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Best Scale for Weighing Deer Reviews of 2021

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Best Scale for Weighing Deer Reviews

As much fun as it is to score a ​big game catch, sometimes it’s much more impressive to know what that deer actually weighed! There are a few different ways to calculate ​the exact or estimated weight of your catch, but ​to make things ​as easy as possible ​a good set of deer scales ​should be used after the kill. A good deer scale will be able to handle a ​decent amount of weight comfortably and give you an accurate reading, so you know exactly how large that deer was. To raise the catch up to be weighed, simply attach your scale to a game lift or ​pulley system, and you're good to go.

There​ are lots of different ​options out there, such as a​ digital or analog scale, and lots of different weight ​capacities that each model can handle. So which models are the best ​for ​accurately weighing any of your deer catches?

Well, don't worry, as we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the 5 best scales for weighing deer you should consider buying, reviewing each model thoroughly for you. Check them out below.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best Scales for Weighing Deer​

Modern Step

This digital hunting scale is our personal #1 choice for a scale to weigh deer, thanks to its high-quality build and ease-of-use. It’s got a 2” LCD screen, which is large and comfortable to read from and has a backlight for reading in bright or dark light. The numbers are contrasting white and can be read from up to 10 meters away. Functions include tare and auto power off after 3 minutes.

The body is made ​of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, as are the hooks and shackle, and they feel substantial and reliable. Weight limit is 660lbs, and the scale will automatically flash and alert you if the weight is too heavy and overloads it. It’s versatile and can be used for more than just weighing your deer; you can use it to tune your bow, measure the draw weight, or for just about any other weighing purpose.

Our only complaint? The auto shut off doesn’t always work, which means it can stay on after use if you’re not careful to shut it off, draining the battery.

Otherwise, it’s a high-quality, easy-to-read digital scale with a large screen and high weight limit. In fact, it’s our pick for the best deer scale of 2018.

Verdict: Our Top Overall Pick


  • High-quality; stainless steel/aluminum alloy case build
    660lbs weight limit
  • Large 2” screen and white digits are easy to read from a distance
  • Tare function, auto power off, etc


  • Auto shut off is finicky and doesn’t always turn off

Klau Digital

A step up from the Moultrie scale in terms of technology, this Klau Digital Scale can handle up to 661 lbs (300kg) and comes with a host of different features and functions. It’s got an oversized 20mm LCD display, with a backlight, ​which makes reading off numbers and weights very easy. The buttons on the front let you choose such functions as tare, manual power off, auto off, and delay time. It runs ​on 2 AA batteries which go in the back.

The casing is a sturdy machined aluminum, while the s-hook for hanging the deer or elk meat, and the hook on top of the scale itself is made of steel. They’re sturdy and ready to carry some heavy loads. The body is not waterproof but is resistant to a bit of water.

The one glitch we can find with the Klau is that it sometimes zeroes out when you lift the deer off the ground; it will work when you first hook it up and put some weight on it, but then inexplicably go back to zero when the full weight is applied. You’ll have to lower the meat and start over.

However, it does this occasionally, and otherwise, we really like; it’s small but well made and sturdy, the numbers are easy to read, and it has all the basic functions you could need.

Verdict: Runner-Up


  • Sturdy aluminum build, steel attachments
  • Large LCD is easy to read
  • Lots of functions
  • High weight limit; 661 lbs


  • Scale sometimes glitches while weighing

Horizon Digital

This digital hanging scale from Horizon is similar to the Klau. It has a similar weight limit of 660 lbs, or 300kg, as well as a large LCD screen for readout, measuring the same 20mm. The exterior casing is also made of aluminum, while the s-hooks and load receptors are still steel. It’s got a tare function, as well as automatic and manual hold, and auto power off. Very similar in all but color.

One complaint, however, is that it does not work well in cold or extremely hot weather; it becomes sluggish, and the temperature reading is off by more than a few pounds. This is common in some scales, but definitely annoying and inconvenient if you’re doing your weighing outside, especially during hunting season. We’d like to see that fixed. It also tends to do the same bizarre thing as the Klau – sometimes shutting off or zeroing out when lifting heavy weights.

Overall, it’s not a terrible option, but if you’re going to be reading in any kind of cold temperatures, you may want to look elsewhere.

Verdict: Alternative Pick


  • Large LCD screen
  • Sturdy build/good weight capacity
  • Tare function, auto off, etc.


  • Does not work well in cold weather
  • Sometimes shuts off or zeroes out unpredictably


This big-game scale is as old school as it gets, simply a luggage-hook style scale with a large, old-fashioned dial. The red needle is easy to read against the white background and can measure up to 440 lbs. It’s made of solid steel, ensuring durability, and includes 2 steel S-hooks, and a gambrel system is included to support the hind legs and hooks on to the steel hooks very easily.

We what like most about the Moultrie scale is how simple and easy to use it is, without any complicating bells or whistles. We also like the included gambrel system, which is worth a few bucks in of itself.

There are a few complaints as to its quality, however; the adjustment screw has been reported to fall out after just a few uses, rendering it rather useless. The included s-hooks are also not nearly as durable as they ought to be and have been reported to snap under heavy loads.

However, if you’re simply looking for a straight-forward, old-fashioned scale without all the fancy frills or LCD screens they come with these days, the Moultrie will get the job done.

Verdict: Our Top Analog Choice


  • Old school, simple design
  • Can weigh up to 440 lbs
  • Gambrel system included


  • Questionable quality

Do-It-All Outdoors Power Hang

This scale from Do-It-All Outdoors is sturdy and simple, like the Moultrie Big Game Scale. It has a weight capacity of 550 pounds for heavy pieces of meat, and the large dial with a red needle is easy-to-read at a glance. It’s also significantly larger than it looks; the dial measures 7.5”. The body is steel, as are the hooks, and together they handle hefty loads. Simple and easy to use; just hang it, hook up the meat, and weigh.

A handy tool we like about this ​model is the calibration feature, a button on the top of ​it that lets you easily calibrate ​the scale and zero it out, something not all analog hanging scales have. Altogether, it’s a hefty scale itself, weighing in at 3 pounds including the steel hooks.

Unfortunately, even with a solid steel case, the plastic faceplate is on the cheaper side. Reviewers have reported it popping off or cracking with little use, which brings up some questions about its durability. It can also be off by a few pounds when weighing, which may require some extra calibrating or estimating to get right.

However, this serves its purpose: a large analog scale with a very large dial and a higher weight capacity than the Moultrie, that is still affordable.

Verdict: Analog Runner-Up


  • Extra-large dial (7.5”)
  • Durable steel case
  • 550lb weight limit
  • Easy calibration button


  • The plastic faceplate is cheap, cracks easily
  • Can be off by 5-10 pounds.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Scale for Weighing Game

You'll obviously want something that's great value for the money, but the main thing is ​that your chosen game weigher MUST be able to comfortably and ​accurately display the weight. Here are all the things you should be ​considering when purchasing a ​deer hanging scale

Weight Limit

This is very important; you want a scale that can handle a heavy load, without malfunctioning or outright breaking. While some cheaper scales might hold 400-500 pounds, most will be able to tackle 600-700. If you’d like to really invest, you might be able to get one that can hold a ton, though you probably don’t need one that strong for deer hunting. ​​Take into consideration the size of game that you typically hunt, and remember to check the specified weight capacity that we have listed above for each of our top picks before considering them.

​Consider the​Typical Size of the Deer or Game you Intend to Hunt.

Other Game Catches

We review these scales assuming that you intend on using them for deer; however, they can be used for other large game catches as long as you are ​confident that the model you are purchasing can comfortably and accurately display the weight of the larger game.

Build And Durability

Definitely look for a scale made with a metal casing and body; plastic ones tend to be cheaply built and unable to handle the heavyweights ​of big game. Get one that is built to last, and has steel attachment hooks and hardware, and you’ll be better off and happier in the long run.

Digital Vs. Analog - Displays And Features

Digital Scales

You can purchase both analog scales and digital scales with more features. A more traditional ​weigher will simply have a needle and dial to read the measurements, while a digital ​weigher will feature an LCD screen. This will be easier to read the exact number, but be sure to select one with a backlight and large screens; you want to be able to read the numbers easily in any light.

Digital scales will also have a lot more features than analog ​models cannot, such as tare functions, to calculate the weight of any containers or hardware, hold features, and delay. These are nice features to have, but if you have an analog scale, not necessary.

​Why use a Good ​Deer Weigher?

Well, even if you're not intentionally going after some big deer or elk, some portable scales are always handy to have with you on an outdoors trip. ​Obviously, the main reason you would purchase a pair of these models listed above is to weigh a game catch out in the field. Sometimes a catch can take you by surprise and end up being the catch of a lifetime. 

Heavy Deer or Elk

You can take photos of your downed catch to show to people, but nothing beats having an accurate weight reading that you can show ​around. If you like to keep an accurate hunting journal of all your best deer catches throughout the years, then it's obviously vital that a good pair of hanging scales are used to help log this.

You'll also want to be able to weigh your game catch on the spot out in woods before any gutting or cleaning takes place, and also before it has to be transported away. ​​They don't just have to be used for weighing deer or elk as they ​are more than suitable for ​​use with other animals such as fish and birds.

Final Thoughts

These reviews highlight that our choice for the best deer weighing scale is the Modern Step Digital Hunting Scale. It’s got a sturdy steel and alloy body, 660 lb weight limit, and large 2” LCD screen with extra-bright white text that can be read from far away. It holds up well to rough use, is very accurate in reading weights, and versatile in it’s use. If we wanted something a little less expensive, we would probably go with the Do-It-All Hanging Scale – it doesn’t have the same features as the other digital scales but can hold a good amount of weight and works without batteries.

All 5 are good choices and should serve you well in weighing up some deer. So grab one for yourself and get to work.