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Best Bowfishing Lights Reviews of 2019 (Guide)

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Best Bowfishing Lights Reviews

People have been fishing with bow and arrow for thousands of years, but only just recently has bowfishing become such a popular sport. But when you’re rigging up your bowfishing boat, it’s essential to add some good bowfishing lights – your bowhunting escapes depend on it. You need to be able to see the fish at all times, both in the dark and in the daytime. Therefore the need ​for powerful boat lights that allow you to see in dark, murky and muddy ​water conditions is ​imperative.

​​These lights can be powered up in a number of different ways, one being the use of a generator that you can transport ​around on your boat. ​They also typically attach to your boat and do so in a number of ways as mentioned further down the article. You will want ​to take into consideration the type of bowfishing you're doing, the light settings that you're typically working in, the type of water - is it clear, or is it murky and muddy? Does your boat allow lights to be attached easily and what power source will ​you use to power​ them up?

​Once you've answered all these questions, you can then pick a set of lights ​accordingly that ​has ​the power and quality to give you the vision you need for ​some big catches.

Thankfully, choosing a good set is actually pretty easy. Read on to see our picks and reviews of the best bowfishing lights that you can buy on the market today.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Bowfishing Lights​

Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light review

The bright floodlights from UStellar come in a 2 pack, and each put out 60W of power. They are LED, which means they are super bright, and much more energy efficient than regular lights; each uses 80% less electricity than a similarly-sized 300W bulb but puts out just as much light. They’re also waterproof, rated to IP66 for both water and dust protection.

On the back is a lamp bracket, for mounting it on the boat, and a “fin-style” heatsink, which serves to cool it down by functioning like a radiator to let heat dissipate naturally. The body is made of die-cast aluminum and both scratch and fade-resistant.

Now, in use, these aren’t necessarily as bright as they are advertised, and the mounting bracket is a bit weak; it does not rotate as well as you might like.

But otherwise, these are nice, bright, quality and durable lights that will get the job done.


  • Quality, durable build
  • 60W output
  • Extremely efficient
  • Scratch and fade-resistant
  • IP66-rated


  • Mounting bracket could be better

Verdict: Best Overall

Ledmo 50w Led Flood Lights

These lights from LEDMO are lightweight, inexpensive, and very bright. They put out 50W of power each, 4000 lumens of bright, white light, and have a rated life of 50,000 hours; if you used them 3 hours a day, they would last up to 40 years. The beam is 120-degrees wide, illuminating a ​broad swath of water at once. And they are rated to IP65, which means they are waterproof, dustproof and built to last.

On average, the LEDMO 50W use about 85% less energy than a similar caliber halogen or incandescent bulb. And the body is built to last, with an aluminum body, stainless steel mounting bracket, and tempered glass housing built to be “explosion-proof.” You should have no doubts ​about their quality and durability.

Complaints? For whatever reason, these do not come with a plug for powering it in an outlet; the cord has stripped wires on the end. We can only guess that is so they can be permanently wired to your boat (or whatever else), but is inconvenient if you just want to plug it in somewhere.

But, for a good, inexpensive but very bright set of lights, LEDMO has you covered.


  • Bright – 50W, 4000 lumens
  • Durable; bombproof glass
  • Wide, 120-degree field of coverage
  • Relatively Inexpensive


  • No plug; comes with stripped wires

Led Light Bar, Glotech 8PCS 4

These LED flood lights from Glotech come in a pack of 8, each putting out a respectable 48W of power. Add all 8 up, and that’s quite a bit of power, totaling 5280 lumens. They have a beam pattern of 60 degrees each, and are waterproof, rated to IP67 for dustproof and waterproof durability, as well as corrosion-resistance; they don’t rust easily.

On the back of each light is a mounting bracket, which is also rustproof, and they’re constructed of a diecast aluminum housing. Glotech guarantees each for a life of 30,000 hours of use.

Cons? They’re nice bright lights when you get them, but they don’t seem to last long; many report them failing after a few weeks or months of use, despite their 30,000-hour guarantee. So if durability is important to you – which it should be – you may want to look elsewhere.

But while they last, these Glotech’s are an affordable set and decent budget buy – you can get 8 for not much more than one or two of other lights.


  • Good budget price
  • Waterproof, rustproof, dustproof up to IP66
  • 48W lights


  • Not as durable as they’re supposed to be
6K LED 427S Square LED

These LED lights from 6KLED are more expensive than the other options we’ve outlined. Each one only puts out 27W, which is much less than other lights, and 2150 lumens of light. A mounting bracket is included.

But what we like about these ​are just how durable they are; they’re a really heavy-duty fixture, made of solid plastic and metal, and they feel it. 6kLED designed them for use in all kinds of off-road vehicles, in addition to bowfishing, so they are rated to IP67 for dust and water resistance. 6kLED also backs them up with a 36-month warranty.

The main drawback to these lights is that they just aren’t very bright, at only 27W each. The Glotech ones above each have 48W of power, while the UStellar’s put out 60. And at the same time, they are more expensive.

So while we think these are decent, sturdy set of lights, they’re not really worth paying more for individually, when you can get a series of brighter, more powerful lights for not much more.


  • Sturdy and tough
  • IP67 waterproof/dustproof
  • 36-month warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not very bright (only 27W each)

 GLW LED 12V 24V Flood

With 30W of LED in a light, ​these GLW lights are another ​excellent budget buy. They put out a warm and bright 2700-3200K white light, 100 lumens per watt, in a very wide arc for lots of coverage. This light is also shadow-free, which is kind of cool, though we don’t know what purpose that would really serve and saves about 60% energy over a regular incandescent ​model.

The body is rated to IP65 waterproofness, made of advanced die-cast aluminum. ​The rear has a very thick heat sink to make dissipating heat even easier. ​The lights themselves are rated to last 50,000 hours of use. Overall, they are excellent bowfishing lights, bright, easy to setup and cheap.

Our only complaint, again, is that they do not come with a plug on the end of the cable; you’ll have to splice the wires into to your power source. But maybe that is what you need on your boat; it’s just nice to have the option whenever possible.


  • 30W lights – 100 lumens per watt
  • 2700-3200K white light
  • Shadow-free
  • Durable, IP65 aluminum body
  • Affordable


  • Stripped wires; need to be spliced. No plug included

Things to Look for in Bowfishing Lights for Boats

Light Bulb

You can find all different types of lights for bowfishing out there, from regular old incandescent flood lights to halogen, to super bright LED. We’d highly suggest LED; all the ​models on our list are LED lights, as they put out a much brighter, more powerful ​beam while using a ​minuscule fraction of the energy of regular incandescent bulbs.

Power Source

Also, pay attention to how you’ll be powering your bowfishing lights. Will you have a generator? Will they be spliced into the boat's power itself? Many bowfishing lights will not have plugs attached to the power cable, instead of leaving stripped wires for you to connect and splice into a power source. Make sure whichever light you choose is compatible with your power supply. Some LED lights may even run on batteries, but this isn’t as common.

Mounting and Attachment

Flood Light

Most bowfishing lights will have mountain bracket on the back; metal brackets that pivot and rotate and have holes for bolting to your boat. This will probably work, but make sure you have somewhere to mount them on your boat, whether on the rail or if you’re mounting them under water, on the bottom of the boat. (With that in mind – also make sure your lights are waterproof! Most will be rated to IP66 or IP67, which ensures they can handle a bit of water splashing on them, and even be submerged).

Final Thoughts

What’s our pick for the best set of bowfishing lights out there? We’ll take the UStellar 60W Two-Pack. They’re durable, affordable, and some of the brightest on our reviews list, putting out 60W each, 4800 Lumens, with a nice 5000 Daylight white. They’ve got a super sturdy build, a mounting bracket on the back, and a good cooling heat sink.

If you’re looking for the cheapest budget choice you get your hands, the Ledmo Flood Lights will do the trick. Though they are not as bright, they still give off enough light to get the job done. They’re also IP65 rated for waterproofness.

Whichever set you get, you’ll be on your way to some nighttime bowfishing in no time.


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