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Best Deer Call Reviews of 2021 (Guide)

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Best Deer Call Reviews

​Are you a hunter looking for a psychological edge over bucks, deer and anything else? If your answer is yes, then you’ve hit the jackpot with this article. Whether you are a specialist huntsman, or a newcomer to hunting altogether, do read on.

Hunting is both a rewarding and challenging sport, but there is much more involved than just taking wild shots and hoping to hit some deer. It involves tactics, stealth and strategy. There is no better way to take down your target, than to become your target. A top-notch deer call will produce authentic, realistic sounds and have bucks thinking that you are their new next-door neighbor. This article will provide you with our best deer call reviews, ensuring that you are well rewarded at the end of your hunting venture.

​​5 Top Rated Models ​Comparison Table

The Best Deer Call Reviews

Illusion Extinguisher

Just like the name says, the Illusion creates the “illusion” of a real deer noises. The sounds are the most authentic and genuine ever heard, securing its reputation as a leader and pioneer, as well as the best deer call offered on the market. The Illusion Extinguisher can switch between buck, fawn and doe instantly, making it a versatile tool to draw in your targets.

It is simple to take apart and reassemble and also includes a very useful instructional DVD whereby you can learn the entire deer language. Therefore, you can heighten your skills as a pro, and jointly develop them as a beginner. From the get-go, you’ll experience its effectiveness and ingenuity. Once you start implementing the Illusion Extinguisher, the only distinctive difference between you and a real buck will be the fact that you don’t walk on all fours.


  • Can perfectly mimic in heat, young bucks and old bucks
  • Freeze-free design for cold winters
  • Has 99.6% approval rating from NAHC


  • ​It cannot produce a snort wheeze
  • Costs a little more than other quality calls

Knight & Hale Da’ Bone

The Da’ bone is so intricately designed that it actually looks like a real antler, and you yourself won’t be able to tell the difference half of the time. It is also made out of pliable, soft components, thus eliminating any noise made if you happen to bump it on your tree stand.

Though soft, it is extremely durable and unaffected by weather. Therefore, it is useful for calling during heavy winds where sound can be carried away. It produces both soft call sounds for attracting closer targets, and loud, roaring sounds for drawing bucks in from far away. These variations are natural and convincing, making the Da’ Bone very dynamic and one of the best grunt calls available today. It’s a must for all hunting devotees and a first-place runner-up.


  • Ensures complete silence when carried in the woods
  • The realistic antler-look provides excellent camouflage
  • ​Exhale-style call produces lifelike vocalizations with minimal effort
  • The call will not freeze up during winter or in cold environments


  • Due to its small size, it can get lost if dropped in thick undergrowth

Flextone Bone Collector Buck Crusher

It’s always convenient to head out hunting with a hands-free deer call. The Flextone Bone Collector is not only hands-free, it’s the best hands-free deer call and the optimal choice for hunters. It is highly versatile and attaches to your wrist, allowing for flexibility and hands-free movement and can create

Buck grunts, snort wheezes or estrus bleats. Its thunderous sound capabilities make it loud enough for gun season, ensuring that no surrounding noise will diminish your calls. Furthermore, it can be blown in specific ways to make softer calls. Additional authentic sounds can be generated by cupping and covering the call with your hand. Another benefit is that it’s ideal for bow hunting, thanks to the wrist strap which lets you call at full draw. All you need to do is blow into one of three mouthpieces and let your hands do the rest.


  • Can strap to the wrist and forearm
  • It is endorsed by Michael Waddell
  • ​Comfortable and suitable for beginners
  • A strap can be attached to a crossbow


  • Bleat chamber sometimes gets blocked

Hunters Specialties True Talker

The True Talker has all the deer sounds you will ever need at your fingertips and that is meant literally. The variable fingering membrane has patented fingertip control that offers swift, genuine calling. With a simple roll of your finger, you can change the pitch and volume for deer sounds of endless vocalizations.

You’ll be happy to know that the True Talker Deer Call is based on the world's first revolutionary call able to produce realistic sounds of a deer herd. The best part is the affordable price. For all it offers, the True Talker could easily increase its price three times over and it rightly deserves a place on this list. The True Talker stays true to all hunters, keeping satisfaction and efficiency in mind.


  • Authentic tone and pitch
  • Suitable for hunters of all levels of experience
  • ​Can be heard from long distances
  • Includes instructions


  • The doe bleat could be a little better
  • Awkward to fit in a backpack

CC983 - Handheld Electronic Whitetail Call

This unique deer call makes you wonder what it was like back in the days without the convenience of electricity. The Ergo Call CC983 employs electricity to make your hunting experience all the more productive with effortless deer calling. This advantage is matched by its ability to recreate a wide range of sounds including; buck grunt, wheeze, tending grunt, rattling handler and lost fawn.

This compact, little gem has a natural bark camouflage finish making it easy to hide. One-hand operation and overlap/interrupt technology allows you to alternate sounds instantly and is a breeze to use. If you are an expert hunter, with years of experience under your belt, you will love it. The Ergo CC983 puts call innovation in the palm of your hand.


  • Includes input jack for a speaker, belt clip
  • Override technology and lifelike whitetail recordings
  • ​Has a hole for a neck strap
  • Includes 3 AAA batteries


  • Although the volume is decent, connecting speakers make it louder

Get To Know Your Deer Calls


All seasoned hunters should be familiar with the grunt. It’s the most common of deer calls. They are also effective, as they can be used for calling when a buck is not in sight. Blow two or three times every half an hour with long and short variations. This will provoke the buck to investigate the source of the sound. You can also effectively use it when a deer is in sight, but not within shooting range. If you use the grunt call when the buck is too close and facing you, it may be alarmed and run away. Use quick bursts when he is looking away.


Bleats calls are known for being simple to apply, and yet very effective. The nice thing about bleat calls is that they can draw in many bucks at once. As one buck searches the ​area, others will usually follow. The best way to achieve this is to combine bleats with grunts. This will make bucks think that a doe is being chased by a rival buck in the area, prompting them to locate the source.

Snort Wheeze​

Deer Calling in Woods

The snort wheeze is a call that not many hunters ​use. But, if the opportunity ​arises, know that ​this has the potential to draw in the big boys​. This call is one of supremacy and prompts a large buck into fighting mode, as he will believe that his territory is under threat. Two short bursts followed by a long one will get the party started. But only do this when the time is right, as they can easily be scared off.


The rattle replicates two bucks fighting and is an aggressive call. In order to pull off this simulation successfully, you need to keep track of the stages of battle, known as a “rut”. Not all ruts are all-out war, so you will need to incorporate the right rattle call according to rut’s intensity. Additionally, do not over rattle. This does not sound natural and your targets will immediately make a run for it. Opt for a small number of rattles when a dominant buck is around. If done correctly, he will move towards you, ready to show his authority.​

Knowing your calls ​is a great way to start before deciding what call is right for you.

Things To Consider When Buying A Top Rated One


Obviously budget plays a big part when purchasing one. Decide on the specific deer call that you want and take note of its features. Afterwards, look around and find a cheaper alternative with the same features. You will find that you can get the exact same deer call that meets your requirements, and quality standards, for a much more affordable price. Don’t settle for less, rather buy wisely.

Weight and Mobility​

​While hunting, you are going to be venturing out in the woods and mountains. These can be vigorous, lengthy treks across diverse terrain. Take into consideration that you will be moving around to different lookout points throughout the day, not to mention climbing up trees with your tree stand. Having a lightweight, compact deer call is vital for your journey, and will make it far less tiring.

Lifelike, Authentic Sounds​

​This is the most important factor to consider, and a fundamental one at that. If your deer call cannot deliver realistic sounds, the whole purpose of hunting is defeated. The aim is to successfully draw your targets towards you by tricking them into believing that they are hearing genuine calls. Also, make sure that it efficiently produces a variety of deer calls, or at least the deer calls needed for your particular hunt. There is no compromising when it comes to the authenticity of deer call sounds.

Completely Silent

​Silence is the key. The less noise you make, whether during set-up or while waiting for your target, the more likely you are to go home with the prize. Look for deer calls that are made out of soft materials to avoid unnecessary bumping and clanking sounds. The last thing you want is to scare off a buck the second before you make your shot because your deer call bumped a tree trunk or the bars on your stand.​

Final Word on The Best Call for Deers of 2019

​At this point you certainly have all the knowledge and information you need to rule the woods, dominate the field and accomplish the ultimate takedowns. With that said and done, the call of the wild, so to speak, is at your fingertips. It’s now as simple as going out and getting your hands on the one best suited for you. Thanks for reading our best deer call reviews, and keep carting those deers home, just be sure to leave some for the hunters!​