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Best 5 GoPro Bow Mounts of 2021 With Reviews

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Best 5 GoPro Bow Mounts

You may be a serious bow hunter, but how seriously do you actually take your hunts? If you also love to record your bow hunting sessions with a GoPro camera, then you’re going to need something reliable that will hold the GoPro steady and allow your hands to remain free to shoot. A simple mounting bracket that you can easily attach to your bow will do the trick. But which holders are the right size for your chosen GoPro camera, as well as being worth the money? Check out our top picks and reviews below of the best 5 GoPro mounts for bow hunting.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best GoPro Bow Mounts​

GoPro Gun-Rod-Bow Mount (GoPro Official)

This official mount from GoPro itself is an excellent choice and a solid mount that will last a long time. It works with most shotguns and rifles, as well as bows and fishing rods, making it an excellent choice for just about any hunter. You can mount it either on the side or the bottom of your barrel or rod, or even the top if you want, and you can mount two cameras at once – one pointing forwards and one pointing back to yourself, or both in one direction – for an almost 360-degree view of your hunt.

GoPro also designed this mount with a special “backdoor” mount, that stabilizes the camera during recoil from the rifle, for a smooth shot every time. They also painted it matte black so as not to reflect any sunlight.

The few gripes people have with the GoPro Mount relate to the weight, as well as the lack of padding. While overall low-profile, when paired with a camera, the mount can throw off the balance of your rifle or bow and make getting an accurate shot a bit harder; practice will be important if you aren’t used to shooting with a mount. There is also a lack of padding on the mount where it attaches to the rifle or bow, and you’ll want to find some pads you can use to prevent scratches and scuffs.

But overall, this is a quality rifle/bow/rod mount from GoPro that will allow you to capture your hunt with confidence. It’s built solidly and when properly used, should last a long time.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Official GoPro Mount
  • Works with bows, rifles, shotguns, fishing rods
  • “Backdoor” design minimizes recoil
  • Works with multiple cameras


  • Heavy; can throw off shooting balance
  • Lack of padding on the mount


The ZX5 is an excellent choice for a bow mount if you don’t need compatibility for a rifle too. It is constructed from machined CNC billet aluminum, meaning it is sleek, sturdy and built-to-last. The one-piece design eliminates the need for a tripod mount for the GoPro, and there are two mounting holes to choose from when attaching it to the bow.

A great design feature that Bowfinger added to the ZX5 is an offset stabilizer, which serves to counterbalance the camera on the bow, preventing balance and weight issues that you may find on other mounts (such as the GoPro Mount above). Instead, you get a clean, straight, perfectly-balanced shot with a camera mounted at all times.

One drawback to the ZX5 is that it does not work with anything besides bows; rifles, shotguns, fishing rods, will not work. This isn’t a drawback if you only bow hunt, but obviously, you’ll need to choose another if you’re a rifle hunter. It can also be uncomfortably close to your hand when mounted, especially if you like gloves.

Otherwise, the ZX5 is an extremely well-built camera mount for a bow hunter, made from strong, machined aluminum that will hold up to some rough use. The offset counterbalance is also a great addition.


  • Durable CNC Aluminum Construction
  • Offset Counterbalance For Even Weight, Smooth Shot
  • Two Mounting Holes


  • Only works with bows
  • Tight fit

Sublimeware Sportsman’s Mount

The Sublimeware Sportsman’s Mount is an inexpensive alternative to the GoPro Sportsman Mount, almost identical in design. Like the GoPro, it can hold two cameras at once, both front and back, while versatile enough to mount on either on your bow, gun, or fishing rod with the center-clamp bracket design. It even comes with an extension rod for taking selfie-videos of yourself if you’re into that sort of thing!

Like the GoPro mount, the Sportsman’s Mount works on barrels and rods anywhere from .4” to .9” in diameter and features the same “backdoor” design that helps minimize shock and impact. And it’s made with a matte, non-reflective black paint job, so you stay concealed.

The biggest problem with the Sublimeware, however, is that it is just not as durable as the GoPro. It’s been known to crack under heavy recoil and use, which can put a damper on your GoPro-ing fun. This is especially apparent on shotguns.

However, considering this mount retails for about 1/3rd the price of the GoPro, it may be worth giving a shot if you’re on a budget; it provides all the same features and perks.


  • Inexpensive and Affordable
  • Holds two cameras at once
  • Extension rod for selfies


  • Not Very Durable. Cracks with Recoil

Oumers Universal Camera Clamp

This Universal Camera Clamp from Oumers is, like the Sportsman’s Mount above, a budget version of the GoPro Gun Mount. It features the same clamp design, capable of holding both front and rear-facing cameras at the same time, that can be mounted to your rifle, bow or rod barrel between .4 and .9” wide.

It will work with all GoPro cameras, and you can mount them both underneath the barrel and to the side. And on top of that, it’s very affordable – even less than the Sublimeware Sportsman’s Mount above.

Drawbacks? There aren’t many at this price range, although we wouldn’t expect build quality to be as good as some of the more expensive mounts, and its durability in the face of recoil hasn’t been proven.

But, this mount is so inexpensive and still more versatile than other, more expensive mounts, so it’s easily worth the money. We’ve crowned it our pick for a Budget Buy.


  • Very Inexpensive
  • Holds Front and Rear-facing cameras
  • Mounts on Side and Underneath of Barrel


  • Not As Durable As More Expensive Options

#5. ASOCEA Sportsman Mount Kit

The last GoPro hunting mount on our list is the ASOCEA Sportsman Mount kit, which follows the same similar design of the GoPro Sportsman; it’s made from a light metal, works with most, but not all GoPro cameras, and can mount one or two at a time, both front and rear-facing, and works on barrels and rods up to 1” wide. There’s the same matte black finish, and the design helps reduce the impact from recoil picked up by the video camera.

Where the ASOCEA falls short, however, is in the build quality department; it’s not as well-made, and the clamp does not close tightly enough to stay firmly shut. When you do force it closed, the plastic may bend. It also not compatible with all GoPro cameras; the Hero5, one of GoPro’s most popular cameras, will not fit.

Seeing as it is more expensive than some other choices, like our Budget Buy, the Oumers Universal Clamp, we think the Budget Buy is worth the price more than this one. It’s got some quality issues, and if it doesn’t work with the Hero5, might be a bit lacking.


  • Versatile design
  • Metal build
  • Backdoor design reduces shake from recoil


  • Not compatible with GoPro Hero5
  • Not the best build quality

Things to Consider When Buying A Bow GoPro Mount

Build Materials and Quality 
Hunting can be a demanding task, so finding a durable camera mount to put on your rifle or bow is ​essential; you’ll probably be smashing it into trees, possibly dropping it, and while GoPro’s are practically indestructible, you need your camera firmly attached ​to your weapon or a tree. You also want a mount that can stand up to recoil and heavy impact when shooting a rifle or shotgun.

Camera Compatibility
Most GoPro mounts will work with all GoPro cameras, but not all; the most recent Hero5 or Hero6 Black, for example, doesn’t fit on many older mounts. Same with the Fusion, GoPro’s 360-degree, 5.2k video camera. Double-check compatibility with yours before buying.

Weight And Balance
While this may seem counterintuitive, GoPro mounts (combined with the camera itself) will add some weight to your hunting kit, whether bow or rifle and can possibly throw off the balance, making it harder to properly aim and get an accurate shot. Some will counter this with counterweights and offset mounts, but you’ll want to pay attention and make sure the mount and camera will not cause a problem when you’re shooting.

Final Thoughts

All in all, our Top Pick for the best GoPro mount​ for bow hunting is the Gun/Bow/Rod mount from GoPro itself. It’s got a super-tough build, works with all GoPro cameras (as it should) and can hold two at once, in different configurations. It’s a reliable, versatile, durable mount from the legendary camera makers themselves, and will serve you well on all your hunting expeditions – and any outdoor adventures you may otherwise wish to take a GoPro on!

If you’d like to save a bit of money, the Oumers Universal Camera Clamp is a fraction of the price but uses the same design and is just as durable. It doesn’t have the GoPro brand to back it up but will make an otherwise excellent GoPro camera mount for hunting on a budget.

Grab one for yourself and record that next hunt in style.