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Best Deer Hunting Bibs of 2021 Guide & Reviews

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Best Deer Hunting Bibs

Let’s face it, deer hunting can become a very messy outing even for the best of hunters. As well as having the right clothing to endure the harsh, wet and muddy conditions on a long day’s hunt, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re protected from all the nasty stuff that comes along with field dressing and transporting a deer catch.

A hunting bib is a perfect all-in-one solution that allows you to move around freely while getting down and dirty on the ground ​snipping your catch. These camouflage bibs simply pop over your current clothing that you wear, allowing you to wear whatever you like without the fear of getting it caked in mud or ruined.

There are however a range of different makes on the market to buy, each one with varying levels of quality. Some models are better waterproofed and insulated than others, whereas some are lighter and easier to wear. Don’t worry though, as we’ve covered everything you’ll need to find the best deer hunting bib on the market.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best Deer Hunting Bibs​

Gamehide Flatland Bib

The Flatland Bib from Gamehide is warm, tough and comfortable. It’s made from what Gamehide calls Hush Hide, a waterproof fabric that is soft and durable all at the same time. Fleece-lined pockets keep your hands warm and dry out quickly should they get wet – though that isn’t likely. And there’s 6 ounces of insulation to keep you warm all-year round, even in the coldest of winter.

There are leg zippers to make putting them on/off easy, the shoulder straps are adjustable, and there’s a rear zip security pocket for stashing any valuable times safely and securely.

One thing we have noticed is that there is no way to tighten the end of the pants, at the ankles, which leaves them wide open to water, snow and cold breezes. If there was a way to tighten the pants and keep snow, etc, out, these would be a much better option for a pair of hunting bibs. 

Otherwise, for a quality pair of overalls that don’t break the bank, these are an excellent option.


  • 6-ounce insulation
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Fleece-lined pockets
  • Easy to take on/off


  • Ankles do not tighten close, letting snow/cold in

Verdict: Best Bib Overall

Rivers West Ambush Bib

These Ambush Bibs from Rivers West are far more expensive than any other pair on the list, but they’re some of the best. They’re made from entirely waterproof fleece fabric, seam-sealed to keep all fabric out, and with all the details you could need to ensure a comfortable, waterproof fit: double storm placket, 2-way zipper, and zippered chest pockets, to name a few.

They have an elasticized back waist that gives them a more adjustable, comfortable fit, as well as reversed buckle “belted” suspenders – which allow them to convert from a full bib to pants easily. There’s also 18” boot zippers on the legs, and magnetic flaps. Pair that with the Sherpa fleece lining, and this is one warm, comfortable pair of hunting overalls.

Our only complaint really is how expensive they are. But if you’re looking for the best pair money can buy, this is it.


  • Waterproof, fleece fabric
  • Seam-sealed
  • Double storm placket, 2-way zipper
  • Elastic back for fit
  • 18” boot zippers


  • Expensive

Verdict: Top Pick For Waterproofness

Mossy Oak Men's Cotton Mill Uninsulated Hunting Bib Overalls

Our choice for a budget buy is the Mossy Oak Men’s Cotton Mill Overalls. These affordable overalls are made from a blend of 60/40 poly/cotton and designed for use in 4 seasons. They feature a partial elastic waist for comfort, elastic straps with button lock tabs, an even zippered fly. 

The Cotton Mill Overalls are designed for max versatility, and feature 7 pockets: 1 chest cargo pocket with snap closure, 2 buttoned cargo leg pockets, 2 slash hand pockets, and 2 back pockets. The lightweight means they’re not great for winter, unless you layer up considerably, but does mean they are comfortable the other three 3 seasons of the year!

The main drawback with these pants is the lack of waterproofing. While the poly/cotton blend is breathable and dries quickly, it is not waterproof, which is a big part of good hunting bibs. If you need waterproofing, you’re going to need to spend more.

With that said, these are still an excellent Budget Buy for hunting overalls. They’re our pick on a budget and will get the job done, all year round.


  • Super lightweight
  • 7 pocket design
  • Good for 3 seasons
  • Plenty of elastic straps


  • Not waterproof
  • Not insulated

Legendary Whitetails Mens HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Hunting Bibs

The most expensive pair of overalls on our list, these bad boys from Legendary Whitetails are another excellent choice for high-quality, super warm, waterproof overalls. They have a 100% polyester outer shell lined with a 100% polyurethane membrane, making them completely and utterly waterproof. In fact, they have two layers – a removable nylon/poly inner liner adds warmth in colder situations. In fact, they claim they will keep you warm down to -94F!

These layers combine for a very breathable, comfortable set of overalls, as do the full-length zippers, extra-long rise and inseam and adjustable straps. Legendary Whitetails also included some HuntGuard padding, which adds padding and protection for rugged use.

As with the Rivers West, the only thing not to like about these overalls is how expensive they are; as the most expensive on our list, there are much cheaper options.

But, none of those options are as good. The Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard are an excellent pair of camo hunting bibs that will you keep you warm in the coldest of winter hunts.


  • Super warm, down to –94F
  • Two layers; inner liner for warmth
  • Waterproof, polyurethane liner
  • Full-length zippers, extra-long inseam


  • Most expensive

Verdict: Top Pick For Warmth

​​Walls Men's Hunting Non-Insulated Bib Overall

These Walls hunting overalls are a lot like the Mossy Oak above; they’re super light, made from a 100% cotton brushed twill fabric blend, and super affordable. That’s where they excel, really – at being cheap and getting the job done.

Walls included two cargo let pockets, with button closures, two square patch back hip pockets, and one, large, 5-compartment bib pocket. So storage is no slouch on this one. It’s durable, too, with reinforced stress points so nothing tears.

Now, while they are nice and cheap – they obviously don’t offer much in the way of insulation and zero waterproofing. Which is why they can’t compete with any of the more premium hunting overalls and will leave you literally out in the cold in winter.

But hey, if you want a cheap, simple pair of overalls – they are durable and will easily get the job done without breaking the bank.


  • Cheap!
  • Durable
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Lots of pockets
  • Soft, brushed twill


  • No waterproofing
  • No insulation

What To Look For In A Game Hunting Bib

The two most important things you want to look at in a set of hunting overalls are -


This is the first thing you’ll want to look at when choosing a hunting bib. Not all bibs are waterproof, but the best ones are. The best waterproofing will usually come courtesy of a polyurethane liner, which essentially blocks any and all moisture from making its way through.

Cheaper, lighter and slightly less-effective models are more likely to have a DWR coating, rather than a full waterproof layer. A DWR coating ​is ​perfect for repelling water and helping it roll right off the fabric instead of soaking through.

Look for sealed and taped seams, too; these prevent water from getting through the “cracks” of the fabric, so to speak, and add a bit of reinforcement where it’s most badly needed.

One of the good things about waterproofing is that it doesn’t usually add much weight to your hunting bib; even in the case of a polyurethane lining, the extra weight will be negligible and still allow you to move quickly and freely.


After choosing your necessary waterproofness, pay attention to how well insulated your bib is – and consider how much insulation you’re going to need. Nylon and polyester are pretty thin materials and lack any real insulating abilities without some kind of dedicated insulation or loft.

If you hunt in the winter, you’ll need a significant amount of insulation to keep warm, and you’ll also likely want some room underneath to add winter layers for extra warmth. A few you might look at will have 6+ ounces of insulation, making them excellent choices for winter. Some bibs even have soft fleece linings for added warmth and comfort.

Insulation is often a tradeoff with weight; the more insulation you have, the heavier the bib will be and the slower you might be moving around. It will also restrict your freedom of movement some uninsulated overalls are much lighter, and better for hunting in warmer months, but you shouldn’t mess with them in colder weather – where hypothermia is always a potential threat.

At the same time, you wouldn’t want to wear a heavily-insulated bib in warmer weather, which would be both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.  Polyester is still lighter and more breathable than nylon and generally makes for a better choice in hot, humid weather. Cotton isn’t very good in either weather; it’s lighter and cheaper but isn’t breathable and doesn’t insulate well.

Rip and Abrasion-Resistance

Hunting bibs need to be capable of withstanding the wear and tear that hunting and moving throughout the woods subjects them to. A good ripstop fabric – almost always nylon or polyester, our two most common bib materials, but sometimes cotton - will be your friend here, as will reinforced stress points; anything to prevent tears in the first place or preventing the small ones that do form from growing too large. Knees and other seams are good places to look for reinforcements, as these places are often subject to some of the most stress.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we recommend either the Legendary Whitetails or the Rivers West Ambush Bib as our top picks – the former for warmth and the latter for waterproofness. Yes, they’re expensive, but totally worth it – they’ll keep you warm and dry all year round and last for a long time.

If you don’t have that much to spend, you can get either the Walls or the Mossy Oak bibs for a Budget Buy. Both will sacrifice waterproofness and insulation, but you’ll save some big bucks.

But as always, which bibs you wear are not as important as getting a pair and getting out on the hunt. Happy Hunting.