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Best Tree Stand Bow Holder Reviews of 2021

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Best Tree Stand Bow Holder

Why ​would you consider a good bow holder for your tree stand? Pretty simple answer; so you don’t have to hold your own bow the whole time you’re hiding in a tree stand, straining your arms while ​waiting for your next target to come along. ​These ​holders are designed to make it a whole lot easier and much more comfortable to wait hours on end ​when bowhunting.

​Typically ​they should attach to ​whatever type of stand you choose, though each model can differ in terms of size and ​how they attach to your stand.

Admittedly, there's not a lot of good quality holders on the market to buy, but we can assure you that we've narrowed things done to the 5 absolute best tree stand bow holders there is. Our reviews will show you exactly where you should be putting your money. So let's take a look at what we suggest.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Tree Stand Bow Holders​

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

This bow holder from reliable Summit Tree Stand is as simple as it comes; a metal hanger that clamps on to your tree stand within seconds. Simply unscrew the bolt, place it on your tree stand, and screw back on. The metal bow holder is coated in rubber, to keep it from scratching your bow and making any unnecessary noise. It works with most Summit Tree Stands, as well as most other hunting tree stands available, and we find it very easy to put on and take off.

The best part about this tree stand bow holder is how inexpensive it is; it’s the cheapest on our list but works just fine for how little you’re paying. As a result, there’s no fancy design or features, just a straight-forward bow hook.

But it’s not perfect; many reviewers have found the clamp size too small for many tree stands, and either won’t fit on or won’t tighten enough to get a secure fit. The threading is also low-quality and can strip if you tighten the knob too much, rendering it useless.

So it may work okay if you are on a budget, but you may want to invest a little more and get a little higher quality.


  • Cheap
  • Works with many different tree stands
  • Very Simple To Use
  • Coated in Rubber


  • Low-quality hardware; threads strip easily

Verdict: Best Overall

My Bow Buddy Hanger

My Bow Buddy built this hanger from solid steel and designed it for use on ladder stands and hang-on tree stands. It can be mounted at any point of the tree stand by screwing on to the bottom of the platform itself and works with both compound bows and crossbows. The high-profile design also makes it easier to grab the bow without having to reach down too far.

The durability and heft of the solid steel construction is really noticeable and makes a ​massive difference over some of the cheaper and less fortified of bow hangers. We have no doubts ​about its quality and ability to last a long, long time. There’s rubber on the arm to prevent metal-on-metal noise and scratching.

One problem with it: It doesn’t work with all bows. It works well for bows with more horizontal limbs, while curved or more vertical ones will have a harder time staying secure and sturdy inside the holder due to the shape of the bow hook.

But, if it works with your bow, it works well, holding it close and at the ready. It is definitely durable and well-made with quality, and we think it will hold up for a long time.


  • Solid steel construction is hefty and very durable.
  • Screw-on mount attaches to any part of the tree stand, particularly the bottom of the platform.
  • Rubber sleeve prevents scratching your bow
  • Works with crossbows


  • Doesn’t work with all bows, particularly very curved risers

High Point Products Holder

This bow holder from High Point Products is versatile, made of a thick, engineered nylon resin, mounting on either side of your tree stand. A carriage bolt mounting screw makes installation easy; slide it onto any ¾” and 1” square tubed stand and screw it on. In fact, it comes in two models: the Drill version requires a hole in the rail, while the aforementioned Clamp Model just clamps on. You can purchase a round tube adapter for round-tubed tree stands.

Something we really like: this holder rotates 360-degrees, locking into place every 5 degrees, so you can choose the perfect angle for your bow to stand at the ready. The boot is made of textured rubber to avoid scratching your bow and any metal-on-metal clanking or scraping.

Downsides? For one, it’s made of resin, not metal. While this cuts down weight, it also means it’s not as durable as we would like. It can be quite flimsy if not mounted on a perfectly-sized, square-tubed tree stand, rocking side to side. A metal construction with rubber coating would be preferable and sturdier.

Overall, we like the High Point Bow Holder. It mounts easily, and when it works with your tree stands, is quite sturdy, and it’s very to grab the bow and remove it from the holder.


  • Rubber Boot is Quiet when grabbing the bow
  • Rotates 360-degrees with secure locking in place
  • Two versions to choose from: Clamp and Drill
  • Works with Square-Tubed Tree Stands


  • Resin construction could be more durable
  • Mounting screw mount is flimsy on round tubes, even with an adapter

HME Products Universally Mountable Holder

HME Products’ goal was to create a bow holder that mounts to virtually any tree stand or ladder, and this one is pretty close. It uses a slide-and-lock mounting system that is large enough for any tree stand tubing, and mounts in seconds; simply slide it over the tube and tighten the screw. Done.

Four points of contact ensure sturdy attachment, and the bow holder fork rotates 360-degrees, so it works with any shaped bow or riser curvatures. We really like how versatile it is, and its ability to work with most tree stands.

But there are some things we don’t like: there’s a lot of small parts, screws, and washers for something intended to be carried into the field. It’s really easy to drop a screw and lose it in the brush. The fork is also a bit wide, so if you have a rather thin bow, it leaves the bow almost hanging there as opposed to securely supported.

Overall, however, the Universally Mountable Bow Holder works with virtually any tree stand, and costs practically nothing.


  • Inexpensive
  • Works with almost any tree stand
  • Fork rotates 360-degrees


  • Easy to lose screws and bits
  • The fork is too wide for smaller bows

Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest

This bow ​rest from Third Hand is different but simple; an s-shape hook holds the bow firmly. The bracket can be mounted to the outside edge of any wood or metal tree stand and designed to be drill-free.

Moving the bow to the outside edge of the tree stand allows for more room for you and gives you a full range of motion. The aluminum construction is lightweight and sturdy; without much in the way of moving parts or clamps, the whole thing is tight and reliable.

Downsides? The screw/bracket design requires a bit more setup than simpler models, and some of the included metal hardware (nuts, bolts) are low-quality, undermining the holder’s quality. The screws also tend to get caught on clothing when you’re climbing in and out of your tree stand, and if you use it on a climber, the hook tends to get caught on things when you’re moving around and setting up.

Overall? It’s an affordable option for holding your bow in your stand, works with most stands, and is simple and sturdy.


  • Mounts to outside edge of the tree stand
  • Sturdy aluminum build


  • Low-quality hardware
  • Design/hooks tend to get caught on objects, clothing, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Good Tree Stand Bow Hanger


This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a bow holder for your tree stand. Take a look at what kind of mounting system the bow hanger uses, and whether it will work with your stand. Does it use screws? A bracket? Clamps? You want to ensure that whichever one you use fits on your tree stand’s tubing (whether square or round, and no matter how thick), and will want to look one with a simple mounting system – not too many screws or moving parts. All-in-one clamp on​ holders are usually better. However, this all depends on your hunting setup and whether a screw in or non-screw in ​option is more practical. The type of mounting you should ​decide on also heavily depends on the type of setup you have - climbing, hang-on or ​ladder tree stand.

Hook Shape

If you have a particularly curved bow and riser, or a particularly flat one, you will need to make sure that it will work with the; bow hooks come in different shapes and sizes, and while most are intended to work universally, they don’t always work with every bow. Some will just be too large, too tight or too wide.


The kind of material the bow hanger is made of is important in two ways. One, you want to ensure it’s durable; most will be made of metal, but some are made of thick plastic or resin. Metal will obviously be more durable, but also heavier.

If it is metal, check to make sure there is some kind of rubber sleeve or coating over the hook. This will prevent it from scratching your bow, and from making too much noise when removing it or sliding it back in.

Ease of Attachment

​When hunting for game such as deer, it is vitally important that any type of equipment is easy to setup and does not require ​​​​alot of ​fidgeting around. This means that your choice of hanger should take minimum effort to attach to your platform ​or seat, and should not require lots of tools to setup correctly. This also goes hand-in-hand with ensuring the attachment of your chosen model is silent and keeps the noise down to a minimum, and avoid spooking any potential deer in the area.​​​​ Whether or not your model is silent is also dependant on the style of mounting that it uses such as screw in, clamp on etc.


You'll want your chosen hanger to hold your compound bow steady and firm, ensuring that there's no ​wobbling ​or side-to-side movement from the weapon. As mentioned above, you want to avoid any ​unnecessary ​movement or noise as much as possible when game hunting, therefore, you can't afford to have your weapon swinging around for your tree stand.

Why Use a Tree Stand Bow Holder​?

Bow holders are commonly used by hunters taking to their tree stands because they enable the hunter to affix his or her bow in the perfect position and then leave it there ready for when a target rears its head.

A bow holder enables the bow to be rested whilst keeping it within arm’s length, meaning that the hunter can immediately react, line up their shot and then release, all within a matter of seconds.

This is much better than having to pick up the bow, get it in position and then line up for the shot. Game, especially deer, can move in a matter of seconds, and if you are wasting seconds by not being ready, you can easily lose what would have been a kill.

Sitting and waiting in a tree stand can be a lengthy process, and a bow holder enables you to focus on other things whilst keeping your weapon ready.

How to Attach One

It is very easy to attach a bow holder to the tree stand without using any tools or machinery. All good tree stands will come with various different fixings on which the bow holder can be rested, eliminating the need to start hammering and drilling in screws for brackets.

Most tree stands and bow holders are manufactured in a way which makes them cross-compatible. Most bow holders will affix easily to most tree stands available on the market.

In most cases, attaching a bow holder to the tree stand is simply a case of slotting the frame of the bow holder to the side of your tree stand using the fixings which are already in place.

Once it is there, the bow holder’s bracket can be tightened so the bow is held securely in place and you can concentrate on other activities whilst waiting for your game to show itself.

Final Thoughts

That's a wrap for our reviews of the best tree stand bow holders. Firstly, before making a choice consider the things we listed above to look out for, namely, what style of attachment you would like your hanger to have. Would you prefer something that clamps in and is non-screw in by nature, or, would you prefer something that does screw in or is bolted into place? You know best how your treestand is setup, so pick one recommended for your style of setup. We highly recommend the Summit Treestands product.

Either way, ​all of these bow hangers for tree stands are good ​picks ​and will do an excellent job, ​​with all the models ​​being durable and built to last. So, choose one that fits your budget and ​style of tree hunting. Pick one and get out in the woods bowhunting!