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The Best Spearfishing Gloves of 2021 | Reviews

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Best Spearfishing Gloves Reviews

​​In need of a good, reliable pair of spearfishing gloves for your dives? Spearfishing gloves are essentially diving gloves, meant to offer a layer of protection in cold water (35 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) as well as from scratches and anything you might be exposed underwater.

As with anything else, there’s a few different styles and options to choose from when choosing a pair of spearfishing gloves, so we’ve gone ahead and selected some of the best options available for you to look at. So get your fins ready and read on to see our top picks for the best spearfishing gloves.

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Reviews of the Best Spearfishing Gloves​

Cressi High Stretch Gloves

The High Stretch Gloves from Cressi are made with a single layer of lined neoprene, which adds both good insulation and waterproofing, but also warmth and comfort inside the glove. The lining is Metallite to make them easy to slide on and off. The outside of the glove has a non-slip finish to hold on tight while you’re spearfishing.

The High Stretch Gloves come in three thicknesses - 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 5mm – so you can choose the right one for the water temperature you find yourself in. They also feature a preformed shape that uses the natural shape of your hands, with pre-bent fingers, to get the most natural, comfortable fit possible.

Complaints? The wrists are too loose, leading to an uncomfortable and unsecure fit. And the grip on the palms tends to wear off with use, which is disappointing, especially considering the usual Cressi quality.

They are nice, warm gloves with different thicknesses to choose from, and a comfortable, natural shape. But we find they could be higher quality.


  • Three thicknesses to choose from
  • Neoprene Build
  • Metallite lining – soft and warm
  • Preformed, pre-bent fingers and shape


  • Loose wrists
  • Palm grip wears off; not durable

D Vein Lobster Gloves

The Lobster Gloves from D Vein are made with Kevlar, which is incredibly resistant to cuts and abrasions, which is extremely handy underwater and when dealing with sharp objects (like a spear). It’s also flame-resistant, though we don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about that when spearfishing. Hopefully. The palms have the customary non-slip grip, as well as a thick, rubber armor to protect against any other cuts or sharp objects. The Kevlar also has a waterproof coating.

We really like how comfortable and soft the D Vein Lobster Gloves are. The Kevlar weave is flexible and pliable, letting you use your hands easily and dexterously, without feeling like you are wearing big, bulky gloves. But the protection they offer is heavy-duty and feels solid and dependable.

The only thing to remember about these gloves is that they are not meant for insulating your hands against cold water. They are meant for merely for protection against sharp objects, rocks, and wildlife. The waterproof coating will help keep your hands dry, and thus warmer, but is not the same as a thick layer of neoprene.

But with that said, these are fantastic spearfishing gloves, durable, tough and sure to protect your hands from all different kinds hazards.


  • Kevlar build. Tough and durable
  • Flexible and comfortable. Dexterous and doesn’t feel bulky
  • Thick rubber armor on back of the hand
  • Waterproof Coating


  • Not the warmest

Neosport 3mm Neoprene Glove

These durable gloves from Neosport are made of 3mm thick neoprene, the same material, and thickness as most wetsuits. As a result, they are good for chilly water temperatures, keeping the water out and your hands warm. They feature a hi-grip, Cyclone palm design, which ensures you can hold on to anything you need underwater. The seams are both glued and sewn, to ensure the glove holds up to heavy use.

The Velcro-elastic wrist cuffs allow you to get a good comfortable, custom fit, by letting you tighten them exactly how you like them and keeping water out of the cuffs. We think they do an excellent job of keeping water out and your hands warm, and the grippy palm allows you to hold onto your spear easily when diving. The fit is really good, too.

One thing to keep in mind is that these gloves to run quite small, so be sure to try on a pair or two before buying if you can. And while 3mm is decently thick, if you find yourself hunting in water below 50 degrees for long periods, you may want to find something thicker and warmer.

But overall, these gloves are quality and comfortable, with a grippy palm and enough warmth for most water. And they are quite affordable.


  • 3mm thick neoprene
  • Adjustable Velcro-elastic cuffs
  • Grippy palms
  • Durable construction


  • Run small

Tilos 1.5 Amara Gloves

These gloves are Tilos are 1.5mm thick, made of a neoprene back and an Amara (synthetic mesh leather) palm. A lycra panel is inserted to add some stretch and comfort, while the palm and thumb are reinforced for durable, long-lasting wear. The wrists are held on by an adjustable Velcro wristband.

Like the Cressi High Stretch gloves above, the Tilos 1.5 have a preformed shape, with pre-bent fingers, that allows for a much more natural comfortable position. And when you try them on and use them, their quality is evident; these are much higher quality than the price you are paying.

With that said, they are not very thick, and thus not very warm. If you are looking for something to keep your hands warm in chilly water, these may not be the gloves for you; they’re meant more for warmer water than anything else. They also run small.

However, they are quite dexterous, well-built and stylish if that’s what you want. They and not super warm – but they get the job done.


  • 1.5mm thick neoprene/Amara build
  • Preformed shape, natural fit
  • Lycra reinforcement for stretch and durability
  • High-quality


  • Not very warm
  • Run small

Cressi UltraSpan

The Ultraspan gloves are made from 2.5mm thick Ultraspan neoprene, which combines the best of elasticity, comfort, and protection from cold water. The stretchy fabric keeps them comfortable and tight on your hands, while the anti-slip dots all over the fingers are intended to give them solid grip.

For these gloves, Cressi created a special glove design and shape, which emphasizes details such as the depth of the fingers and the wrist closure, and includes durable stitched seams, for a more comfortable, longer-lasting glove. The UltraSpan also come in Tecnica, which is Cressi’s original camo pattern, in which they also make wetsuits and socks for a full camo pattern. They’re just fine for water temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees.

Anything below 60 degrees, however, and you will want to opt for something thicker and warmer. Which means these don’t offer much comfort if you live in a colder climate. And unfortunately, the grip on the gloves is really poor; it just doesn’t work well for grasping wet poles and other items underwater.

But for a decent pair of camo gloves at a fair price, the UltraSpan aren’t bad. They’re from Cressi, after all. We’d like to see better grip on the palms and thicker options. But the stretchy, thick neoprene is very comfortable and versatile, and solidly built.


  • 2.5mm thick UltraSpan fabric; comfy and stretchy
  • Good for temps 60-75F
  • Tecnica Camo Pattern
  • Comfortable, natural fit; enhanced pattern
  • Affordable


  • Not very warm
  • The grip on palms is not very good

What to Look For In a Pair of Spearfishing Gloves


Most spearfishing gloves will be made of neoprene, the same material as wetsuits. But some are made of other materials – such as Kevlar or nylon. The material itself is not as important as which you prefer, and what you hope to get out of your pair of gloves. Neoprene will be the warmest, while Kevlar the toughest, for example.


Neoprene gloves – like wetsuits – usually come in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm. The thicker the glove, the warmer it will be, and the more suitable for colder water temperatures. Keep in mind the average water temperature where you fish and choose an appropriate pair of gloves. Generally, for water between 60-75F, 1 or 2mm will be fine. For anything less, look for 4-5mm.


Again, similar to warmth, this will have to do with how thick the gloves are. Very thick neoprene gloves may not be very dexterous, while thinner gloves (such as Kevlar) will give you a bit more control over your fingers.

Final Thoughts

Our selected best pair of spearfishing gloves are the Cressi High Stretch gloves. Made of neoprene, they come in three different thicknesses – 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 5mm – so you can choose the amount of warmth and insulation you need. They’re also lined for easy on-off and comfort, and the stretchy, preformed shape means they are comfortable, flexible and easy-to-use, without being too bulky. Overall, they’re a high-quality set of gloves that will keep your hands warm, dry and protected when diving.

Our next choice would be the D Vein Lobster gloves. They aren’t super warm but offer a tough, durable Kevlar build and rubber armor that will protect you from cuts, abrasions and just about everything else, all the while remaining dexterous.

Choose any of the pairs above, and you’ll be on your way to some fun diving and spearfishing – with warm, protected hands.