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Best Electronic Crow Call Reviews of 2021 (Updated)

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Best Electronic Crow Call Reviews

So you’re crawling around with a shotgun trying to shoot some crows wishing you had actually planned things out in advance. Crows are very intelligent birds and sneaking up on a flock of them for a shot is just a no go, this makes hunting them tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You have to ensure you have a plan of action and have the right gear for the hunt; this includes using a crow call. If you can’t sneak up on a flock, then using a call will lure the birds to you. These calls can come in the form of ​your traditional mouth or electronic call.

This first thing to consider if you’re using an electronic call is whether it’s legal in your hunting area. Once you know it is legal for where you want to use it, you need to consider which type of electronic crow call you need.

Typically electronic crow ​callers have different sounds available to use such as distressed, fighting, attack alter, etc. Not all electronic models have all these ​sounds available, that’s why you need to consider your requirements and crow hunting tactics before purchasing one. You also have to consider whether a handheld or speaker call is right for you.

Don’t worry though, as below we’ll list our best 5 electronic crow calls with a buying guide and in-depth reviews.

​Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best ​Electronic Crow Calls​

FOXPRO Shockwave

This is a high-end model pick from FOXPRO for hunters who are looking to take their hunts serious and invest in long-lasting equipment. This 4 speaker system has 100 preloaded sounds and can hold up to 1000 at a time.

This model has it all. It stands out because it excels in every department and can match any electronic crow call available on the market.

It has so many features to it such as an LCD screen, 3-7 hour continuous run time, ability to mix 2 sounds together, records data from your hunt and so much more. It also has a jack for adding external speakers, a USB port for uploading more sounds and a decoy jack. Another standout feature is its ability to replicate moving prey by switching fading sounds from one speaker to another. It also comes with an easy to use remote, allowing your hunt to be a hands-free session.

The sound quality that this model ​puts out is unmatched. Providing you’re in an area where there are crows about; you’re guaranteed to draw in a flock with this device. The volume is very controllable and can go very high, meaning it ​can be heard from a good distance by the crows. There is also none of the common distortion that you get with other callers.

Even although this is from the trusted FOXPRO manufacturer, the build quality is ​even more impressive and built to last a long time; this is backed up by the fact that a 5-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

​One point that can be off-putting is the ​number of batteries required to power it. It takes 10 AA batteries in total to power which is slightly less than most of the other models but is still an additional cost none the less. The battery life of this model is extremely good though, and you should get a very good run time out of it. Our recommendation is to use rechargeable batteries for it.

Although this carries a bigger price tag than the rest of the crow callers we’ve reviewed, it does so for good reason. This is our pick for the best quality electronic crow call on the market overall for people who are serious about investing in their gear.


  • ​​Packed full of great features to improve your hunt
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Sound quality and volume control in a different league
  • Great control over sounds
  • Good battery runtime
  • Designed to last – hence the 5-year warranty provided
  • Can store up to 1000 sounds
  • New sounds can be added via USB


  • ​Requires 10 AA batteries which can be an annoying extra cost – we recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries
  • Watch out for fakes being sold – check the FOXPRO approved seller list to be sure
  • Expensive – But worth it for serious hunters

​Verdict: Best Overall

FOXPRO Inferno Electronic​

Again from FoxPro ​who have ​an extensive ​range of predator calls ​available on the market today. This model comes with 75 pre-installed sound and can store up to 200 sounds. Another great addition ​to this model is the ability to upload more sounds via USB to it. It also has a handy remote that is easy to use and can be used at range to control your sounds.

What stands out with this electronic crow call is the quality of sound that you get from it. The sound quality is very impressive and hard for many other models to match. The volume also goes pretty high and can be heard at distance without the quality of sound being lost. If however, you need even more volume then the option is there to attach an external speaker.

The speaker itself is very light and portable at only 1.5 pounds, making it easy to carry about and get in position for the crow shot. The caller has a tripod mount at the bottom of it. However, no tripod stand comes with it so you’ll have to purchase that as an extra if needed.

The remote has a whole host of features and should be able to be used at 100 yards+. The remote can be used to control everything you need such toggling through the sounds, muting/unmuting and controlling decoys. You will have to provide your own batteries, though it doesn’t require as much as other models ​on our review list. It takes 7 AA batteries in total, 4 for the caller and 3 for the remote. Like most models we’ve reviewed, the batteries should last a long time.

This is the best electronic crow call under $500 in terms of sound quality available on the market. It has lots of cool features, is long-lasting, portable, etc. But the thing that separates it from the rest of the low-mid end models on the list is the sound quality, which to match you would have to look at models in the higher end price bracket.


  • ​The sound quality and volume is fantastic
  • Lots of good features available
  • Easy to use hands-free remote
  • Light and portable
  • 3-year warranty provided
  • Has 75 pre-installed sounds and can store up to 200
  • New sounds can be downloaded via USB


  • ​Does not come with a cable for uploading new sounds to
  • Lots of fakes going around, check the list of approved sellers from FOXPRO

Verdict: Top Pick Under $500

Primos​​​​ Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator

Another solid pick from the top-rated manufacturer Primos. This medium price range freestanding caller has lots going for it. This Primos model is very feature rich with 75 built-in sounds and 6 Expert Hunts. This is another call for crows that has a USB port built-in so new sounds can be downloaded. It has 2GB memory and can store 1000+ sounds.

What stands out with this model is the manufacturing and build quality of it. It is very tough and designed to withstand the harshest of environments and weather. A remote is also provided that works up to 200 yards and ensures you can use it at range to setup the right crow shot. A ‘night mode’ option is also available, which is great if you’re hunting a flock in low-light conditions and want to remain as discreet as possible.

Featuring 3 speakers this is a very loud and powerful caller, with the 2 side cone speakers able to be adjusted 180% to suit. The quality is very good from these speakers and even although it is very loud, unlike a lot of other models it does not sound distorted at high volumes.

The speakers have legs attached to it which are great ​for stabilizing the speakers. The overall usability of this model is great, and even although there are a lot of features, it is still easy to use and not overwhelming. One thing that lets the Primos Alpha Dogg down is the fact that it needs 11 AA batteries to function, 8 for the caller and 3 for the remote. Saying that though, the batteries generally last a long time with this model.

One of the toughest and most durable electronic crow calls out there. Overall you get a lot for what you pay and will last you a long time. This has a lot going for it and ultimately puts out a very powerful sound.


  • ​Very loud and powerful
  • Fantastic build quality and durability
  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich
  • Can store 1000+ sounds
  • Able to download new sounds
  • Stable caller with good range


  • ​Uploading sounds can be difficult
  • Requires a lot of batteries

Verdict: Great for Durability

Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos have a range of different predator calls available on the hunting market. The Turbo Dogg call is for serious hunters and has 36 different predator sounds built into it, and also stands out because it has the option to download your own sounds to it via USB.

The speaker also comes with a remote control that is advertised and being able to be used up to 150 yards away. This means you can draw the flock into an area while you setup for the shot however you like, giving you the chance to hide or take cover for the shot and not spook the crows. Because this is a freestanding electronic speaker, the range can be affected if you leave it lying on the ground. A recommendation is to purchase a tripod to put the speaker on, which should increase the range you get between the remote and speaker.

It comes with some crow sounds preinstalled. However, the added feature of being able to download to your own sounds to this model is appealing. It can hold up to 500 different sounds which is very impressive.

It also comes with an external port for a speaker if you need. Though the volume can go quite loud, it can sometimes sound a little distorted the higher you go with the volume. The sound quality is generally good though and can be heard from a good distance away by a flock.

Another cool thing about this is the decoy jack port, offering the ability to control a predator decoy with the remote. One thing to note though is that the whole setup needs a lot of batteries, 8 AA batteries for the caller and 3 AA for the remote. 11 batteries is a lot, typically though the batteries should last a long time.

The Primos Turbo Dogg is a well-rated electronic crow call pick that’s packed full of customizable and cool features.


  • ​Lots of different calls available
  • New sounds can be downloaded via USB
  • Can store a lot of different sounds – up to 500
  • Optional external speaker and decoy ports
  • Good sound quality and volume range
  • Comes with a handy remote
  • Packed full of features 


  • The range between caller and remote is much less than expected – We recommend using the caller with a tripod for better range
  • There can sometimes be software issues when downloading new sounds
  • Sound quality can sound a little distorted at higher volumes

Verdict: Good for the Money / Budget Pick

Cass Creek

Cass Creek are well-known for creating hunting calls and lures. This is their electronic crow call model that’s tailor-made specifically for crow hunting. This model has to make our best list simply because it’s purely designed for crow hunting, and has so many different sound options that are specific to this type of hunting.

This is a handheld model and has a small speaker, though it does have an external speaker jack for attaching a larger speaker. This is a plus since the built-in speaker is not the loudest and attaching a loudspeaker to it is recommended to get the best out of it.

It is very lightweight and can be used with one hand; this makes it great for carrying around. It is also very ergonomic and comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

The Cass Creek model has 5 different electronic crow call sounds to choose from: MacDaddy, Distress, Crow/Owl Fight, Crow Frenzy and Hawk Attack. This is a great range of sounds to choose from and has more crow sound options than most electronic calls you’ll find on the market.

The quality of sound this produces is pretty average, nothing special in this department however it does the job just fine. Being one of the cheapest models out there, the Cass Creek is certainly one of the best beginner electronic crow calls out there today.


  • ​Selection of 5 different crow calls
  • Cheap handheld option
  • Light and portable
  • Comfortable to grip and hold
  • Has the ability to attach an external speaker


  • ​Not the loudest – An external speaker is recommended
  • Sound quality not as good as other models
  • Cheaper feel to it

Verdict: Good for Beginners

Things To Consider When Buying A Good Crow Caller

Caller Sound Quality
  • Sound Quality - The most obvious point to consider is the quality of sound that the ​caller offers. Generally in this market the more expensive the model, the better the sound. ​However, some models offer great quality sound output but really struggle and have a lot of distortion when the volume is turned up. ​If additional power is required, then an external speaker should be considered. If you do require an external speaker, then make sure the caller you are considering has the ability to attach ​one to it.
  • Amount of Batteries - Nearly every electronic caller you come ​across will need batteries, just make sure you are aware of how many batteries you actually need. ​Some models just require batteries for the caller. However, ones that include a remote control require batteries for that as well. Even though the battery life of most models is great, sometimes ​it can take as much as 10 batteries in total to get everything working. ​Rechargeable batteries ​are something to consider if your model takes a lot of them.
  • Sounds Available - Every model comes with a certain amount of pre-installed sounds, some crow related, some not. The majority of electronic calls ​can download or install new sounds, just remember to check out how many sounds the model ​can hold.
  • Price - The price of these crow callers can vary a lot. They can start from as low as the $​20 mark and go all the way up to $1000 for a top-rated model easily. It all comes down to how serious you are about your crow hunting and what features you actually require. There' s a model out there to suit every budget.

​There's a caller model out there on the market for every budget and ​hunting style​.

Advantages of An Electronic Model

  • Selection of Sounds - The obvious advantage is the ​number of different sounds that ​you ​can use. With the option of adding and downloading more sounds, ​there are so many different options to choose from to suit your hunt.
  • Hands-Free - Granted not all the electronic models are hands-free. However, most of the better-end models​ can be used without having to be held. This gives you more freedom with your hands to hold your weapon and stay concealed for the right shot.
  • Features - The ​number of features and controls you have available is endless. With things like volume control, external speaker jacks, the ability to download new sounds and even a display screen in some cases, ​there are so many different features to suit every type of hunter​ and their needs. ​Typically the more features, the more you will expect to pay for a model. That's why it's important to decide what features are beneficial to you and what ones are not.

​Final Word​

Hunting for crows is very tricky, so at the very least make sure you do your research and come prepared with the right equipment. Also, remember to find out if using an electronic call is legal in your hunting area before using one.

That’s a wrap for our buying guide. We hope that you understand what you should now be looking for in a caller for crows, and understand the different models that fit your needs appropriately. If you’re still a little confused, then have another look at our guide to the best electronic crow call above. If you are in a hurry, we highly recommend the FOXPRO Shockwave product. Hopefully, now you’re in a better position when spending your money and have at least an idea of what to go for.

Good luck with those crows!