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Best Blaze Orange Hunting Vest Reviews of 2021

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Best Blaze Orange Hunting Vest Reviews

A blaze orange hunting vest fulfills two purposes. The first is that it serves as storage for all your various gear, ammo and anything else you need to carry when out in the woods. ​The second and main thing is the blaze orange color keeps you visible in the woods, so you stand out from the brush and ​allow other hunters ​to see you at all times.

There are a lot of different choices out there for a good orange hunting vest, but we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the five best, based on fabric, fit, storage and quality. Read on to see the best blaze orange hunting vest ​that money can buy, ensuring you stand out from the crowd in the field with a quality blaze orange jacket.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Blaze Orange Hunting Vests​

GameHide Mountain Pass

First up the is the GameHide Mountain Pass Vest. Our pick for the best blaze orange hunting best of 2018. It’s got tons of storage and pockets; two vertical chest pockets with shell holders and flaps, and a rear large cargo pocket with backpack straps for storing larger items – like a jacket. There’s a GPS/cell phone pocket on each side, and the fabric is heavy-duty and windproof.

The kangaroo pocket in the front of the vest is fleece-lined, doubling as a hand warmer pocket in chilly weather. We love this. An external pouch on the pocket has shotgun shell holders, and the shoulders have patches for gripping a sling or rifle butt.

Complaints? We don’t like the side zipper design; it makes is awkward to put on and take off, and we prefer a classic front zipper closure. And when you load up the rear pocket with lots of gear, the weight tends to pull the vest backward, pulling on your shoulders and neck. This is very uncomfortable and makes it hard to reach into the pockets.

Those aside, however, we think the quality is really good, and well worth the price tag; it’s our pick for the best blaze orange hunting vest thanks to its ample storage, quality build and that nice hand warmer pocket.


  • High-quality build
  • Tons of storage
  • Fleece-lined kangaroo pocket doubles as a hand warmer
  • Shoulder patch grips for slings and rifle stocks


  • Side zip opening is awkward and difficult to put on
  • Rear pocket pulls vest backward

Primos GunHunters Vest

The Primos GunHunters is a quality, durable vest from Jimmy Primos, with lots of storage and some premium features. It’s made from a heavy-duty fabric that is soft and quiet, perfect for hunting, and there’s ample storage for shells, ammo, gear. There’s also a compass and LED light attached to the zipper, so you never got lost and stay visible in the dark. A license tag holder sits on the rear.

One ​neat feature we really like is the pull-down PVC lining inside vest; this serves a seat for sitting on wet surfaces and can be rolled up and kept inside the back of the vest with Velcro when you don’t need it. This is very handy for staying dry on wet, damp days.

But it’s not perfect; it’s very wide and loose, intended to be worn over heavy jackets. If you’re wearing it over anything lighter, it’s awkward, with the pockets flopping around. We also think the pocket placement could be better; it’s difficult to reach into some of them with one hand and a rifle in the other. There are also complaints about it’s quality; it’s just not as well constructed as a vest of this price should be.

We like the idea and the fabric, and the waterproof seat, but think there are better options for this price.


  • Pull down fabric that can be used to sit on
  • Plenty of pockets and features
  • The soft fabric is nice and quiet
  • Easy to spot


  • Lacks the overall quality of what you expect from its price tag
  • Very loose
  • Pocket placement not ideal

Browning Safety Vest Overlay

This blaze orange hunting vest from Browning is the simplest vest on our list. And the least expensive, but don’t let that fool you; this a high-quality, durable vest for year-round use. It doesn’t have all the fancy features you find on other vests, but it’s cheap and visible. The fabric is 100% polyester oxford - soft, comfortable and quiet, and great for hunting in the woods. There’s a back-license loop, two large snap flap shell pockets for storage, and the classic Browning Buckmark embroidered on the chest.

The fit is large and roomy enough for wearing over heavy jackets, but at the same time, isn’t too baggy. That’s unlike most the other vests we reviewed, which were all oversized.

Now, if you’re looking for a vest with lots of storage for gear and tons of ammo, you’ll want to pass on this one. It doesn’t have a lot of storage and is thus probably not the best choice for big game hunting. It also runs a bit short if you’re tall, and heavy gear falls out of the pockets easily.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like it; the quality is apparent, it’s comfortable and cheap, and we expect it to last quite some time. If you need a quality orange vest but not a lot of storage, we highly recommend it.


  • High-quality and simple for the money; no fancy features
  • Fits very well – roomy enough for jackets but small enough for summer wear
  • Cheap and keeps you safe and visible


  • Short for tall people
  • Not a lot of pockets, if that’s what you’re looking for
  • Stuff falls out of pockets easily

TrailCrest Front Loader Deluxe

The TrailCrest Front Loader Deluxe Pro is made from a cotton/poly blend with a mesh lining, making it light and breathable, but giving it some heft and quality. It has ample storage; two front cargo pockets with flaps and 28 concealed shell loops for storing ammo as well as gear and gloves. The quilted shoulders have shooter patches for comfort when firing.

On the back is a large waterproof and blood proof game bag, with a zipper to keep it closed and snaps on the sides for adding more storage pouches, increasing the storage capacity even more. It can also be used as a pull-down waterproof seat for wet, damp ground – much like the Primos’ PVC lining. This is a great feature that we really like.

Unfortunately, this vest lacks in the quality department; the stitching has been said to fall apart on the first few uses. And the fabric is noisy, which undermines it’s use for hunting. And the shell loops are too small for many shells. It’s just not well constructed.

Which is too bad, really; we really like the design, especially the game bag/waterproof seat, and the cotton/poly fabric feels nice and durable. But the stitching is weak and can’t be relied on, so we’d pass over it for something higher quality.


  • Nice cotton/poly blend fabric; light, breathable but quality
  • Plenty of storage pockets
  • Waterproof game bag doubles as a seat


  • Poor quality; stitching falls apart
  • The fabric is noisy – not good for hunting
  • Runs small
  • Shell loops are too small for many shells

GameHide Big Game Sneaker

Another quality vest from Gamehide. This is a quality blaze orange hunting vest that is versatile and has lots of storage. It’s made from tightly-woven, waterproof material that is soft, durable and quiet – an important factor in choosing a hunting vest. The fit is roomy and a bit large, in order to fit over heavy jackets and lightweight sweatshirts.

There’s tons of storage; magnum rifle loops with a flap for storing shells and ammo, a vertical flashlight pocket, four-way dump pockets with shotgun shell loops, and a rear cargo pocket for storing rags and other gear you may need. If you’ve got it, the Big Game Sneaker Vest can probably carry it. The shoulders are also quilted, serving as light recoil pads for softening the blow of your rifle.

A few things we don’t like: it runs large and baggy. While this is intended so that it can be worn over jackets in cold weather, it makes it awkward and difficult to wear in warmer weather, as it just flops around, especially with the weight of gear and shells in the pockets. Also, the quilted padding is a great idea but isn’t done properly; it’s too high in the shoulder and not where the rifle stock actually hits.

Overall, however, the GameHide Big Game Sneaker is a quality option for lots of storage without a premium price tag. Just keep those sizing issues in mind.


  • Quality, waterproof, quiet material
  • Tons of storage; four-way dump pockets
  • Quilted Shoulders is nice (see below)


  • Large, baggy fit; moves a lot when loaded
  • Quilted padding in shoulders could be better

What to Look For In A Blaze Orange Hunting Jacket


When choosing a hunting vest, the first thing to look at is the material. Is it high-quality and heavy-duty? Mesh or fabric? Hunting vests made of poly mesh are light and breathable but don’t hold lots of gear well. Instead, look for one that is made of cotton or nylon fabric, which will be more durable, more comfortable, and will often be waterproof or windproof.

Also, a good fabric will be quieter; you don’t want your vest creating a lot of noise as you move around in the woods. That’s not only annoying for you to listen to but can also scare animals and alert them to your presence.


How much gear do you need to carry? What about ammo? Do you need a stash pouch for your jacket, etc? Hunting vests will all have pockets, but some will have a lot more than others. Look for ​something with shell loops if you’ll be shooting with a shotgun, and maybe a dump pouch for throwing in the empty ones.

Some vests will also have waterproof and blood-proof game bags on the back for carrying game; these can be very helpful, and some also double as a waterproof seat.


You can grab a decent, basic orange vest for as little as $15, or you could easily spend $100 or more. We think you can find a good one that will fulfill most hunting needs and last a long time for about $50-$60.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best blaze orange hunting vest​ is the GameHide Mountain Pass. Though we don’t really like the side zipper closure and find that heavy gear tends to pull it back​ if not properly balanced, we think it’s generally a very high-quality vest that is comfortable, windproof and has tons of storage; we have no reservations about its build and durability.

If you’re looking for something simpler and cheaper, you could also grab the Browning Safety Vest Overlay. It doesn’t have the same features and pockets but makes up for it with quality build and low price.

But whichever one you think is best from our reviews, you’ll be all set for some good hunting any time of year. So pick one and get out there.