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Best Shooting Table Reviews of 2021 (Guide)

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Best Shooting Table Reviews

Sometimes, you just need a little bit more stabilization to get that perfect, accurate shot. Especially when shooting small targets at long distances, it can be difficult to steady your gun enough with just your arms. That’s when a shooting table, also known as a shooting bench, comes in.

They may seem a bit silly at first, but a good shooting table will allow you to rest your arms and rifle on a hard surface, take a seat, and get the most accurate shot you can, without any shaking or unsteadiness. There are many different kinds to choose from – portable, not portable. Padded, not padded. So we’ve gone ahead and rounded the 5 best shooting tables out there, so you can get to the important stuff – shooting. 

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Reviews of the Best Shooting Table​

Kill Shot Portable Shooting Bench

The Kill Shot is a portable, relatively lightweight yet full-size shooting bench that that folds down to a manageable size for transporting to and from the gun range. The seat is 20” tall, and the shooting table itself adjusts in three heights from 32” to 33” to 34” tall so you can get the perfect position for the best shot. There’s even a flip-up stand to rest your rifle on, and the polyester cover on the table includes pouches for stashing your ammo and any tools or gear you need.

The Kill Shot is made from heavy-duty, 1” square steel tubes, holds up to 300 pounds, and padded with a 600-denier polyester padding. And you will have to take some time to assemble it, but assembly is relatively straightforward. The whole thing weighs 33 pounds and can be easily moved wherever you’re going.

It’s not the fanciest, the lightest or the most attractive, but the Kill Shot is an affordable, relatively straightforward shooting bench that will get the job done.


  • Adjustable height
  • Attached seat – 20” tall
  • Flip-up rifle stand
  • Relatively light for what it is – 33 pounds


  • Large and bulky; takes time to setup and use

Caldwell Stable Table

The Caldwell Stable is one of the more well-known shooting tables on the market, and for good reason. The tripod-style design is very different from other, folding benches, but that only makes it more stable, with less moving parts and joints. There’s a bolt in the base that allows you to raise or lower one leg at a time, making the table parallel with the horizon. You can actually pivot the central shaft, seat and tabletop 360-degrees around the center for shooting any direction, while the bench can be locked in place. There are slots on either side of the table, which serve as handles for carrying the table or to mount a perimeter rail on which to steady the gun and keep your ammo from rolling off.

The stand and frame are made of a welded sturdy steel, while the table top is made of a blow-molded synthetic plastic. It adjusts from 16” to 22” tall, has a weight limit of 275 weighs about 60 pounds. Which isn’t exactly light, so if you’re planning on taking it out into the field, it can be a bit of work to pack it up and get it out there. However, for the price Stable Table is one sturdy, steady shooting bench that will keep your shots smooth and allow for some flexibility in shooting.


  • Sturdy, hefty build
  • Seat and tabletop all swivel 360-degrees
  • Perimeter rail add-ons


  • Heavy
  • Hard to move

MTM Predator Table

The MTM Predator Table is as simple as it gets when it comes to good shooting benches. It uses a four-legged, sturdy design that looks like a regular fold-up table, and measures 30 inches tall. The wedge-shaped table uses the traditional shooting bench design, is wide enough to work for both right and left-handed shooters, and features barrel grooves in the side for resting your rifle when not in use. The flat design also allows it to double as a cleaning bench or muzzleloader table.

Altogether, the Predator Table weighs only 15 pounds and folds up to a slim, flat shape that fits in any car. This makes it especially useful for traveling and taking either to the range or to the backcountry. It doesn’t have all the features and swivel of other tables, like the Caldwell Stable Table, but sometimes simpler is better. It’s also the cheapest table on our list.


  • Simple, ambidextrous design
  • Light – 30 pounds
  • Folds up slim and flat


  • No seat
  • Lacking in features

#4. ​MTM HLST High-Low Shooting Table

MTM HLST High-Low Shooting Table

The HSLT from MTM stands for High-Low Shooting Table, which is exactly what this shooting table does. It’s designed to be taken and setup anywhere you need a table, weighing only 17 pounds and packing down to a nice, manageable size – as low as 18” - thanks to its tripod design. Likewise, it can go as high as 55” tall. The three locking legs all adjustable independent of each other, so you can get an even surface on hills and uneven ground and have two locking points per leg for plenty of flexibility. The feet have stakes and side stirrups, keeping it securely and tightly planted on the ground. And the wedge-shaped tabletop is, like the Predator Table, designed to accommodate both left and right-handed shooters, and you can add all sorts of different accessories, like ammo holders, a front rest, etc.

The HSLT’s real draw is how portable and versatile it really is. The tabletop comes off the tripod, which slings over your shoulder for carrying around and moving. And, as mentioned, it weighs only 17 pounds; it goes virtually anywhere. And at less than a hundred bucks, it’s definitely one of the more affordable shooting tables on our list.


  • Super adjustable; free-moving leg height
  • Works on uneven ground, hillsides
  • Works for both left and right-handed shooters
  • Light – 17 lbs
  • Portable


  • No seat

X-Stand X-ecutor

The X-Stand X-ecutor is easily the most comfortable of the shooting benches on our list. Weighing in at 35 pounds, it is made of sturdy steel. The gun rest is coated in non-scratch rubber and features a micro-adjust tuning knob, which lets you tweak your aiming by tiny adjustments, without taking your sights off the target, just by turning the knob. There’s a 360° swivel seat, that can be adjusted forward or backwards. And the bench comes with a padded vinyl cover to protect your gear and extra storage space for it. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and the table top is designed to work ambidextrously.

It folds down so you can carry it easily, and 35 pounds puts it right in the middle of the weight range on our list. There isn’t a whole special about the X-ecutor that you can’t get on other tables; it doesn’t have the sheer flexibility or versatility of the Stable Table, isn’t as light as the MTM Predator, and you can’t adjust it up and down like the MTM HSLT. We do like the swivel seat and the micro-adjustment knob, however. If you’d like a shooting bench with a padded seat, but are still on a budget, it’s built like a tank, and one of the less expensive options, and that’s where it’s value comes in.


  • Inexpensive
  • Micro-adjustment knob on gunrest
  • 360-swivel seat


  • Not super adjustable
  • On the heavier end – 35 lbs

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shooting Bench

Choosing a good hunting table is relatively straightforward, but there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Position – Sitting or Standing?

This is perhaps the first, and most important thing, you will need to look into. Do you prefer shooting from a seated position, or while standing upright? Most shooting benches are low, many with a built-in seat, that will require you to sit while shooting. This will be the most steady, accurate position, but will leave you without much flexibility; if you like to move around, and shoot while standing or crouching, you’ll want to opt for a bench that stands much higher, but these are fewer.

Left or Right-Handed?

Another very important consideration. Do you shoot left or right-handed? The majority of shooting benches that only accommodate one position will be designed for right-handed shooters, with the shape of the table making it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to shoot the other way around. But you can find some meant for left-handed people, and there also many ambidextrous benches out there (like the MTM HSLT).

Weight and Portability

While there are a lot of portable, flexible shooting benches out there, that weight little and let you move them around with ease, there are others that weigh upwards of 50 or 60 pounds. While these work well for shooting on the range or in the backyard, they’re a bit heavy and bulky for taking out in the field with you, and you’ll want to opt for something lighter.


There you have it, our reviews of the best tables for shooting. We hope you’ll find one of these shooting tables fits your needs and budget, and believe you’ll be on your way to accurate, steady shots in no time. Our top pick is the MTM HSLT, thanks to its flexibility, lightweight (only 17 pounds) and ambidextrous versatility. It doesn’t have a seat, but you can fold it down, fold it up, and bring it out in the field with you, shooting on uneven, rocky surfaces. And, it’s still super affordable.