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Top 5 Best Reflex Sights Reviews in 2021

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Top 5 Best Reflex Sights: Ultimate Guide

Is it sometimes difficult to hit a moving target, or almost impossible when you’re in a hurry. This problem can become a thing of the past if you pick the right reflex sight for your weapon. Reflex sights were designed for rapid-fire and fast target acquisition. They help you pick your target and maintain a close bullet grouping when firing.

The market for the best reflex sights is flooded with options, and with so many products to choose from, the decision can be hard to make. It is further complicated by pricing, and certain sights are developed to function best with certain weapons, and others are designed to be relatively versatile. This means that picking a sight can be subjective, depending on your gun of choice.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

The Best Reflex Sights: Our Top 5 Picks

Predator V2 Reflex Sight

Reviews point to the Predator V2 sight as a strong, simple but effective sight. It is designed for any hunting rifle including, but not limited to, those manufactured by Winchester, Remington, and Colt. It includes a 45 degree offset mount, and the optic has four reticle patterns. And it is produced by a combat veteran-owned company.


The sight is waterproof and fog proof preserving clear vision and shooting even in adverse or damp weather. At 11.5 ounces in weight and 3.5 x 1.2 x 2.2, the sight is small and doesn’t get in the way.

There is a 45-Degree offset mount included. It has four adjustable reticle settings and two-color settings (both a red and a green reticle). This gives you an advantage and mobility regardless of your shooting environment.


  • Life-Long warranty
  • Water and fog proof
  • Dynamic reticle settings
  • Works with a wide variety of hunting rifles


  • Not adaptable to hand-guns and other weapons
  • There are cheaper options if you want something simple

Customer Sentiments

The Predator V2 Reflex Sight is a very good choice in its price range. It’s versatile and can be used for many purposes. There are more complicated sights, but this one more than does the job. 


Reviews call the Sig Sauer one of the best choices in its price range and the best micro dot sight you can get for under two-hundred dollars. The sight is versatile in the number of guns on which it can be used. While more expensive than some other sights on this list, it also has more bells and whistles to it and more closely resembles the abilities of some even more expensive sights.


At 12.3 ounces in weight and 4.7 x 3 x 0.8 inches in size the Sig Sauer is a little bulky, but not unbearably so. It is dependably waterproofed (including full immersion up to one meter) and fog-proofed.

The sight feats two MOA red-dot settings and ten illumination settings, making it work in all different light environments. It uses an M1913 Picatinny low mount riser and a cop-witness. The CR2032 battery loads on the side, making it perfect for quick changes.


  • Strong waterproof and fog protection
  • Dynamic reticle settings
  • Multiple mount options


  • A little bulky in size
  • Much more expensive than other budget sights

Customer Sentiments

Users agree that it’s a step up from many cheaper sights, and in many ways, the extra money is more than worth it. It’s a strong choice for many different shooting situations and weapons.


Users tend to agree that the sight is small, strongly made, and an absolute bargain for its price. It is designed to be used on various hunting rifles that have standard 20mm mounting rails, including all of the major brands including Winchester, Colt, and Remmington.


With a weight of 0.51 pounds and a diameter of 33mm, the Pinty sight is very small. The sight is enhanced for all weather conditions with waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof characteristics. The red and green reticles each have four different targeting patterns.

Made with a tubeless design and a solid aluminum alloy body, the sight is known for its longevity. Although designed for rifles, given its size, it can also be a very functional hand-gun sight, as long as the gun has the right kind of mount.


  • Very cheap compared to other sights of its quality
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Small, light and easy to pack/carry


  • Very simple, fewer bells and whistles
  • Water and fog proof ness is simple and not always effective 

Customer Sentiments

With its settings for various shooting capabilities and its affordable price, the Pint Red Green Dot Sight is the perfect sight for new and novice shooters. Even for experienced shooters, it is a strong, simple option for the price range. 


Reviewers agree that the Vortex sight is a solid middle of the road choice as far as sights go. It is more expensive than the cheapo sights and better than them, but it is also not going to kill your wallet completely and has a quality similar to many sights that will. It is also designed to fit not only with rifles but with nearly any pistol or shotgun, making it a particularly versatile option.


With a weight of 7.2 ounces and a size of 6.7 x 5.1 x 2.9 inches, the Vortex Optics is a mid-sized scope that will fit well on both small weapons and large ones. It is durable with aluminum housing. Loading the battery from the top makes the process easier on the go and eliminates the need to remove it from the weapon when changing the power source.

The sight is fitted with an O-ring to keep out moisture, dust, and debris from entering the sensitive areas of the scope. An auto-brightness feature uses an ambient light sensor to control dot intensity in ten different brightness levels. This allows for the sight to be heavily adaptable to a variety of different shooting conditions.


  • Very adaptable and sturdy, usable on a wide variety of guns
  • A great bang for your buck as far as more complicated, advanced scopes
  • Auto brightness mode


  • Water and fog proof ness is not as strong as other models
  • There are definitely cheaper choices

Customer Sentiments

A strong, adaptable sight for a slightly more developed gun enthusiast. Its adaptability to different weapons makes it a strong choice, particularly for its price range. 


Reviews say that the Predator V3 Micro sight is a strong option for its price. It is versatile and usable on a variety of weapons, and the company is combat-veteran owned. It also comes with a lifelong warranty. Compared to the previously mentioned Predator brand sight, this one is a little bigger, more expensive, and adaptable.


With a weight of 12 ounces and a size of 2.2 x 1.8 x 2 inches, this is a relatively large rifle scope within this price range. It features eleven adjustable brightness settings, making it easy to target regardless of the time of day or night.

The sight is waterproof, fog-proof, and features reflective protection. Additionally, the elevation and windage are fully adjustable, and obtaining an accurate zero is a quick and easy process. Included are a rail riser mount and a 45-degree offset mount.


  • Solid choice for the price
  • Well designed brightness settings
  • Lifelong warranty
  • Strong battery life


  • Not easily adaptable to non-rifles
  • You can find something similar for less money

Customer Sentiments

A step up from some of the cheapest options, but only marginally. It is a sturdy sight, with highly effective brightness settings, but maybe you can find something better for a slightly lower price.

Must-have Features in Reflex Sights

What you must-have in a reflex sight is highly dependable on what kind of gun-owner you are and where and when you want to use the sight. That being said, there are a few certain features that most reflex sight users agree can not be done without.

  • A strong housing structure. The best are generally tube style sights.
  • Light transmission glasses with a clear projection light
  • The size of the reticle. This one is very much based on personal preference, but you should pick a reticle that you are comfortable looking at.
  • The adjustability for elevation and windage is not so important if you are just shooting at the range, but if you plan to take it out hunting, it is a vital thing to consider.
  • The battery lifespan changeability. Nobody wants their battery to die mid hunt. LED battery sources are often best. 

FAQ’s About Reflex Sights

Why Do You Need One? 

While there are many reasons to use a reflex sight, there is also one main reason. The main reason to buy a reflex sight over a red dot sight or any other traditional scope is that a reflex sight provides eye relief. Instead of having to squint with one eye, shooters can take a more comfortable position with both eyes open. This is particularly important when acquiring moving targets and in other fast-paced situations.

What Does it Do? 

A reflex sight uses a lens that functions inside kind of like a mirror. The aiming point is projected forward into the lens before being reflected back, allowing you to see the reticle. This kind of sight has a very distinct look as there is no traditional tube-shaped sight, only a small, clear window. 


In the end, we choose the Predator V2 Reflex Sight as the best choice for the money, but it was a very close call. The predator V2 has a wide variety of options and settings, is small and adaptable and easy to use. It is also cheaper than many other sights with the same abilities, including sights from the same Predator brand. Plus, it is a combat veteran-owned company and has a lifelong warranty.