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Top 5 Best Turkey Mouth Call Reviews in 2021

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There are different types of calls, such as push-button, box, diaphragm, and wing bone calls that can be used to help you on your hunting mission. Those who are serious about hunting prefer to use the mouth call as it is the most efficient and successful when out in the field.

Reeds are what make the sound and come in sizes from 1-4. There are a few different methods of construction, which means that some are more successful than others. It is important to choose the right call to add the desired efficiency when hunting.

If you buy one with a plastic frame, try not to bend it as it may snap, rendering your turkey mouth call useless. By taking care of your caller, you can rest assured that it will last the entire season.

With the proper fit and storage, your caller will be comfortable and last through several seasons. How to decide which is best for you?

We’re reviewing the top 5 turkey mouth calls for your hunting needs. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each for you to make an informed choice. Whether you’re hunting for sport or recreation, you’ll find the best option for your needs here.

Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Best Turkey Mouth Call: Our Top 5 Picks

Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call

This two-pack of mouth calls produce different sounds with the ability to create accurate sounding calls for a range of birds. With practice, you can make universal sounds with this call more so than with any other on the market. The blue and green calls have different tones which make this turkey mouth call set more flexible than some of its competitors. It is very versatile and provides hunters with a wide range of options when out in the field.


  • Two callers, two tones
  • Hand made
  • Universal sound, it can produce many calls
  • Affordable


  • Two tones
  • Hand-cut reeds
  • Variety of sounds: yelps, cuts, purrs, etc.
  • Hands-free


  • Challenging to master the range of sounds
  • The blue call is considered too sweet-sounding

Customer Sentiments

Customers said that the hand-made mouth callers ability to produce two different tones is a real plus. The ability to mimic all sorts of sounds from yelps, cuts, clicks and much more using a minimal amount of air was also a positive repeated by many users. Buyers also report that the reeds do not go soft after even an entire morning of hunting and heavy usage.

Although this product may be a bit more difficult to master, many users say that it’s well worth the effort. The online resources that teach you also received good feedback. If you’re a novice, it’s easy to learn through the dedicated online videos. Primos is a reliable company that has been around for many years. Customers were generally happy to have a wide range of calls within the product and the fact that it comes from a well-respected company.

H.S. Struts Premium Flex Four

This four-pack combo is an excellent starter for novices or a fantastic add-on for more serious hunters. The product has four different, easy to learn calls make it a good choice, no matter your level, or experience. It is possible to produce almost every turkey sound with this durable mouth caller. With the right amount of practice, you will find that this product is versatile and can produce accurate calls easily.


  • Four distinct sounds
  • Flexibility
  • 2-3 reeds in each piece
  • Durable
  • Infinity latex


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable fit in your mouth
  • Little air needed
  • Simple to learn and master
  • Superior quality
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Smaller sized frames


  • Needs replacing more frequently
  • Positioning may slide

Customer Sentiments

Customers advise that this product works whether you’re a hunting novice or a seasoned hunter. This product is extremely versatile. Users report that the four different calls have an excellent variety of tones and sounds. Reviewers say it is easy to use and you have the ability to produce almost every turkey sound out there. The new infinity latex makes it durable for the entire morning.

This product is made for those with a smaller mouth size for comfortability and users agree that it works. Some say that those with a larger jaw size may experience some shifting during use. With practice, you can easily avoid this issue.

People were impressed with the 2-3 reeds in each mouth caller, plus, four in a pack, as you get more bang for your buck. Buyers agreed that this affordable product is worth the investment.

Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs

Here is another four-pack product that gives you a wide range of sounds and tones in one product and therefore, one purchase. To create this product, two companies, Mossy Oak and Quaker boy, have collaborated on its production and it is a good choice for this reason. It has durability and delivers a high-quality product that won’t break your budget. This is a fantastic option for all of the Turkey Hunters out there. You can see how much effort has gone into the design and testing process when you use it.


  • Four-pack
  • 2-3.5 reeds
  • Huge sound variety
  • Experienced and reliable company
  • Three calls have 3.5 reeds
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Carrying case included


  • Fantastic sound and tone range
  • Long and short-range calls
  • Long-lasting
  • Extremely affordable
  • Donation to veterans with purchase


  • Uncomfortable fit for some
  • Challenging to learn all the calls
  • Overly Loud
  • Extra care required to ensure durability

Customer Sentiments

This product is a favorite of both the customers and the creators! Users commented that they were impressed that three of the four callers are manufactured with 3.5 reeds, providing a huge range of sounds with many tones. Novice hunters reported that it can be difficult to learn all the calls, but more experienced hunters advised that it is easy to practice and master the technique.

Customers enjoyed the fact that it comes with a carrying case. It was seen as a thoughtful addition to the purchase. Buyers advise that this ensures you can use the product for several seasons with little care. They also said that it helps you not to lose the product easily.

Most customers were happy that the Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs offers a large variety of calls alongside excellent durability. They believed that this product is a great package that offers excellent value for your dollar.

Knight & Hale Judgment Day

This turkey call is one of the most realistic sounding of all the callers out there; this three-pack is an excellent investment for turkey hunters. If you buy this product, you will find it to have an extensive range of sound and tone for a low price.

Knight & Hale judgment day callers are hand-tuned by Chris Parrish, a champion turkey caller, so you know they’re high-quality. They also include a patent-pending waterproof, diamond wood-striker. It also has a design that provides quick flipping for hunters to change sound and tone fast.


  • Hand-tuned by an industry pro
  • Waterproof Striker
  • Quick flipping design


  • Dual-sided slate and glass sides
  • Minimum movement required to switch between sounds and tones
  • Amazing volume for windy days and long-range hunting
  • Diamond wood striker for natural, all friction calls
  • Affordable 


  • Raspy sound some hunters may dislike
  • Slate side delicate and may easily be damaged through improper handling
  • Bright-color is easily seen in the forest

Customer Sentiments

This was certainly a favorite product among customers; this product is easy to learn to use. The glass side works well in all weather conditions, and this was championed by many reviewers. However, one user advised that the slate side produced a much lower volume sound in wet or rainy weather. Both novice and seasoned hunters agree that for the price, it’s a good product to invest in.

Primos Hunting 272 Friction Call, Turkey, Starter Pack

This turkey call is a great choice for hunters just starting out. Primos Hunting 272 has a simple design and is specifically made for hunters that have not got a lot of experience. It is a double-sided box call with a sonic dome slate pot. It comes with a wooden striker and is also possible to be used without your mouth, which increases your options when out in the field for the first time.

The product also comes with a carry case which will help you to keep in pristine condition. It is very affordable when compared to the others on our, list but it does not have the same level of capability which would put-off more experienced hunters.


  • Double-sided with a sonic dome
  • Cut diaphragm mouth call
  • Slim striker sonic dome double with bat 


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Comes with storage case


  • Not so versatile
  • Not great for advanced hunters

Customer Sentiments

Customers were most excited about the excellent value for money, that this product offers. The users said that for the money this gives you many options and is a great place to start out when wanting to improve your hunting efficiency.

Some purchases said that they received the wrong mix of items in the box and had to return it, while others said that the chalk was missing from the box which is not as advertised. Overall customers could see the value in the product and were happy with what they had bought. 


Why do you need one?

Mouth calls produce high-quality sounds with little movement required to produce them. This is what makes them so useful as this way; you won’t startle your target.

What does it do?

Early season hunting provides little coverage and turkeys have good eyesight. They will see you reaching for your caller and disappear. A mouth-caller will stay in your mouth for more extended periods, avoiding extraneous movement.

How does it work?

For those of you starting out, a mouth call consists of three essential parts: a frame, latex reeds, and tape. The frame keeps the reeds in place and maintains tension for sound.

Why is the fit important?

They fit on the roof of your mouth and quite simply, the better the fit, the better the sound will be. You should try to avoid too large or small pieces, as air will escape. Air escaping lowers the volume and quality of sound.

Is it possible to buy a turkey caller that can be used without practice?

Unfortunately not. The technology of turkey callers is improving, but there is not a product out there that can be used to perfection straight away without some practice. You will need to learn how to use each call that you buy. There is a lot of help and guidance out there, and you will find that most products have ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube. 

The Verdict

Based on customer reviews, sound quality and price the winner is, H.S. Struts Calls. While many of the callers reviewed would be a great addition to a hunter’s arsenal, H.S. Struts provides loud, natural-sounding calls at an extremely affordable price. You will not find a better choice on the market and should look no further than this one. 

It works in any weather. Plus, the comfort can’t be beaten! They are easy to learn to use and extremely affordable. Whether you’re just starting or seasoned, you will not regret buying H.S. Struts Premium Flex Four Turkey Callers.