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Best Gun Cleaning Stand Reviews | 2021 Guide

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Best Gun Cleaning Stand Reviews

A clean gun ​appeals to everyone that owns one. Many hunters and gun enthusiasts know that cleaning a ​weapon after a shooting session to ensure that it is free from powder, residue, or debris that might have found ​its way into the chamber of the gun, is vital for the longevity of it. It doesn’t matter ​if it's a standard ​clean up or just to adjust a scope, a good vise comes in handy ​and makes the whole process a lot easier. Of course, you can ​clean without one, but cleaning ​a gun can be quite a time-consuming process, and if you want to do it ​correctly, then ​a high-quality vise is a must. ​It's something that any serious ​firearm enthusiast ​is guaranteed to have.

A good ​stand should hold your gun in place firmly and provide easy access to those unreachable places to allow you to clean and oil them. ​When looking for ​a ​high quality model, there are certain things you need to consider first. Also, ​with so many different gun vise brands in the market today, ​you may be left feeling puzzled as to which model to choose from. ​Fear not, as we've looked at the user ​experience and reviews of all the models on the marketplace and put together ​a list of the top 5.

Let's have a look at our reviews of the best gun cleaning stands on the market in 2019 below!

​Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best Gun Cleaning Stands of 2019

​Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise

If you’re ​big on your shooting, then the Tipton Ultra Vise provides ​that professional edge for your cleaning work. ​​The versatile design ​of this vise offers users a great experience ​with a secure lock ​for conventional rifles, handguns, shotguns, compound bows, and muzzleloaders for maintenance, cleaning, and gunsmithing. 

The sturdy frame made from steel gives this vise great durability and ensures it's up to the job for many years to come. It also features over-molded rubber clamps, two solvent-resistant clamp assemblies, trays and four leveling feet. With different modules on board, this vise can be easily moved, rearranged or detached from anywhere along the rail. It is our pick as the best overall vise to own overall.


  • ​Independent legs that fit all surfaces
  • Two solvent resistance clamp assemblies
  •  Ultra-durable and suitable for hard pressure


  • ​Quite heavy and requires plenty of storage room
  • A bit costly than its counterparts

Tipton Best​

If you're looking for the best gun ​stand under $100, you ​should check out the Tipton ​Vise model. It offers an ​adjustable grip system for any shooter. This ​vise is made to hold any type of pistols, shotguns and rifles. This ​model can modify your gun through the T-track and also offers a vertical modification.

The rear clamps come with two adjustable clamp blocks to enable you to grip the butt of your rifle when in action. The rear clamp blocks can hold any form of stock configuration, the cast-off, as well as the style and size of cheek piece. 

While cleaning longer guns, it's advisable that the muzzle should be a little bit lower than the breach to prevent oils, solvents and other liquids from flowing into the breach area. This Tipton model is versatile and can hold most types of guns that you get. This is our recommended for people looking to spend less than $100 on a vise. 


  • ​Very sturdy, best for heavier work on your ​weapon
  • Perfect for pistols, rifles, and handguns
  • Very versatile and fits ​most firearms
  • Durable


  • Lacks the clamping force of higher-end models

​Tipton Gun Vise

​This is an excellent gun stand for the money. It's lightweight and durable, ​making it perfect to use for cleaning, maintenance, or bore sighting purposes. It features a unique polymer that is solvent-resistant ​and should ensure it lasts for years. It also comes with a rubberized cradle with strong jaws to offer protection and ensure a firm grip on your rifle when in action. The ​stand can hold most types of rifles and shotguns ​on the market.

The modifiable pivot arm provides a perfect fit for any shotgun or rifle, so you don't have to worry about getting a specific model. It also features several compartments for storing cans and bottles. The round bottom section is perfect for storing small parts such as screws that are essential during the cleaning process. If you want to make any adjustment, this vise will stay steady until you achieve what you want.


  • ​High quality and made of sturdier materials
  • Easy to assemble and ​use
  • Good price


  • ​Uneven clamps thus the barrel may be pushed from the center
  • Poor grip on the stock

#4. ​Lyman Revolution Station

The Lyman Gun Vise is the most flexible on this list. It comes with various features, the special one being the rotation. In fact, this is its main selling point. It enables you to rotate your gun during cleaning and maintenance. The rotating mechanism is also able to allow a wide range of ​weapon adjustments to fit its purpose. It's excellent for bore sighting, and it gives you easier cleaning experiences.

With the Lyman ​stand, there is no more kneeling or hurting your neck while trying to check whether all sections are clean. Just a simple rotation will ​show everything even in ​those hard to reach places, making cleaning a breeze. The gun is not made from cheap plastic so you can be assured that it will last for ​a long time and provide excellent service. It also features a sliding tray just below the gun that is great for storing smaller items such as screws or tools that you need when cleaning. Although it is among the best in this list, it’s not as sturdy as the other options here.


  • ​​Rotating mechanism
  • Easy to reach the difficult places
  • Easy to ​setup and use
  • Sliding tray for screws and other smaller parts


  • ​Less sturdy compared to other vises
  • A little fragile

Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

The Hykore cleaning vise is ​the definition of a solid cleaning setup. With a welded tubular steel construction, this unit is heavy enough ​to handle even the most demanding gunsmith ​maintenance.

It has a standard front V rest to ensure maximum holding capacity for your rifle. It includes a rear vise grip with a strap that provides stable positioning during firing time. The four-point leveling system will also ensure that you are upright on any surface. You can adjust the height to a point where you feel comfortable while maintaining maximum stability on the surface. The ultra-sturdy stainless steel is coated with chocolate powder to make it even more attractive.

Storing it is easy as it can break down into several pieces, so you don't require much storage space. Also, it's easy and convenient to carry about. This Gun vise is durable, versatile and it can be a perfect pick for bore sighting.


  • ​Excellent solid sighting vise
  • Wonderful performance
  • Great quality for gunsmithing
  •  Flexible rear


  • ​Clamps hold the rifle lightly
  • Not recommended as a rest

​​Why Use A Cleaning Stand?

The process of firing a gun throughout the day can be a dirty business. Imagine the residue left behind by the gunpowder, which if ​builds up over time may impair the proper function of the firearm and reduce the accuracy of your ​shot. So, the more you use the ​weapon, the more likely you will need to clean it.

The main benefit of using a good ​vise is to ensure that the gun is held in one place, and provide access to challenging spots so that you can clean and oil them easily. Improper cleaning can damage the ​functionality of the gun just ​as much as not cleaning it enough. It is important to ensure that you consult with a firearm expert or read thoroughly before you begin to work with any rifle.

A cleaning stand is also useful for adjusting the gun’s scope and barrel for a better cleaning experience. The cleaning process starts with checking the weapon to ensure it's not loaded. Just remove the magazine, check the ​firearm at least once from the chamber. Once you’re sure it’s not loaded, you can move on to cleaning your weapon.

Always start cleaning your gun from the breach and end with the muzzle. This will ensure you remove any dirt or residue from the chamber and out of the barrel. Also, be careful not to scratch the inside of the barrel. Finally, ensure you clean your weapon regularly ​to ensure it remains ​fit ​for purpose.

What To Look For When Buying A Top ​Gun Vise

Finding a perfect vise for the money is not as difficult as you may think provided you know precisely what to look for. In this best gun cleaning stand guide, we have highlighted some key features to look for ​when selecting the right model.


​It is important to look ​at the materials used to design the gun vise. There are two main types of material used to produce ​these stands.

  • Plastic: It is cheaper compared to aluminum and steel metal. They are versatile and ​as efficient as the metal models. Plastic is very adjustable and can be used in any weapon. ​One major disadvantage of using plastic construction is that they are lighter and less durable than metal ones.
  • Metal: Metallic weapons are pricier than plastic. They are more sturdy and durable. It’s also a great choice if you want to use it for gun sighting. A major drawback of using metal is its higher price. Since most shooters use vises when cleaning their ​weapon, most may prefer something cheaper.


​​​​There are different types of gun vises, and some are perfect for ​cleaning and maintenance​, while others serve different tasks. So, you have to ​consider the type before buying.

  • Fixed ​Vises: Most manufacturers produce fixed gun vises since they are simple to use and allow you to clamp your weapon tightly. Once they are fixed, it’s easier to clean them without worrying about regular movement. They feature rubber sheltered legs for maximum stability on any surface.
  • Rotating Vises: They are designed to meet a specific shooter's requirement but few manufacturers producing this design. The major benefit of having a rotating gun vise is the ease ​of rotating the ​weapon from different directions which is not the case in a fixed vise. This ensures faultless adjustment and perfect maintenance procedures that would ​usually take much longer. A disadvantage of this type of ​vise is that it's difficult to absorb high pressure and there is a risk of permanent damage to your gun ​stand.


It is important to ensure your vise is versatile and ​has adaptability features ​that allow you to use ​different guns. Since ​there are lots of different firearm sizes and shapes, it is recommended that you go for a vise that can accommodate ​all the weapons you own.

Final Word​

​Acquiring the best gun cleaning stand depends on the type of firearm you own. So, there is no restriction in going for a ​vise that can ​fit all kind of guns. As long as it works perfect for cleaning your ​​weapon, the price shouldn’t be an ​issue. Also, it is important to consider the quality of your vise and the material it is made ​from as well as the design. This buying guide ​should help you ​make the right choice.

Happy cleaning!