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Top 5 Best Hog Attractant Reviews of 2021

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find out why and how hunters use hog baits

In most states where hog hunting is allowed, sportsmen can partake year-round. Many states allow hog hunting because of the damage the animals do to crops and property. Whether you’re hunting for sport or because of necessity, you’ll need to know what kind of bait to use. When trying to attract potential game, hunters have their preferences in bait.

In this article, you’ll receive information about the best hog attractants. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll also understand why and how hunters use these baits.

Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Best Hog Attractant: Our Top 5 Picks

Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil

This liquid scent used by hunters can attract wild hogs from miles away. It is usually used by being poured on a tree or wooden log. Having a strong sense of smell to begin with, the strong odor emitted by this oil is highly successful in attracting wild hogs.

The oil attractant is also non-toxic. Non-toxic liquids such as this one pose no threat to the surrounding wildlife or natural growth. This is especially good for farmers wanting to rid the area of wild hogs. Wild hogs may be destructive for farmers and those who want to protect their plants or gardens.

Regardless of the weather conditions in your area, this oil has been proven through scientific studies to function great for hunters. On your next hunting trip, we strongly recommend this product due to its proven results.


  • Viscous liquid
  • Nontoxic
  • High potency


  • Strong odor
  • Fast results
  • Scientifically proven


  • Results vary in wetlands

Customer Sentiments

Customers of this product have enjoyed much success in hunting wild hogs. Some have noted difficulties in areas such as swamps. Nevertheless, it is very potent and can attract hogs from miles away. 

Hog hunters who have used this product near their homes in rural areas have had success in attracting hogs and removing them from their properties. Some have also said that the product may attract other animals such as common backyard animals from rabbits to foxes and deer.

Wild Hog, Beast Attractant

Composed of crushed berries, grains and molasses, this bait has an extremely sweet smell. Hunters using Wild Hod Beast Attractant are instructed to pour this grainy substance in their desired hunting spot. Having caught on to the sweet scent, hogs will then come pouring into your hunting area.

Many hunters have enjoyed using this product because of the sweet scent it emits. However, in addition to wild hogs, this product may also attract deer as well. This depends on your particular geographical area as well as the season. Nevertheless, many hunters have attributed their successful results to the quality of this product.

Unlike the liquid oil attractants, this product is made of grains and crushed berries. Depending on your previous hunting results, this product may attract more hogs in your particular area. Also, just as the previous oil mentioned, this product is also nontoxic.


  • Granular substance
  • Nontoxic
  • High potency


  • Sweet smell


  • May attract deer

Customer Sentiments

Many customers who have used this product to attract wild hogs enjoyed its sweet scent. The sweet scent of the bait can be used to attract wild hogs in a variety of different areas. Some hunters have used them near their homes or farms to rid the area of hogs. Customers have also been happy with their results while mixing the bait with corn.

Wildgame Innovations Hog Heaven

This substance is made from grains with a sweet fruit additive. Although some users have been unsatisfied with its ability to attract wild hogs, some have enjoyed great results. Many hogs attracted to this bait have cleaned the area of this substance leaving no more.

Farmers have used Hog Heaven to eliminate hogs responsible for damage to crops and property. In some cases, users have also mixed this product with corn. Some believe this mixture will better attract hogs to the area.

It is important to keep in mind that this product is not harmful to the surrounding wildlife. Other animals who ingest this substance will not be harmed.


  • Granular Substance
  • Nontoxic
  • High potency


  • Sweet smell
  • Lightweight


  • May attract deer, raccoons, coyotes

Customer Sentiments

While it may attract hog, some customers have said that it is also useful in attracting other types of animals. This granular substance, much like the one before it, can be mixed with corn as well. 

Hunters have noted that the sweet smell is favorable to animals like deer and racoons. It is recommended that you use this bait in areas where hogs are known to live. This is because many customers who have used this product have attracted larger, more dangerous animals like coyotes and bears

Tink's Power Pig Sow-in-Heat Attractant

This particular hog attractant is great for squirting around your hunting location. Hog hunters who have used this product have seen results within hours. Be sure to use in areas where you have seen wild hogs.

The product claims to enhance aggressive behavior in hogs towards each other. This said, it is best used in areas where you have already seen hogs herding together. This is to ensure that your hunting location is optimized with the most hogs possible.

Although some attributed this to their hunting success, some have disliked this product. Some have disliked the product’s unpleasant smell. This can be a problem for those spending much time in a particular hunting location. This is because the smell may be irritating to some.


  • Viscous liquid
  • Squirt Top
  • 4 oz bottle


  • Strong scent
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry


  • Unpleasant smell

Customer Sentiments

Customers have enjoyed using this product as it easy to carry while on the go. If you are hunting for sport, this product is easy to transport with you on your trip. However, some hunters were displeased with the strong unpleasant smell that the product emits. Even so, it is easy to hold and is equipped with a squirt top which hunters can use to bait their hunting location.

Evolved Habitats Pig Out Hog Attractant

Unlike Tink’s Power Pig Sow-in-heat Attractant, which is used exclusively for wild hogs, Pig Out Hog Attractant can be used for other game as well. This liquid attractant is great for bears and deer just as it is for wild hog hunting. The strong scent can attract animals of all kinds living in your typical hunting areas. Animals such as deer and bears may be attracted to this substance. It may be better to use in areas previously known for wild hogs.

This product is sold in a large 4 pound container. It will last you for the entire year you are hunting. Some hunters prefer using it with grain or corn for better results. Of all the attractants and baits, this one may be better during warmer weather and drier locations. Users of this product in areas such as swamps and wetlands were less likely to attract game.


  • 4 lb. bottle
  • Viscous liquid


  • Satisfactory Scent
  • Long lasting


  • May attract other wildlife
  • Not for use in wetlands

Customer Sentiments

Customers of this product have been unsatisfied with its effectiveness in wetland areas like swamps and near rivers. Nevertheless, hunters have been able to use this all year due to its large size. The 4 pounds of liquid attractant might be of great use on long trips. It will also do great for hunters wishing to hunt all year. 

Some hunters have commented that the product may attract other wildlife as well.

Important Information about Hog Attractants

These products are all extremely useful in attracting wild hogs and other wildlife. It is important in order to maintain your safety that you are well prepared in the case of dangerous animals that may be attracted to the scents.

In addition, these products may not always work due to various implications. Some problems that may arise may be due to environmental or geographical issues. In some areas, wild boars may be harder to attract, such as in wetlands and swamps where some customers have been dissatisfied with the products effectiveness. Also, due to the weather, wild hogs may migrate to other areas.

Another factor that may affect your ability to attract wild hogs is whether or not the hogs have found another food source. In some cases, hunters in other areas may have attracted them away from hunting location as well.


Why do you need a special bait?

Many of these products have been tested and reviewed by customers. These products are especially designed to assist you in attracting wild hogs to your preferred location. Using the mentioned products will help maximize your ability to find hogs and rid your area of them.

What do the products do?

These attractants/baits are specially designed to emit scents favorable to wild hogs. Hog have an extreme sense of smell and can find food from miles away. The scents given off by these products are meant to attract and herd wild hogs into one area. Since many of the products have very strong scents, you should have no problem in attracting hogs to your area.

Are these products dangerous?

Many of these products are non-toxic and organic. This is to ensure that neither you nor the surrounding wildlife will be harmed. That said, these products are not healthy for humans. Any contact with the skin or eyes should be met with soap and water.

The overall goal of these products is to attract game. Once the animals have been attracted, you may use your discretion whether to hunt or trap.

During what seasons can wild hogs be hunted?

In many states, hog hunting is permitted year-round. Since these animals can also damage property and crops, some states may even encourage their hunting out in the wild. Be sure to check the laws and regulations of your particular state before proceeding.

Is a license required?

This depends on your area of residence. In the United States, this may vary. In many states, wild hogs are not considered official game and can be hunted year-round without a license. Other states require a license nevertheless. Keep in mind what your state's laws are. Also make sure that any weapons used are registered as required by law.

The Verdict

Out of all the products, we recommend Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil as the best hog attractant in the market. Many customers who have used this product while hog hunting have been extremely satisfied with its effectiveness. It is highly potent and has been proven to work in attracting hogs.

The scent of this product has been proven scientifically to attract wildlife like hogs and keep them in the area for an extended period of time.

In addition, much like most of the products listed, it is non-toxic and will not harm any wildlife. The strong scent it emits is enough to attract animals of all kinds in your hunting location or area of choice.

As you plan your next hunting trip, or perhaps are using this to rid your farm or home of wild hogs, we recommend this product for optimal results.