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The Best Duck Boat Paint 2021 Reviews

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Best Duck Boat Paint Reviews

So you’re getting your boat ready for the duck hunting season, you’ve got it all kited out with equipment but wait, how does it actually look? There’s no point having all the camouflage clothing and gear on so you blend in with the marshes and reeds if your boat sticks out like a sore thumb. You’re going to need to give it a run over with some specially designed camo paint, helping you to remain stealth. This paint can be hard to find, especially when looking for the right shade of hunting camo and a good quality tin.

If you are looking for some advice on the top quality paints to consider this duck hunting season, then we’ve chosen the 5 best duck boat paints for you below.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best Duck Boat Paints

TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint

Our Top Pick for the Best Duck Boat Paint is TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint, as it is a marine paint specifically designed for painting onto aluminum (and other galvanized metal) boats. This water-based, polyurethane paint can be used above or below the waterline, with a low-sheen finish that won’t chip, break or peel when exposed to water, and is abrasion-resistant, resistant to chemicals, and to resists corrosion and prevents rust.

TotalBoat also boasts that the Aluminum Boat Paint is environmentally-friendly, chromate-free and with low VOC’s. It dries very quickly, and the first coat can dry in as little as an hour. A second coat will take about 48 hours to dry completely before being water-tight and ready to hit the waves. TotalBoat also says it can be used on metal without a primer, although you may still want to use one for the best possible job.

The only complaint we’ve seen with this paint is that the colors are not as spot-on as you may like; it comes in a variety of camo-esque choices, but the Camo Green comes out a lighter, mint green, while the khaki comes out closer to a deeper army green. It is quite thin and you will need several coats as well.

But overall, TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint is a durable, waterproof marine paint that holds up well and won’t chip or peel and doesn’t necessarily even need priming. Worth the little extra you pay for its quality.


  • High-quality. Doesn’t chip or flake
  • Abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, corrosition-resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Eco-friendly, low-chromate and low VOC’s


  • Thin; needs several coats
  • Colors are not always accurate

Majic Paints Camouflage Paint

This oil-based paint from Majic Paints is another good option for painting your duck boat, though there are a few reasons we would recommend other paints first. It comes in both gallon and aerosol form and is easy to apply. It is water-resistant and adheres to metal, but as it is not a boat-specific or marine paint, proper preparation and priming is key to getting a good, durable coat.

It’s rust and corrosion-resistant and comes in 6 camo and earth-based colors, that look super smooth and even, and blends into the outdoors well.

With that said, there are some complaints about the paint’s durability. It’s thick and hard to mix, even with a paint thinner, often coming out in chunks and globs of paint – which makes it slow to dry; in some cases doesn’t dry completely, coming off and peeling in the water. Majic says its water-resistant, but if it doesn’t dry in the first place, what good does it do on your boat?

Couple that with the expensive price tag, and it’s probably worth passing on this stuff in favor of something higher-quality, like the TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint.


  • Good colors
  • Paint-on and spraypaint forms
  • Easy to apply


  • Slow drying
  • Not boat-specific
  • Cracks and peels

Hunters Specialties Liquid Paint

Hunter Specialties’ Liquid Paint comes in Marsh Grass, Mud Brown and Olive Drab, and is an oil-based enamel paint for applying to your duck boat or any other piece of equipment you’d like to paint. It isn’t “marine paint” per se, but Hunter Specialties says it will hold up to water when properly primed and applied.

It has “heavy pigments,” meaning it is quite thick, and can be applied by rolling or brushing, but you’ll need to use some thinner. Drying can take up to 48 hours for two coats of paint.
A couple things; first, despite the label on the can saying the paint can be sprayed on, it cannot. It needs to be painted or rolled, as it is simply too thick to be sprayed effectively.

Second, since it is not marine paint exactly, we’re not sure how long it will hold up in water without some kind of protective over layer. It’s also a lot more expensive than TotalBoat paint, for example.

Another good paint with good, even camo colors, but not the easiest to apply, and expensive for what it is.


  • Nice Camo Color
  • Good quality


  • Hard to apply
  • Expensive

Rothco Coyote Brown 12 Oz.

This coyote brown spraypaint from Rothco has been created to perfectly match the Coyote Brown color used by the US military and will even pass uniform specifications. Not like you need that for your duck hunting boat, but it’s nice to know you’re getting exactly the color you’re ordering.

It’s a high-quality, hard-drying paint that resists corrosion and rust, and when properly applied and dried, won’t peel or chip. It takes, however, at least 72 hours to dry.

You need to keep in mind that this paint is marine-specific, and might not hold up well to repeated, prolonged use in the water. If that is the case, you’ll want to apply some kind of marine clear coat to add that layer of water-resistant painting a boat calls for. And yes, it takes a very long time to dry, especially before applying any kind of clear coat. 

But if you want a precise Coyote Brown color that can be easily applied just by spraying on, this paint will do the trick.


  • Exact Coyote Brown color
  • Easy to apply
  • High-quality; resists corrosion and rust


  • Not Marine Paint. Needs a clear coat
  • Very, very slow-drying

Rust-Oleum ​Specialty Camouflage

If you’re looking for the best camo spraypaint out there for your boat, this is the stuff. Rust-Oleum knows what they are doing, and it’s a lot cheaper than the Rothco Coyote Brown paint, too – with 6 bottles included in a single pack: 2 Forest Green, 2 Earth Brown, 1 Army Green, 1 Khaki.

Rust-Oleum uses an oil-based paint that sprays on evenly, dries quickly (as little as 20 minutes to an hour between coats) and can be used on more than just metal boats – though it works great on there as well. It’s non-reflective and very durable and known not to chip or peel. You will want to use a primer when applying to an aluminum boat to ensure it adheres properly, but it can be counted on to last.

Again, the Rust-Oleum Camo Paint is not marine paint exactly, so you will likely want to apply a water-resistant, marine clear coat to ensure it holds up on the sides or bottom of the boat.

Other than that, Rust-Oleum makes excellent spray-paint that goes on well, look good and are super-durable, making this an excellent choice for easy-to-apply spray-paint if you can’t be bothered to brush it. The assortment of colors makes designing your own camo patterns on your boat very easy. Just be sure to use a good primer, take your time prepping the boat, and cover it with clear coat.


  • High-quality, durable, oil-based paint. Doesn’t peel or chip
  • Applies evenly, looks good
  • Variety of colors in pack, for creating camo patterns


  • Not marine paint. Needs a good clear coat

How To Paint Your Duck Boat: A Few Tips

Prep Work is Important

To get your boat painting off on the right foot, it pays to start with the right prep work. Properly priming the surface of your boat will ensure the paint adheres properly and evenly and stays on for the long haul. Without a primer, the paint will start to flake and chip after a few months of use, and you’ll just have to redo the paint job – and it will look terrible, too. Use a good etching primer, which adheres best to aluminum and other metals, and will help prevent rust when paint does chip.

When it comes to painting, you don’t want to paint the bottom of the boat – just the sides and inside. Make sure to clean the boat thoroughly, removing any dirt and debris, and giving the primer a smooth, clean surface to stick to.

Marine/Waterproof Paint

Spraying any old spraypaint onto your boat won’t do, even with the right primer. Instead, look for paint designed specifically for boats, which will usually be sold as “marine paint” or at least as suitable for marine environments. These will hold up to constant use in the water and ensure your paintjob stays fresh all-day long.

Final Word

There you have it, all our top picks for painting your waterfowl boat this hunting season. These best duck boat camo paints listed above, should give you the cover you need when navigating your boat through the marshes and reeds. Each paint listed in our reviews above should have some sort of camouflage color qualities, what it really comes down to is the quality of each particular paint and how well it can handle the conditions. We highly recommend the TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint product. We hope your boat is looking sharp and ready to rock this waterfowl hunting season!