nothing, being foam, and you will barely notice it hanging there. And our favorite part: the exterior is waterproof to prevent it from soaking up moisture.

We have a few complaints, mainly regarding it’s build quality. The 2” thick pad is simply made by ​gluing two 1” pads together, and when the glue wears out, they start to come apart, shifting around and falling apart. This is disappointing quality. And when you sit on it, the cushion tends to compress underneath you, leaving little padding. Over time, it eventually stays that way with enough use.

It’s an okay choice for a cheap pad, but spending a little more money can get you something much nicer and more durable.


  • Comes in multiple thicknesses
  • Waterproof Coating
  • Fabric Loop for carrying


  • Construction is lacking; tends to come apart at the seams
  • Flattens out too much under your weight

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Hunting Seat Cushion

Size And Thickness

This is the first and most important, thing to look for. You want to make sure that you get a cushion that fits in your hunting seat. This shouldn’t be too hard, but if you purchase an extra large cushion for a small seat, you may be left in the cold.

Next, look at how thick it is. You can find pads as thin as 1” and as thick as 4”, but most will be 2” or 3”, which we prefer; the thicker, the better, as cushions tend to sink and flatten as you are sitting on them.


Treestand Seat Pad

This is more important than it sounds; if your hunting seat, or the ground, is wet, the cushion will soak up any water, becoming waterlogged and cold. Many cushions will have some ​form of waterproof fabric or coating (perhaps PVC) to keep water from soaking up, keeping you drier, warmer and happier than otherwise.

Portability And Attachment

How will you transport the cushion? While seat cushions tend to be too thick to fold up, many will have ​a loop, hook or strap with which to hang them from your gear, bag or belt. This is a lot easier than carrying it in your hands as you head out to the hunting chair or deer stand. There is also such a thing as inflatable pads, which can be deflated for storage and hiking in and out.


​There are some pads on the market that are heated and provide extra warmth when sitting on in your tree stand. These are typically more expensive cushions, but can be worth considering if deer hunting from a tree stand ​in the winter time. You need to be careful though as some of these hot cushions can leave your bottom feeling far too overheated when used for long periods of time.

Why Use a Hunting Stand or Chair Pad?

If you're out for long sessions in either your deer hunting tree stand or even just a basic hunters chair, your behind will undoubtedly get sore. Although some tree stands may come with some padding and comfort designed into them, they typically have low-quality material that won't hold up that well. Buying a good cushion or pad separately is recommended so that you know you can use it wherever and whenever you like, as well as being reassured that you'll be comfortable throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

All the pads we’ve reviewed work pretty well, but our choice for the best hunting seat cushion is, far and away, the Beard Buster Jumbo seat. This cushion is high-quality, 3” thick and soft, and the foam distributes your weight as best as possible. The seat is also waterproof. With these features, this is the best all-rounded hunting seat cushion. It will be very comfortable and last you as long you need.

Choose one for yourself and see how much nicer sitting in a hunting chair or tree stand all day can be.