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Best Hay Bale Blind Reviews of 2021 (Guide)

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It would be great if you could use a hay bale to hide in for your next hunt wouldn't it? Think of the all the advantages over your targets you would have in the field ​hiding in one. ​But you can't get into a hay bale, can you? What you can do though, is use a realistic looking hay bale blind to give the impression of a natural looking bale, and also give yourself the perfect concealment when hunting.

Hay bale blinds are becoming very popular amongst hunters of all kinds, for a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, they look just like a natural hay bale, and blend in well with their surroundings, attracting zero attention from animals who might be otherwise be alarmed by something more threatening. Hay bale blinds are otherwise unthreatening, inconspicuous objects. And they hold up to the elements better than regular blinds and offer you more protection. What's the difference between each blind and how do they compare in terms of concealment, quality of material, pricing and features? Here's our pick of the 5 best hay bale blinds for you.

Top Rated Models Comparison Table


Hay Bale Blind




Guide Gear

67"l x 64"w x 64"h

150D polyester

Reviews of the Best Hay Bale Blinds​

#1. Guide Gear Hay Bale Archery Blind

Guide Gear Hay Bale Archery Blind

The Guide is a much lighter, more portable bale blind. It has a spring steel frame, with a 150-denier polyester shell and weighs only 15 pounds. The large front window is 4 feet long and 15” tall for unobstructed views, as well as shoot-through mesh and removable mesh screen panels for when you prefer to be hidden.

The polyester shell is also weather resistant and UV-resistant, so you are protected and comfortable in all different kinds of weather. Some of the poles are also fiberglass, to give them the right amount of flex and strength while cutting down on weight. It measures 67"l x 64"w x 64"h – not as large as some of the others, but still roomy.

Complaints? The windows are a bit small for bow hunting, despite being called an archery blind. But that would be true of any similar-sized bale blind. Also, it’s so light that it has a hard time with heavy winds; there are 4 stakes, but at 15 pounds, it’s a bit flimsy.

But, like the Ameristep Duck Commander, it’s a good, lightweight, budget option for a hay bale blind. It weighs only 15 pounds and packs down small; our choice for a budget buy.


  • Lightweight; 15 pounds
  • Spring steel and fiberglass rods
  • Water-resistant, UV-resistant polyester shell
  • Decently spacious
  • Easy to pack and move


  • Could be more durable; flimsy
  • Windows too cramped for large bow hunting

#2. Muddy’s Bale Blind

First up is our choice for the best hay bale blind of 2018 - The Muddy’s Bale Blind. It’s the largest on our list, measuring 82” long by 64” wide, and 73” tall - big enough for 2 or 3 people and a decent amount of gear, and tall enough for most people to stand. There are 4 small windows and 6 large windows, and each window is reversible, with burlap on one side and black on the other. Bottom wind flaps keep the wind out and the bale from blowing away.

This bale blind is pretty hefty and durable and looks ready to hold up to all kinds of abuse. The frame is powder-coated steel, and the fabric is 600-denier oxford cloth. There is also a designated drop-down window on the top front for hunting waterfowl.

It is pretty heavy at 90 pounds, but that’s still not as heavy as some other blinds, as you will see below. It’s also not meant to be moved around frequently, so we can give it a pass.

So if you’d like a durable, roomy hay bale blind you can set up and forget, the Muddy’s will get the job done – it’s the largest on our list, and our top pick for a bale blind.


  • Very large and roomy – 83” long by 73” tall
  • 11 total windows; large upward window for waterfowl
  • Durable build; 600D oxford fabric, powder-coated steel


  • A bit heavy, at 90 pounds

Verdict: Best Overall

#3. ​Redneck Outfitter HD Hay Bale Blind

The Redneck Outfitter HD is an excellent choice for a bale blind that works for hunting big game, turkey or just about anything else. It’s 6 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6 feet tall, fitting two people side by side comfortably, and leaving ample room for extra gear or camera equipment. There’s a total of 6 windows – 2 on the front and back and 1 on each side – so you have plenty of coverage. And they slide open silently, so as not to spook anybody.

The blind is made from a black powder-coated steel frame, with a Water-resistant woven polypropylene cover, with a layer of burlap between layers to help with scent containment. The whole thing weighs 85 pounds, but the setup is rather easy, with only one large stake to drive into the ground.

While it is, overall, a hefty-duty blind, there are a few complaints of the material tearing easily when being moved around and setup. These seem isolated, however, and not worth worrying about.

Overall, this is a solid, durable blind with plenty of room, that you can setup and forget.


  • Hefty duty build
  • Three-layer cover; polypro and burlap. Contains scents well
  • Large size holds 2-3 people and ample gear
  • Blends in with surroundings well


  • Material tears easily
  • A bit heavy

#4. ​Redneck Outdoors Sportsman Bale Blind

The Sportsman Bale Blind is much like the Redneck Outfitter HD, but a little bit smaller, at 64”x72”x72, and about 50% heavier, at 122 pounds. It has the same black powder-coated steel frame and a three-layer cover of polypropylene and burlap. But instead of 6 windows, it only has 5 – 2 on the front, one on the back and one each end.

The large size is almost as large as the Outfitter HD – just a few inches smaller. And the large opening door on the back is even large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. And it sets up in even less time – about an hour and 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, this blind is just not durable enough, especially for windy weather. This is disappointing considering its weight, price, and size. It’s pretty expensive and very heavy at 122 pounds. There’s no base, and it just doesn’t hold up well to extremely high winds – which are to expect during hunting season.

So, for the price it goes for, we think there are much better options. It’s still a large, roomy blind with a natural look that blends right in. But it costs too much for what you get.


  • Large and roomy
  • 5-window design
  • 3-layer cover blocks scent


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Not strong enough considering its weight

#5. ​Ameristep Duck Commander

The Ameristep Duck Commander is a much lighter, less heavy-duty bale blind, weighing only 14 pounds compared to the Rednek Outdoors 84 and 122, respectively. Instead of a large steel frame with synthetic and burlap overlay, the Duck Commander has a light frame, with a weatherproof mesh nylon fabric in Realtree-Max 4, measuring 5 feet by 5 feet. This is enough room for two sitting hunters, and any gear you may need.

A neat feature the Duck Commander boasts is the ripcord, which allows you to quickly release and open the top third of the blind for a better view and unobstructed shot. This can come in very handy when trying to get a shot off quickly at birds overhead. There’s a total of 4 windows, including the side and rear windows, and it comes with an included carry pack.

Complaint? While it is much lighter than other blinds, it’s also a lot less durable. It doesn’t hold up well to high winds, and the thin fabric tears easily if it snags on something.

But, it is a whole lot lighter and cheaper than the Rednek blinds, for example, and much more portable. Good for waterfowl hunting, birds and turkeys.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weatherproof nylon cover
  • 5 feet high by 5 feet long; room for two
  • Ripcord opens the top of blind for quick shooting


  • Not very sturdy or durable

What to Look For In a Hay Bale Blind

First, decide how large of a bale blind you need. Most will be large enough to fit two people and measure about 6 feet long by about 6 feet tall. Obviously, if it’s shorter than you are, you will not be able to stand and will need a chair. Some will even be larger and have enough room for three people. Choose one that can accommodate as many people as you’d like and your gear.

Hunting blinds come in a few different materials, usually something synthetic such as polyester or nylon, but sometimes a natural fabric like burlap. Look for one that is lightweight, and you may want to opt for something waterproof or UV-resistant.

Lastly, weight. The lightest bale blinds will weigh about 15 pounds, but those will be flimsier. The heavier ones may weigh 100-150 pounds, which is too heavy to carry around, but will provide a much sturdier, more durable shield against high winds and bad weather.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best hay bale blind ​is the Muddy’s Hay Bale. It’s the largest and roomiest we’ve found, made of a tough, strong stainless-steel frame and a thick, oxford cloth cover that blends right in and looks natural. It’s a bit heavy at 90 pounds but makes up for it with it’s durability. It’s also not nearly as expensive as the Redneck Blinds, for example, but just as good. If you need something to get the job done at a fraction of the price and weight, we like the Guide Gear Hay Bale as well. It weighs only 15 pounds, but is decently spacious and has a weatherproof, UV-resistant covering.

​We hope that we've covered and listed everything you need to know when purchasing a good hay bale blind for your field hunting adventures!