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Best LED Light Bar for Duck Boats Reviews of 2019

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Best LED Light Bar for Duck Boats Reviews

Duck hunting can be extremely fun and rewarding, however, you want to make sure that you’re kitted out correctly. If you’re intending on using a duck boat at night, then you certainly should be considering a decent set of LED light bars for them. Some waterfowl hunters like to get creative and come and design their own lights for their boat, some even attach models that are designed for road vehicles. The truth is, if you’re a serious duck hunter, then you should be taking your equipment seriously.

A standard set of lights won’t cut and certainly won’t be able to withstand the conditions that they will be subject to. Invest in a decent set that are tried and proven when it comes to being used on a waterfowl hunting boat. We’ve spent our time searching the market to come up with our list of the 5 best LED light bars for duck boats below.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best LED Light Bars for Duck Boats​

T-Former 32inch 180W Led

This T-Former light puts out 180W of pure light in a 32” long curved bar - as much power as the TURBOSII in a slightly longer package. It also comes in a 50”, 288W version, so if mega-tons of light is your goal, this is the go-to option. That’s 18000 lumens and 24480 lumens respectively. Both versions feature 4” work pod lights and a remote for turning on/off and toggling through as much light as possible.

Both lights are also built from heavy diecast 6063 aluminum, with the same curved shape and thick metal for even dissipating of heat and efficient cooling. It’s rated to IP68 waterproof and shockproof, and rated to last 50,000 hours.

Is there anything not to like about these lights from T-Former? Not really. They are a bit pricier than other brands, but that’s just because they are so bright and high-quality.

The T-Former lights are easily the brightest lights on our list, and unlike the TURBOSII, combine that brightness with durable quality. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is the one you want to go with, which is why we’ve deemed them our Top Pick.


  • Powerful and very bright
  • Durable, die-cast aluminum build
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Various lengths, sizes, power


  • Most expensive

Verdict: Best Overall

Terrain Vision Curved 22” LED Light Bar

The Terrain Vision Curved 22” LED Light Bar is a bright, sturdy light bar for lighting up the swamps when hunting waterfowl. It puts out a solid 120W from its super-bright LED’s and comes with two 4” 18W Cube Pods, which can be setup above the light for extra driving light or used as bright work lights on the boat. The lights are also both 30-degree spot beams and 60-degree flood beams, providing both accurate spot lighting and enough flood lighting to light up lots of water. There’s even an included remote!

In terms of durability and design, the Terrain Vision is solid. The body is IP67 waterproof, with rubber and silicone lining that complement the die-cast aluminum alloy housing, that is rust and corrosion-resistant. Virtually no water will make its way in, even out on the swamps, and the thickness of the alloy is designed to absorb and then dissipate heat more evenly than thinner, cheaper metals. It mounts with a stainless-steel bracket.

Any drawbacks? While the 120W certainly isn’t bad, it’s not as much power as a lot of other LED light bars, such as the TURBOSII, which puts 180W – a full 50% more – for the same price.

If you don’t need that kind of power, however, the Terrain Vision 22” will get the job done and add provide plenty of hunting light to your boat, and has a bombproof, waterproof construction.


  • Rugged, waterproof, aluminum build and design
  • Curved design; dissipates heat rapidly, evenly
  • 120W LED lights
  • Includes two 4”, 18W LED Cube lights
  • 30-degree spot beam combined with 60-degree floodlights


  • Not as much power as other lights

TURBOSII DOT Approved 28"180W 12V-24V

With 180W of bright light in a 28” package, this light bar from TURBOSII is a beast that will add serious light to your boat setup. It has the same combo of 30-degree spot and 60-degree floodlights as the Terrain Vision, and, like the Terrain Vision above, comes with an additional 4” work lights for spot lighting on the boat. It’ll work with 10-30V DC power. It’s also 6000k crystal white – the equivalent of daylight.

The light housing is diecast aluminum housing, with acrylic glass and rated to IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof – capable of handling anything you could ask a boat light to handle. The makers claim it will survive up to 3 hours submerged in water. Thought that has yet to be proven.

While the TURBOSII excels at…well, lighting things up, with its 180W of light, it has a few problems. The mounting bracket and included bolts, screws, hardware, aren’t up to spec, often stripping or being hard to fit properly on a lot of mounts. There are also complaints of water getting in easily, despite being advertised as waterproof.

So, if you’d just like a ton of light being thrown out on the water, this light will be more than enough. But if you need something undeniably reliable, you may want to pass and choose another option.


  • Super bright 180W. Tons of light
  • 28” lights up a wide area
  • 6000k Crystal White Light
  • 4” Work Lights Included


  • Not as durable, waterproof
  • Mounting hardware is cheap, low-quality

TURBOSII 11” Light Bar

On the other end of the spectrum is this 11” light bar from Turbosii, with 50W of power in a much smaller package. It has a combo of both spot and flood lights in a single row, putting out 6000K and total of 3500l lumens.

The body is, again, die-cast aluminum and rated to IP67 waterproof. Unlike some of the larger light models, this light has a slotted, fan-shaped body design with cooling fins that let heat escape much more quickly. There are also 2 stainless steel mounting brackets for attaching the light anywhere you want on the boat; the smaller size gives you more options to choose from. It’s also pretty affordable.

This 11” light bar doesn’t come with a wiring kit, however, so you’ll end up having to spend money on one anyway. It also doesn’t have as many of the features that some of the larger, more-expensive lights come with.

If you just want a small, light, easy to setup and cheap light bar, that you can mount on more than just the front of the boat, this one gets the job done – 50W isn’t bad, and it’s still super-bright for the size.


  • Cheap
  • Small but bright
  • Easy to mount anywhere, versatile
  • Stays very cool, good vents


  • Wiring Kit Not Included

TURBOSII 20” Light Bar

This 20” light bar packs a 126W and 10800 Lumens it’s 20” of LED lights – a decent amount of light in a smaller-sized package, and you can power it with a power source between 10V and 30V. The body is 6063 aluminum and the usual IP67 waterproof. They shine at 30-degree spot angles.

One difference with this light bar is how it mounts; unlike the mounting bracket style usually found, it uses two stainless steel bolts on the bottom to screw onto wherever you’d like to mount it. The bolts slide side-to-side so you find the perfect mounting position on the top of your boat (Or the front of your truck if you prefer).

There have been some complaints regarding the quality, especially of the wiring harness, which is brittle and some of the wires snap easily. Some of the mounting bolts have been known to rust easily and snap. So if quality is paramount, this may not be the best choice.

Otherwise, this 20” light bar packs a lot of light (126W and 10800 lumens) while remaining super cheap – a fraction of the cost of light bars with comparable light power. The sliding bolts for mounting are also very handy. Another good budget buy.


  • Very Affordable
  • Bright and powerful; 126W, 10800 lumens
  • Sliding Mounting Bolts


  • Low-quality wiring
  • Bolts rust, snap easily

Choosing An LED Light Bar For Your ​Waterfowl Boat


How big of a light can your boat accommodate? And how large do you actually want? You can choose light bars ranging anywhere from 10” or 11” long, to over 50”. The bigger the boat, the more light you’ll want to be able to throw out.

Brightness and Power

Some lights are capable of over 180W, while many of the cheaper ones will stay in the 50-120W range. When using LED’s, 120W is a lot of light, and should be enough for most duck hunting expeditions at night. Having 50%-100% more on top of that will be bright. Very bright. You’ll also want to be sure your boat can handle powering that much additional light.


Durability and waterproofing are important; a light bar for your boat needs to be high-quality and durable and needs to be waterproof. Most light bars are rated to an IP67 waterproof rating, with silicone and rubber seals around the edges and where the glass meets the frame. The glass is also usually an acrylic, which is resistant to shocks, drops, dust. Also pay attention to the mounting brackets, which are sometimes cheap and weak on the more budget options.

Final Thoughts

Our Top Pick for the Best LED Light Bar For Duck Boats is the T-Former 32”, which blasts 180W of super-bright, 6000K LED light; more than enough for just about any duck hunting trip on the water. You can also opt for the even-larger 50” version, with its 288W of power and 24480 lumens of light. They are solid and tough-as-nails, with quality built to last, and the curved design gives them a wider arc and field-of-view for the best hunting experience possible.

If you don’t have that much money to drop on one, you can opt for the either the TURBOSII 11” or 20” light bar, depending on how much light you need. They’re not as bright and not quite as nice quality-wise but work great on a budget.


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