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Evatac Pro-XML Flashlight: In-Depth Review for 2021

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Whether you’re an everyday carry item pro, or are just discovering that a flashlight is one of the most essential things to have on you, you’ll want to know more about what tactical flashlights can do. Thanks to advances in technology and design, these multipurpose devices are better than ever.

Having one on hand is a useful tool in a variety of situations and scenarios. Once you have a high-quality flashlight, you realize it is something that you can’t do without. It is a valuable piece of equipment at work, outdoors, and at home for general safety and security.

Tactical flashlights can be utilized for the basics, such as providing light late at night, checking the fuse box when there is a power outage, etc. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to things you can do with this flashlight. They provide excellent illumination, and by finding the right model, you can get all of your needs met with the variety of functions it offers.

Whether identifying targets, signaling for help, lighting up a dark room, or acting in self-defense, tactical flashlights help you out in emergencies and can make your job easier. The next question is: where to start? We took a detailed look at a tactical flashlight, EVATAC PRO-XML to see what it has to offer.

EVATAC PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight Review

Evatac Pro-XML Flashlight

This portable light source is a great choice for those who want a reliable and multifunctional flashlight. The features of the EVATAC PRO-XML are impressive, so we were excited to see whether it would deliver in terms of performance. Here is a detailed look at what the thing can do!


The preset modes of this model are adjustable so that you can select depending on your requirements. For the brightest illumination, you can set the light to high. When the full beam isn’t required, you can decrease the brightness by using half mode or taken it even dimmer with low mode.

There are two functions that deliver attention-seeking or distracting light effects. Whether you are calling for help, signaling someone, or trying to distract, you can use the SOS or strobe modes.


This flashlight is one of the best on the market and produces 1200 lumens, which is a lot of light to be produced. To put this in perspective, when driving your headlights are around 700 lumens, and your high beams are 1200 lumens.

There is an adjustable light zoom, which means you can change the range of the beam depending on what you are using the flashlight for. You can see things clearly that are 1300ft, from you, and that is roughly a quarter-mile.

Practical Attributes

There are several smaller details that add to the overall function, benefits, and value of money of this product. The sleek matte black finish won’t reflect too much light, which is useful in covert situations.

It is corrosion-resistant, and waterproof, meaning it will stay in good condition for a long time, no matter where you take it. It can be used in cold temperatures, as it has been designed to be freeze-proof.

Depending on where you purchase this tactical light, you will also receive a padded, lockdown, hard case, which is convenient and practical for carrying and storing.


The EVATAC is made with aircraft-grade aluminum. High-quality aluminum flashlights are popular for a number of reasons. Aluminum is a strong but lightweight material; it is hard-wearing against frequent use and in extreme situations, but won’t weigh you down. The corrosion resistance of aluminum means this flashlight has a casing that will last a long time.

The bulb is an XMLU2 LED emitter. This is one of the most powerful LEDs available, and it has advantages over fluorescent or incandescent lights. LEDs are compact and energy-efficient. They produce minimal heat, have a long lifespan, and operate well in a variety of settings. Combined with the lithium batteries that power this flashlight, you get a long-lasting tool.


  • Very bright beam
  • Lithium batteries that are included
  • Useful preset modes
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Ridged design for grip is less comfortable
  • Long body could make carrying it awkward

Needs to Know of EVATAC PRO-XML

The flashlight is operated with 2x 18650 lithium batteries which are rechargeable. The two-port battery charger is included with most sales of this product. These certainly help to produce the 1200 lumen output, making it one of the brightest tactical lights to choose from.

It has several practical attributes, including wide fin heat disbursement, and a lightweight and compact design. The flashlight is slim at both ends, with the torch head measuring just over an inch.


It has great advantages as a tactical flashlight that has a very bright beam. The high intensity focused beam is ideal for picking out and identifying whatever you are searching for, startling intruders, or disorienting assailants.

The different modes mean you can use one flashlight in many situations, and the SOS and strobe presets are great for attracting attention.

The durable materials and rechargeable lithium batteries make this great for long term use and for emergencies. The casing will keep the device in good condition, and the batteries with charger mean you shouldn’t get caught out, and it is value for money.


As a tactical device, the EVATAC PRO-XML delivers on several fronts. For a tool, it performs the majority of functions you would be looking for, at a high standard. When it comes to bright beams and durability, it won’t disappoint. If you are looking for something that will have heavy use in a range of circumstances, this model will meet your needs.

It is a well-thought-out product, with a clean and simple design. The added extras of the lithium batteries, battery charger, and hard case, are convincing selling points.

It is important to review your needs before purchasing an essential tool. As tactical lights are seen as everyday carry items, finding something with the right weight and size is key. In terms of features and function, there are plenty of benefits to choosing this device. We hope this in-depth review has drawn to light the fantastic capabilities of tactical flashlights in general and helped you when considering this product.