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Best Scent Killer for Hunting Reviews of 2021

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Best Scent Killer for Hunting Reviews

Why ​should you invest in a good scent killer? Because you smell. Don’t be offended, it’s just true; you give off a scent that you probably don’t notice, but that any more sensitive or attentive deer (and other animals) can pick up ​in the breeze. Simply put, if they smell you, they aren’t coming near you.

That’s where a scent killer comes in. By smothering and/or destroying your natural odor, a scent blocker will keep you undetectable by other animals, and ensure you get the shot you’re waiting for. If you're serious about deer and game hunting, then odor elimination has to be a priority. Deer have such a good sense of smell that ​they can pick ​up your scent miles away before you get anywhere near them, essentially spooking them and rendering the whole hunt pointless.

We've gone through and reviewed the best scent killers for hunting, to show you exactly where you should be spending your money. Let's look at the top 5 options below and what they offer.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Scent Killers & Eliminators for Hunting​

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray Combo

This scent killer from Wildlife Research is as good as it gets when it comes to an aerosol scent blocker. It’s been proven, according to Wildlife Research, to be 99% effective at blocking human odors even 10-20 days after drying, in tests at Rutgers University. That’s a long time! It works when both wet and dry and uses a special formula of advanced odor fighting ingredients to kill a wide range of odors.

It’s simple to use; simply spray it on your gear and head out into the woods. It will dry over time but be effective immediately. It works well on your clothing, as well as on other gear, such as decoys, that might pick up your scent. The High-Output Sprayer, as Wildlife calls it, can even be sprayed upside down. And it lasts a long time, as they’ve proven.

No real downsides, as far as an aerosol scent killer is concerned. It works well, lasts a long time, and comes from a well-known and trusted outdoor brand, and is easy to apply. This combo package includes both a spray bottle and refill bottle, for months – if not years – worth of scent blocking.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Very effective
  • Long-lasting; 99% effective even after 10-20 days
  • Easy to apply
  • Works when wet and dry


  • None, if you want an aerosol

BoneView Ozone Generator

Unlike the Wildlife Research Gold, which sprays directly onto your gear and clothing, the Boneview Ozone Generator eliminates scents by creating and releasing ozone, which kills odor-causing bacteria found in smoke, oils, human sweat, etc. It works by being placed inside your gear bag or clothing, where it will release ozone and neutralize whatever scents may be breeding in your clothes.

The Boneview has 3 ozone ports, a single-button design that works simply by being pressed and is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It’s designed specifically for whitetail, mule deer, bear and elk hunters, as all those animals have keen senses of smell. And according to hunters who have used it, works really well.

Downsides? First, breathing in ozone can be very dangerous for your lungs. While a few whiffs might not matter, repeated breathing it in is bad for you. ​This is why it’s supposed to be placed inside your bag or wrapped up in your clothes, to minimize your risk. And even though it works well to eliminate smells, it doesn’t work like a spray; a scent blocker spray can be applied before every hunt, working the whole time, while an ozone device must be used repeatedly, de-scenting your clothes before and after every use to really work.

But if you’d like to try an ozone smell blocker instead of spraying yourself with aerosol, it’s a decent quality option that is quite affordable.


  • Works well
  • No sprays or aerosols
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Ozone can be dangerous to your health
  • Must be used before and after every use
  • Won’t stop you from smelling if you sweat during a hunt

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Bar Soap

This is the same formula scent killer from Wildlife Research as before, but this time formulated into a bar soap. Instead of being applied to your clothing and gear, you simply use it like any other soap in the shower; cleaning yourself with it. The odor blocking formula will eliminate any body odor, giving you a nice deep clean, and stays on as a layer of scent-blocking for a day afterward.

Most people really like; it’s a good, soft soap that doesn’t leave your skin dry and cracking and works pretty well. For best results, you’ll want to make it the only soap you use during hunting season, cutting out any other fragrances.

A couple of complaints; it really stings your eyes, so be warned not to get any in there. And like an ozone blocker, it doesn’t necessarily provide any protection if you work up a sweat during a day hunting in the woods. It’s supposed to add a layer of scent-blocking, but if it wears off and you sweat through your clothing, it could be ineffective.

But, if you’d like a scent-blocking soap to get a deep clean and get the root of the smell in the first place, this certainly works. Combine it with a spray and deodorant to get the best scent-blocking possible.


  • Works like any other bar of soap
  • Deep cleans sweat and odors
  • Doesn’t dry out skin


  • Stings eyes terribly
  • May not last as long as a spray

Primos Hunting Control Freak Eliminator review

This spray-on scent killer from Primos Hunting controls odors caused by bacteria as well as oils. The Earth Blend has a natural smell that masks odors within seconds; just spray it on, and you’ll be odorless moments later. You can use it on your gear, hunting clothing, equipment, furniture, whatever you need. And it lasts up to 24 hours – definitely not as long as the Scent Killer Gold’s 20 days, but enough for a day in the woods.

Does it work? Quite well. The Earth Blend smells pretty great, and you can really tell that it has blocked the odor, usually quite quickly. You can use it for more than just hunting too, such as for spraying your shoes, boots and athletic gear to keep them from getting too smelly.

Of course, even though the Earth Blend scent is quite pleasant, it doesn’t actually kill what’s causing the smell. It just covers it up; it’s effective but doesn’t last long. Once it’s worn off (about 24 hours later), you just have to reapply and cover up the smell again. A completely scent-less, odor killer would be better and prevent any animals from detecting you.

But, it’s still a good option for a scent blocking spray, easy-to-apply and with its own great smell.


  • Works quickly
  • Effective on both bacteria-caused and non-bacteria caused odors
  • Earth smell is pleasant


  • Blocks odor but does not eliminate it
  • Only lasts 24 hours

Scent Killer Gold Antiperspirant/Deodorant

Again, another way to get to the root cause of the smell. This deodorant and antiperspirant is completely odorless and uses the exact same scent-blocking formula as other Scent Killer Gold products. But this time it can be applied to your underarms and stop the smell from ever growing.

Simple and easy to use; just put it on like any other deodorant the morning of your hunt. For best results, we’d probably recommend a combo of showering with the Scent Killer Gold bar soap, and then putting on this deodorant before heading out.

Our only complaint is that it doesn’t last long and tends to wear off rather quickly. And it often does what a lot of other deodorant sticks do; the top sticks to the cap and the stick itself breaks, leaving a broken, messy product that doesn’t go on properly.

So by itself, it’s a totally fine odor-blocking deodorant, but don’t expect it to be effective alone; combine it with some scent-kill soap and some spray for your gear to get the ultimate scent-blocking setup.


  • Scentless deodorant blocks sweat, smells
  • Super easy to apply


  • Doesn’t last long
  • Stick breaks easily
  • Doesn’t work well on its own

How to Choose a Good ​Hunting Scent Killer

There are a few different kinds of scent blockers and eliminators out there for hunting. Which one is right for you depends on the type of hunting you do such as deer, bear, hog or coyote hunting, and ​whether you want ​your body, gear or clothing ​completely scentless. The different types available to buy are:

This is the most common kind of killer, and probably the one you think of first. A spray on scent killer is a liquid formula designed to either kill or block smells and is sprayed onto your gear and clothing before a hunt, killing microbes and forming a scent-blocking layer in the fabric. They can last anywhere from 24 hours to 20 days before needing to be reapplied.

Deer Hunting Odour Eliminating Spray

Ozone Emitters
Probably not the first thing that pops into your head, but some scent blockers are devices that emit ozone, which neutralizes and kills bacteria and other scent-causing particles. An example of this is the BoneView Ozone. You’ll have to use it by planning ahead and sticking it in your gear bag or wrapping it with your clothing for a few hours, before every hunt. The only problem with these devices is that they do not keep smells from forming in your clothes as you sweat and move around; it merely kills any scent already there, but after a few hours, a new one may arise.

Deodorants and Soaps
A slightly more traditional method of killing odors, deodorants and soaps work by washing your sweat and scent off you, and then simply preventing you from sweating again – just like any other soap/deodorant. Look for brands with special hunting-designed formulas, like Scent Killer Gold.

How Do These Odor Blockers Work?

How your eliminator works depends on what type of odor blocker product you purchase such as a spray, soap, ​detergent or a ​special system. Some are designed to mask smells and odors ​that are present on the human body, whereas some are made to remove any human scents that are present on your gear or equipment. Either way, the human body ​will inevitably produce odor, and with the addition of other external human scents and fragrances ​such as perfume and ​deodorant, something to either mask or kill the scent after it's produced is necessary. Some eliminators can ​completely block the scent before it's even produced which is another option when considering your purchase.

​There's no such thing as a 100% scent-free hunt in the woods.

Although scent control and management is real and very should be a priority for any deer hunter, there's no ​guarantee that any of these options will work fully. You can make attempts to stop and manage odors, but any good game hunter will understand that a 100% scent free hunt is impossible, as there​ are too many other ​external factors to consider such as wind and temperature.

​Do These ​Scent Eliminators Work for Deer Hunting?

Yes! ​All ​our recommended ​best scent eliminators ​above are primarily designed for deer hunting, though they can be used for other types of hunting such as bear, coyote, hog, etc.

It's no secret that​ a deer's sense of smell is it's best tool in detecting any threats from predators or hunters, therefore, it's essential that you have some sort of scent control in place when out in the woods. Deer are experts ​at picking up even the faintest smell in the air and can pick it up miles away from where the target is.

Deer Spooked in Woods

One thing that's important when ​deciding on a scent management plan for your deer hunt, is first determining which way the wind is blowing. If the wind is blowing ​downwards straight towards potential deer or game, then without blocking, killing or neutralizing odor you could ​potentially ​lose out on some big catches. ​Whether you're a rifle or bow hunter, hunt from a blind or tree stand, or even don't believe in these smell ​eliminating products, you should always make an attempt to ensure you or your gear are not giving off anything that could spook the deer.

​​As mentioned above our primary aim with this review was to list the best scent blockers and eliminators for deer hunting​ on the market, so don't worry ​if you're a whitetail enthusiast, we've got you in mind!

What Smells and Odors Can ​They Eliminate or Block?

Although being 100% ​completely scentless on a hunt is impossible, a good odor eliminator or masker ​should ​at least be able to give you a slight edge with odor management. These products, depending on what you use them for, can be used ​for a number of things.

  • Clothing - Your clothes are one of the biggest scent giveaways to deer or any other game, one approach to take is to use one of the top sprays listed above and give your clothes a spray over before the hunt. If you want to prepare yourself even better before your trip, then the use of some scentless-​detergent on your clothes can also ​give you a massive boost.
  • Equipment or Gear - ​Because you're in constant contact with your gear, then it's ​inevitably going to be giving you away in no action is taken. You have 2 real options here - ​buying odorless gear ​from the get-go or using ​a spray on some standard hunting clothing. You can, of course, buy some odorless clothing and combine it with the spray ​to ​maximize your chances of ​success.
  • Human Body - ​Your body sweats and will have other scents and odors from coming into contact with a number of different daily things, therefore, you want something that you can directly apply to your body. If you do decide to go with the soap option then you ​all you have to do is apply it to your body when taking a shower. A ​deodorant can also be applied to under your arms, with the specially designed formula blocking any stench that you may give off. A combination of using soap and ​deodorant on your body can prove to be​ very effective.
Showering Before Hunt

Every experienced hunter has their own methods and special tricks that they swear by to eliminate or block scents when out hunting for deer or other game. The main thing is that you recognize the scents that could potentially give you away in the field and at least make the effort to try and manage it, even if that means trying out a basic product.​

Final Thoughts

There are a bunch of different ways to block smells and odors when out hunting, but our recommended best scent killer for hunting is the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold. It’s a super easy to apply – simply spray on –, effectively blocks & kills all different smells, and is completely scentless itself. Best of all, it’s been proven to last up to 10-20 days before needing to be reapplied, meaning you could spray it on once for a week-long hunting trip​ for deer or any other game.

If you’d like the best, most scent-blocking combo of all, we’d recommend washing yourself with the Scent Killer Gold bar soap, wearing the Scent Killer Gold deodorant, and covering your gear and equipment with the spray. With this combo you’d be set, and no animal would smell and detect you.