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Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

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If you have been looking for a new hunting backpack, then you have likely seen the Badlands 2200 hunting backpack on the market. Whether you are a newcomer in the hunting game, or you have been hunting for many years, you need a pack that will hold everything that you need with you while stalking your next target.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the 2200 model and its many features to see if this hunting pack has everything that you need to make your next hunting trip as comfortable and successful as possible.

Features of the Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Magnesium Frame 

This frame will allow you to carry a heavier weight without weighing down the pack and will keep the pack's shape even when filled to its max capacity. It will also help to more evenly distribute the weight of a full pack.

Ability to Carry Multiple Weapons 

This Badlands 2200 hunting pack gives you the ability to carry multiple weapons with you on a hunting trip so that you can be ready for anything. The pack is large enough to fit a rifle or a bow with you so that you take the weapon of your choice. This pack also comes with a hip-belt pistol holster that allows you to attach a handgun as well.

This allows you to have your choice of weapon with you on your hunt, and it gives you the chance to bring multiple weapons. If you need to take out a pistol for smaller animals, then you will have your handgun accessible at all times.

Durably Designed 

The 2200 hunting pack is built for any terrain and can last you through heavy use even when you are carrying a lot of weight with you. The pack features Aramid bar tacking on stress points that helps to reinforce areas that hold the bulk of the weight. A single strand of this Aramid fiber can hold more than one-hundred pounds of weight, so you know that this tough material will hold whatever you need with ease.

There are also reinforced carrying straps that help make carrying more weight easier on your back and shoulders by reinforcing the weight so that it distributes more evenly. This helps to keep the weight from being focused on one part of your body, which can cause fatigue.

Bino Connect Compatible 

This Badlands 2200 pack is compatible with Badlands Bino Connect System so that you can attach these specialty harnesses. These Bino Connect options allow you to wear one harness, instead of having to wear a second one over the one that comes with the pack, and it gives you a more comfortable carry while out in the field.

This Bino connect harness can be directly attached to your pack harness so that you get a more comfortable carry without added weight.

Hypervent Suspension 

This innovative suspension system helps to keep you cooler on your hunting trip by doing something that no other system does: it pulls itself away from your back and allows for a cool stream of air to cool your body. Where your body is in contact with the pack, you have ventilated foam that allows for airflow and keeps you dry. This is great for those who hunt in the day when the temperatures will be higher.

Adjustable Waist Belt with Reverse Tightening 

The 2200 pack comes with an adjustable waist belt that allows you to tighten it against your body size so that you can have it tight against you when you want it, or loosen it for when you are hiking to your hunting spot.

The reverse tightening works by the user pulling the belt's end inward instead of outward which helps give you more leverage for tightening the belt further so that it won't slide around as you move.

Made with Badland’s New KXO-50 Fabric 

The Badland’s 2200 hunting pack is made from a new patented fabric from the Badland’s brand that is made to be completely waterproof, doesn't make noise that could scare off any potential targets, and it is incredibly tough. This fabric is an updated version of the original KXO-32 and was made with many of the same features except that this new and improved fabric is even lighter in weight.

Detachable Rifle Boot 

This Badland’s pack comes with a detachable rifle boot, or you could use it for a bow, and you can slip the weapon into the pocket so that it won’t move around while you are hunting. If it is not needed, then you can simply unhook it. This is particularly useful when you have to hike for a long distance before getting to a good hunting spot.

Hip-Belt Pouches 

These useful pouches are attached at the hip area so that you can fit smaller items that you would like to take with you on your trip. These pouches are easy to access and can allow you to put items that you will likely need throughout the day so that you can easily take them out when needed. 


With all these different features and specifications, this pack has got many pros in its favor. Here is an overview of the best features of the 2200 hunting pack.

  • Magnesium frame for strength and keeping the pack’s shape 
  • The belt-hip holster allows for a handgun to be carried along with the rifle or bow
  • Aramid bar tacking for extra strength at the pack’s stress points
  • Bino connect system for added strength and customizability
  • Hypervent suspension for body cooling and better airflow
  • Adjustable waist belt for a better fit to the body
  • Hip-belt pouches for easy access to small items
  • KXO-50 fabric for better durability 


Although there is a long list of pros for this pack, like many other products, there are a few cons that customers have seen. So, here are some of the biggest cons that come with using the 2200 hunting pack.

  • May be too big to fit comfortably for those who are shorter 
  • The support of the hip belt is known to not work as well with heavier weight
  • The side pouches are rendered useless if carrying a pistol due to positioning 

Customer Sentiment

Taking into account all of this Badland’s packs pros and cons, customers must decide for themselves how they like this product. So, we decided to take a look at all the customer reviews we could find to see what consumers are saying about this pack.

Most of the customer reviews are positive, and the overwhelming consensus is that this pack is great for anyone looking for a new hunting pack. Many customers mentioned how durable the material is and how well-built this item is. There was some negative feedback, but it typically focused on the fit for those who are shorter, which didn’t work as well due to the belt being too far down. 


1: How big is the main pocket? 

A: The total volume of the main packet is 1,980 CI.

2: Does this pack come with a warranty? 

A: Yes, Badland's products are covered by their lifetime guaranty. You can go to their website to find out all the information about what is covered under the warranty.


The Badland’s 2200 hunting pack seems to be one of the best on the market, and customers agree that this option makes for great hunting gear. With its hypervent suspension, adjustable waist belt, and hip-belt pouches for more storage, this pick gives you everything that you could need in a hunting pack.