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Best Tree Hunting Camera Arm Reviews of 2021

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Best Tree Hunting Camera Arm

There is ​no better feeling ​than ​looking back ​at that ​perfect shot ​you captured with your own camera, especially when ​it involves the great outdoors. The ability to capture ​those fine few moments from ​your hunting experience is ​something that appeals to ​every hunter. ​Having ​recordings of wildlife ​and specific animals in certain areas, or even playing around with other animals, is something that ​can be cherished for many years to come.

With ​outdoor activities still being as popular as ever and ​​recording technology evolving rapidly, the filming game is gaining more and more ​traction every year. From the simple short video reviews on YouTube to TV and online shows, ​hunting ​game clips are on the rise everywhere. This ​hunting season, ​lots of hunters will take to the woods ​​in search of that big game, therefore proving plenty of ​opportunities for that perfect shot. Aside from ​a camera, another ​vital piece of equipment you need to enhance your chances of getting ​that right shot is a camera arm.

With all the buzz surrounding ​​rifle and bow mounted recording these days, it is ​​surprising the lack of advice you will find on how to film your game hunt and which ​recorder to buy. In this detailed review, we ​look at the best ​tree hunting camera arms to ​enhance your hunting experience​.

Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

​Reviews of the Best ​Tree Hunting Camera Arms​

MCA200-Muddy Outfitter​

The Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm is another ​model from Muddy's professional range. It ​captures all the best adjustable features ​that any mobile hunter would desire. The Outfitter Arm Base can be used in multiple locations to ensure you are set for the hunting session anywhere you want. In addition, the arm base is easy to install with a solid leveling system that prevents ​the arm from slipping. Weighing about 2 Lb, the Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm is light and easy to carry around. It is sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions making it ​our preferred model for most outdoor hunters.

The arm easily pulls out of the base for effective backpacking. The horizontal leveling comes in handy as it is quick and efficient. It also comes with two locking bolts which ensure the device is locked ​solid on ​a tree or post and ​is secure. The entire ​system is quiet and fast to assemble, ​ensuring that you ​don't spook any game. The buckle is durable to ensure the whole system doesn’t slip and ruin ​the whole record. So, if you want an affordable ​model that has everything and oozes of quality, the MCA200-Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm is ​your best option.


  • ​Comes with quiet joints and pivots
  • 2 lockable camera bolt size
  • Easy to set up
  • Silent ratchet straps


  • A bit bulky than its counterparts

Verdict: Best Overall

Rage Powersports Hunting Arm

If you’re in need of a great ​value hunting camera arm, then the ​Rage Powersports adjustable tree mounting arm ​is ​definitely worth a look. It is a safe hunting camera arm designed for locations on posts and trees for clear visibility and excellent field view positions to help you capture every moment of ​the hunt. You can take ​photos, or even record a video of ​some whitetail deer, turkey, elk or even do some wildlife surveillance. With ​a fully adjustable tree mounting arm measuring ​28.2 x 6 x 6 inches, ​it also ​has a  ​8.625" ​maneuverable tripod mounting thread for attaching the camera securely.

It ​sports a ​camera head ​​that is able to ​rotate 360 degrees ​laterally ​and has a 20 degree vertical tilt. The adjustable ratchet strap provided is 72" and comes with rubber coated ends that ensure a strong wrap around the post or tree. It also features 2 drilled holes for optimal mounting and a steel constructed base.

Overall, the Rage Powersports hunting camera arm is a steady, sturdy and quality manufactured arm at a great price, that is perfectly designed for smaller sized camera.


  • ​​Fully adjustable arm
  • Great price
  • Powerful straps for good grip thus increased camera visibility
  • Steel base with square tube support arms
  • Doesn't shake in the wind


  • ​The screws that hold the attached ​are not great
  • Not designed for larger, heavier cameras
Verdict: Great Value for Money

MCA400-Muddy Hunter

The Muddy Hunter Camera Arm​ has extremely quiet joints and pivots. With 47 inches reach and an adjustment of 5 points, it’s hard to beat the precision ​​this offers. It is easy to set up and can be packed within a few seconds. Weighing 7 Lbs, the hunter camera arm is easy to ​transport where ever you like. It also comes with other unique features including an easy grip knob, spring-loaded level adjustment, bubble level, and silent ratchet straps.

​Another great arm for ​your next outdoor hunting escapade, the MCA400 Muddy Hunter Camera arm ​has lots going for it and is worth considering as part of your hunting gear.


  • ​Easy to set up and pack
  • Silent ratchet straps
  • An easy to grip camera knob
  • Quiet joints and pivots


  • Very bulky

Fourth Arrow Camera Arm

The Fourth Arrow Camera Arm makes our list because it is sturdy and affordable. It features a strong base system and can be used in lots of different locations. This model is also very easy to transport around. The arm included in this unit is the Stiff Arm Pro, but Fourth Arrow offers other options such as the Stiff and Carbon Arm, as well as the Rex Arm.

The shoulder mount ballpoint leveling system offers great precision leveling and an amazing 360 degrees of rotation for different viewing angles. This also comes with 16 thread options for excellent head mounting. An interesting feature of this arm is the heavy and sturdy size of the shoulder which makes it less cumbersome when carrying. Whether you’re self-filming or running a camera for your fellow hunters, this is ​another option that should be considered.


  • ​Lightweight
  • Shoulder mount with a ballpoint leveling system
  • 360 degrees rotation


  • ​Quite bulky​
  • Not the most secure

​Put yourself in the action with this is a smaller, cheaper pick from Muddy with their Ba​sic model. It​ is slightly on the ​heavier side, ​​weighing roughly 4 lbs and measures in at 9.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches, making it a ​somewhat smaller arm than other models, but makes it nice and ​easy to pack away. ​Both the ​camera head and forearm rotate a full 360 degrees to allow for easy shooting at all angles, with the extension arm being able to swing 180 degrees.

The adjustable mount comes with a quick release function to allow for easier mounting and dismantling of your camera. To add ​to this, it also ​has sturdy steel construction that ​adds that solid stability to your camera. ​Although it is generally quite secure, it's not quite as sturdy when attached to trees or tree stands as the other models we picked.


  • ​​​Small and easy to pack away
  • Easily adjustable with a quick release mount
  • ​Fully adjustable
  • ​Very cheap


  • ​Not as secure and sturdy as other picks
  • Heavy

​​​Benefits of ​Using a Good ​Tree Mounted ​Holder

Let’s face it, getting ​the right shot with ​the right camera is not easy, and a hunting arm ​will go a long way in improving your chances. The main advantage of a tree mounted arm is obviously the fact that they help you adjust your camera to the right position​ ​and get the perfect game shot without having to hold the recorder yourself.

Filming game ​will always be a very tricky task. ​A lot of the success ​comes down to the equipment you use, a camera arm ​can be the difference between success and failure when filming. Getting it right can make your filming process much easier and more enjoyable, if done wrong, it can ruin your whole hunting outdoor experience.

What to Look For When Buying ​A Tree Hunting Camera Arm

Tree Camera

When buying the right hunting camera arm for ​deer hunting etc, it is important to consider some key features ​and ensure you successfully film your deer and game hunts with ease.

  • Ease of setup - Some ​models may look appealing online, but your key consideration should be ease of set up. It should be as simple as hanging the base, attaching the camera arm, and leveling up the head. Remember, if you decide to hunt early in the morning, you will need to be quick and efficient to get the stand-up and ready for the hunt. Anything more than ​this three-step process, like spending a lot of time tightening nuts or bolts to ensure your arm doesn't drop, is just wasting valuable time. ​​It all comes down to being able to mount the camera arm easily without ​it taking forever.
  • Noise - Hunting camera arms that are extremely noisy are simply not a good choice. We have all been there. If you hunt a lot, you ​can end up making a lot of noise climbing ​your stand or even just ​sorting out your hunting gear. Having a lot of equipment ​to sort out increases the chances of ​you creating a disturbance and spooking your targets. ​That's why it is mega important to have a camera ​holder that is firm without lots of moving parts ​to ​ensure ​the noise levels are kept to a minimum.
  • Easy to transport - Once you get used to shooting with hunting camera arms you will discover that lightweight and simple arms are very appealing because of how easy they are to transport and store. The best way to transport your ​model is to have the whole unit including the fluid head attached to your backpack, this will allow for ​a simple and easy set up once you get to the tree.
  • Function - It is also important to consider the functioning of the camera arm. Aside from how easy it is to set up and carry, and how quiet it is to ​setup, ​the functioning is still a major point. This determines how stable it is ​when holding weight, ​maintain the quality of footage in different locations. It is also important to determine how smooth the camera arms are ​when adjusting them to suit. This means having a sturdy base and strong hinges to increase ​the ability ​to hold the weight of the entire ​recorder.
  • Hunting Safety - ​When hunting, it’s ​easy to ​be busy filming and forget about your safety while using it. While trying to set up the camera arm, it is very easy to forget ​about ​your safety if you're up a tree stand for example. So, as you shop consider additional accessories that ​could potentially help you ​stay safe.

​If it's hard to setup, then it's definitely not worth considering.

​Should I Buy One for Self Filming Hunts?

With the rise of vlogging and social media, everyone is out filming themselves one way or another. These arms are specifically designed to be used for hunters who want to film themselves doing whatever it is that they do on a hunt. So whether you're filming yourself ​sitting up a tree stand, setting up a trail camera or feeder or even creating an educational video, one of these mounts will allow you to do that. Another option is to use a freestanding tripod for filming hunts if you're looking for something that doesn't need to be attached to anything and has a bit more stability.

Self Filming in Woods

You do, however, need to consider the type of camera or recorder that you will be attaching to the holder. Most hunters like to use a flip-screen model so they can view in real time how the film looks. If you would prefer to ​save yourself the money and use a ​traditional type camera or even a phone to attach and film your deer or game hunt from, then make sure that you have it angled and ​positioned correctly to capture what it is you want to film. Imagine going home after having filmed yourself only to find out you weren't even in the shot!

Final Word

In a nutshell, filming game can end up as one of the most amazing things you've done, or, it can turn out to be a complete disaster. That's why the need to purchase a good camera arm and other accessories that can enhance your recordings, is so important for your outdoor day or night time filming. Consider what best fits your camera, then compare what suits your needs before making your final decision. We highly recommend the MCA200-Muddy Outfitter. It's the best in the class. Use our reviews and buying guide above to find the best tree hunting camera arm, and enjoy filming high-quality hunting videos whenever you like!