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Best Nitro Piston Air Rifle Reviews of 2021

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Best Nitro Piston Air Rifle Reviews of 2018 - 2019

​Rimfire rifles have long been the standby for small game hunters and beginning shooters, however, there’s a new kid on the block. Nitro Piston air rifles have become the new standard in small bore ballistic performance, they’re surpassing the performance of a .22lr on game while being quieter, cheaper, with zero clean-up of dirty rim fire residue.

Here are five of the absolute best nitro piston air rifles along with a few pointers in getting started in hunting and shooting with an air rifle. There has never been a better time to purchase an air rifle and start small game hunting with one!​

Let's jump into our list of the best nitro piston air rifle reviews.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500

When you think of that high-quality Nitro piston air rifle what should come to mine is a top-of-the-line model like this Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500. Everything about this ​model is well put together by someone who obviously knew what they were doing when they wanted to make an air rifle that rivals the ability and quality of many Rimfire ​guns on the market.

It's no secret that Rimfire ​models have been superseded by and large by the nitro piston air rifle in recent years. what you may not have expected was for a rifle like this to be able to fire bullets at 1500 ft per second, as much as a 25% advantage over a 22LR rifle that you know and love.

That performance, however, is not the only advantages, things like how loud the ​gun is, how heavy the entire setup has to be, and the complexity of maintenance and cleaning are all reasons to look for an excellent air rifle like this model from Benjamin.

The mechanism that makes the Nitro piston work is heavy duty and squared away, the Stock is a thumb hole design that works well for people who are on the shorter end but is otherwise very high quality and the rifle comes with a scope and all the accessories needed to head out and go shooting.

The model itself is available in three different calibers and three different levels of ballistic performance, the most common of which is the .177 caliber pellet just like the old school BB guns you might have grown up with. if you're looking for a first air rifle in are willing to spend some money to get a quality weapon, this should be at the very top of your list.


  • Include scope
  • High-quality stock


  • Thumbhole stock is small
  • Expensive

Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom NP Synthetic Stock

If you want a slim and trim air rifle that is the best value for your money look no further than this model from Crossman. By far the best thing about this scope is the fact that every part of the design and feature screams quality and attention to detail. it may not seem like much but with the inclusion of a scope, you really need a cheek Riser on such a small slim and trim Design, which is included. Other amenities like a two-stage adjustable trigger and a beefed-up nitro piston mechanism make this feel more like a firearm than an airsoft gun.

Once you get this ​gun in hand you get a feeling as to why is so popular and why it represents such a great value. it just instills confidence when you pick it up and take it into the field, you know that it won't let you down and it's not going to break after a single season out hunting squirrels and plinking.

Clear the nice things about this rifle that many of the other manufacturers have left off, is the fact that it shifts with iron sights. Sometimes if you're hunting and have you brush at close range you don't want to scope because it limits your field of view and adds weight and complexity to the system. The fact that this is such a high-quality air rifle with iron sights makes it a perfect companion for trapping or pest control because it is flexible and high quality without breaking the bank.


  • Includes scope
  • Durable plastic stock
  • Has iron sights


  • Lower velocity
  • Reports of squishy trigger

Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Crossman is known for putting out consistently good quality air rifles for people interested in using them for hunting and Pest Control. This is one of their best rifles for people who like a lot of features and don't want to spend the money on a more expensive brand to get them.

Great features like a rifled steel barrel, adjustable two-stage, trigger 4x32mm scope, included iron sights, mock sound suppressor, and an interesting stock Design Round out this bomber constructed ​model that makes a great first air rifle.

The stock on this looks uncomfortable when you first see it. Unless you're used to tactical style rifles with angular stocks and pistol grips it may seem counterintuitive that you can get extra accuracy out of this set up when compared to a traditional stock. However, once you carry this stock through the woods a few times or go plinking at the range you quickly realize that the large open area of the stock helps maintain a more natural balance point on the lighter air rifle as well as making it easier to carry through heavy brush. If you think you won't like it, give it a try most people end up loving it.

If you're looking for an innovative air rifle with good ballistics and every feature under the sun this is your choice.


  • Adjustable two stage trigger
  • Includes scope
  • Has iron sights
  • Durable synthetic stock


  • Angular stock is an acquired taste

Benjamin Titan GP

Everything about the Benjamin Titan GP is attention to detail and quality for your money. At the lower end of the air gun budget spectrum, there's a lot of junk. the best way to avoid this junk is to look for reviews online and try to see the air rifle in person before you pull the trigger on buying one.

This is an air rifle that anyone would find appealing because not only does it come from a name brand like Benjamin as soon as you take it out of the box you see that you made a good purchase.

It has a gorgeous Beach colored oversized thumbhole stock that is the size for an adult. this rifle simply doesn't feel like an airsoft gun or a toy once you get it in your hands and start shooting it.

After you work the mechanism a few times you'll feel that the piston in this air rifle is made to last and had the same parts and quality as the high-dollar models from Benjamin.

This ​comes with the industry standard 4x32mm scope and mock sound suppressor that many air ​guns come equipped with, but unlike most other air ​models, this rifle comes with a two-stage adjustable trigger that really helps you rang every bit of accuracy out of the gun.

If you're looking for an air rifle for hunting, this is a great option without breaking the bank. Everything about this gun works well and you won't be disappointed once you start using it regularly.


  • Two stage adjustable trigger
  • Thumbhole stock
  • High-quality wooden stock
  • Includes scope


  • No iron sights included
  • The stock is on the small side

Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk review

Crosman has made a name for themselves over the years as making the highest quality airsoft guns and air rifles. This is one of their ​models, billed as an excellent value for the money without leaving out any features that you might miss.

It is a Nitro piston design, with an angular stock that may look odd but feels good in the hand. It comes equipped with an installed 4x32mm scope, mock sound suppressor, and in a cheek riser embedded into the stock design.

There's not a whole lot to say about this ​choice, other than the fact that it just plain works. There's nothing too special about it, aside from the fact that many people are reporting that the stock feels better and hand than other air rifles that use subpar materials and smaller designs to save on cost.

This ​model is full-sized and every way and won't let you down while you're out hunting or controlling pests. If you're a taller guy and want an air rifle that will fit you better, take a look at the Nitro Venom Dusk from Crossman, it's one of the few air rifles on the market to feel and operate like a centerfire rifle and not in airsoft toy.


  • Includes scope
  • Has iron sights
  • Durable synthetic stock
  • Inexpensive


  • Low velocity

Rimfire vs Air

It’s important you treat pellet guns, like guns! Many of these high powered air guns compete with .22lr rifles for lethality and if you’re not careful you could make a fatal mistake. These guns are powerful and aren’t airsoft guns!

In areas close to homes where it would be safe to shoot, but very frowned upon, these rifles are downright deadly to small game that isn’t used to being hunted. You can really tell the difference when hunting that the quiet operation of an air gun gives you an edge!

In almost every way air rifles are superior to rimfire rifles for hunting small game. The only place they lose is long distance shooting and benchrest shooting. Rimfire rifles, especially the old standby cartridges like .22lr, are antiquated and are being surpassed in performance.


However, make sure you check the local laws of each and every place you plan on using your air rifle. In some areas, they’re still considered firearms by law enforcement, even if they aren’t by your local fish and game agency. Make sure you know whether or not it’s legal to be hunting with in the first place, and that you follow all laws on the transportation, storage, and discharge of these weapons. They aren’t mild air guns, these are just “powderless” rimfire rifles in a sense.

​​Final Word​

Hunting with an air rifle is a great way to introduce a young shooter to the joys of hunting without to noise and recoil of a ​​traditional gun. Shooting an air rifle is great, cheap fun, even in areas where it’s not safe, or a good idea, to shoot ​one. The lethality of these rifles are beginning to catch up to pistol rounds, and are excellent for all sorts of small game.

Get your hands on one these five, excellent air rifles, and get in the woods! You won’t have to worry about accuracy, range, or killing power with these guns, they’re all squared away and you can trust them to fill your limit, each and every time! If you are having a hard time picking one, we highly recommend the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500.

We hope our reviews of the best nitro piston air rifle have helped you decide on the right model!​