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The Nomadik Review for 2021: Outdoor/Hunting Subscription Box

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nomadic subscription box

Nomadik is a subscription service in which you receive a monthly box of goodies including anything outdoor and hunting related. This can include all the latest gear, survival tools, and even food or drinks.

You’ll get a monthly box with new items each time with a value of around $50, even though you pay a lot less.

Within the boxes, you’ll also find a monthly outdoor challenge, which adds a bit of fun to the package and gives you something to try your new gear out.

If you’re an outdoors lover or a big fan of hunting, you might be considering this monthly option. Let's take a better look at what Nomadik has to offer.

Nomadik Features

nomadic welcome box

There are various features you should look into before deciding if these boxes are for you. We’re here to help! We’ll take a look at the most critical features.

Different Types of Subscription

As with a lot of subscription services, if you sign up for a longer period, you'll get a great deal.

1 Month

If you pay for a month at a time, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. You'll be paying $32.95. This is a reasonable price; especially when you consider each box comes with at least $50 of stuff inside.

6 Months

After trying out a trial box, you may be ready to pay for a more extended subscription. If you go for the six month option, you'll pay $187.50 as a one-off payment. This works out to $31.25 per package, a slight discount over the shorter, month-to-month option.

12 Months

This is the best option, as each box works out to only $29.99. You do need to pay a one-off payment every 12 months, though, for $359.88. This will depend if you have the funds to pay a one-time bill or not.

The Welcome Box

Everyone who signs up for Nomadik will get the same initial package. This box includes a parachute hammock and suspension system, a stormproof 8-pack of matches, a gear repair kit, and a hydration mix. Each package after that will vary, and you’ll get the latest one available.

Box Value

As we talked about before, your box contains gear of around $50 in value, even though you’re paying less for each box. They can even contain tools and items with a combined value of up to $70. It's great value for money.

Monthly Outdoor Challenge

The challenge that comes within the box every month is designed to work perfectly with all the items you got for you to be able to try them out in the wild. It's a nice little feature that makes opening the box that little bit more exciting.

Online Store

In addition to the monthly box, Nomadik has an online shopping option where you’ll find t-shirts and other branded items if you want to purchase them.


Nomadik has thought a lot about the needs of its customers; boxes can now be tailored to your interests so that they’re more likely to include something you’ll love.

Nomadik Pros and Cons

nomadic subscription box pros and cons

If you still haven't decided whether the Nomadik box is for you or not, you should weigh up the pros and cons. Take a look below and see if one outweighs the other to help make your decision a little easier.


  • Experience new brands and try out different products
  • Great value for the money
  • Each month is a surprise
  • Includes some exceptional starter items if you’re new to this hobby


  • Might get gear you don’t want or need

Nomadik Need-to-Knows

Once you've decided that this is the monthly subscription for you, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure there are no surprises along the way.


All boxes are sent between the 24th and 27th of each month. If you sign up after the 14th, you’ll need to wait until the next month to receive your first package. The shipping cost will vary on your location, which you will be able to see when you get to the checkout.


There are no contracts with Nomadik, so you’re free to cancel at anytime.

How to Subscribe

It's a very simple process. You just need to select the type of deal you want from their site, enter your information, sign up, and then pay.

Box Contents

The contents will vary from month to month, but you can expect a wide range of outdoor and hunting gear, including accessories, tools, information, and more.

Returns Policy

If the box and it's contents haven't been tampered with and are in the original condition, you can send it back and get a full refund. You’ll have to do this within 14 days of receiving the box. You also have to provide a reason as to why you are returning, and it’s up to Nomadiks' discretion if they’ll give you a refund or not.

Examples of Products in Previous Nomadik Boxes

As a little taster of what to expect in your Nomadik boxes, we've got a few items that were sent out in a previous package. You can see that the combined price comes out to much more than you pay.

  • M100 Multi-Tool by Tactica, which usually costs $39.95
  • 1TAC Emergency Blanket, which usually costs $9.99
  • Wilderness Survival Card 2.0 by Ready Man, which usually costs $12.99


We hope this Nomadik subscription box review was helpful. Nomadik boxes are a great little package. The value for money is excellent, and they provide high quality products. They’re super for those beginning to explore the outdoors, but for any experts or more advanced campers, it may be a bit basic. It's a shame they don't have the option of different-sized or expertise boxes.