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Top 5 Best Arrows for Elk Hunting in 2021

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Elk hunting arrow

Not everyone likes elk hunting with a gun, some people like to challenge themselves further by actually hunting with a bow and arrow! It really takes you back to a more primitive time, using a bow and arrow. It just gives you so much satisfaction getting that clean shot with the bow and arrow; the feeling is almost unmatchable.

Sure, hunting with a bow and arrow may seem complicated and may take time to master, but it is so worth it in the end. Just the drawback and release of that arrow is enough to aesthetically please, but actually making the shot? It’s gorgeous. With all this being said, how do you know exactly which arrows would fit you best? It depends on several different instances, such as the type of bow you are using, the location you are hunting at, the distance between you and the elk… All types of conditions come into play.

We will discuss today the top 5 best arrows for elk hunting you can find right on online and order with one click! Without further adieu, here are our top picks for arrows when it comes to elk hunting, and why we love them so much!

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Best Arrows for Elk Hunting: Our Picks

You’re really paying for the quality with these arrows; they come with all the bells and whistles! If you purchase the Carbon Express Maxima RED arrows, you get:


  • Launchpad Precision Nock for better alignment of the shaft and a more consistently accurate shot every time
  • Dynamic Spine Control, made from the highest quality carbon materials
  • Real Straightness to guarantee laser sharp straightness, down to 1/10,000 of an inch


  • They tend to be expensive
  • You have to have them cut to size yourself, and you have to purchase your own field tips/broadheads

Customer Opinion

Customers swear by these arrows, saying they are the best, most accurate shot they’ve ever gotten with a bow and arrow. Even inexperienced bowhunters have nothing but positive things to say about the Carbon Express Maxima.

These solid, well-made arrows are a great option for elk hunting, target practice, and any other outdoor shooting, due to their sleek nature and precise formation.


  • Crafted to ensure extended durability and long lasting target practice
  • Nickel-plated, stainless steel tips are perfect for outdoor shooting
  • Hi-tech carbon material qualities formed into the dynamic spine in order to make broadheads fly better and have a more consistent shot
  • Straightness and accuracy down to 1/10,000 of an inch


  • Nocks are not glued for the simple reason that they are adjustable for different bows
  • Not made for every type of bow; if you shoot this arrow with anything that exceeds 35 lbs. you risk your arrow exploding upon release

Customer Opinion

Although customers were initially frustrated by the fact that the nocks were not secured by glue, it was soon realized that this was so they could be adjusted and customized for different types of bows. Customers have since had not much more negative to say, stating that the accuracy and precision of these arrows is not only sufficient, but above and beyond!

REEGOX Archery Arrows 30 inch Carbon Hunting and Target Arrows for Compound Recurve or Traditional Bow with Removable Tips

The REEGOX arrows are strong and durable, so much so that they are considered perfect for beginners. These arrows can either be used for hunting or target practice!


  • Durable, economical and crafted to enhance safety for beginners who are new to hunting
  • Arrows are very tough and require little care
  • Equipped with standard archery practice tips, inserts and nocks so you can easily obtain accessories for any needed repairs


  • Might not suit a seasoned, experienced hunter perfectly; it leans more towards beginners, but ANYONE can use it
  • Due to the narrowness of the nock openings, it takes a bit longer to reload

Customer Opinion

A popular opinion among purchasers is that these arrows really do last. Although they are described more as “beginner arrows”, they are useful for anyone who uses a bow. One customer shot the same dozen arrows hundreds of times and only one has broken since their purchase! You can count on toughness and durability with REEGOX.

Musen Carbon Shaft Archery Arrows with Replaceable Field Point Tips

Musen has crafted the ideal arrow for either youth or adults! With its high quality and solid structure, these arrows provide a straight slight path and the utmost accuracy when it comes to target penetration.


  • High quality material for exterior durability and long-lasting target practice
  • The removable field point, which is made of stainless steel, is perfect for target practice and hunting due to the material of the field point
  • Nock is well inserted but NOT fixed by glue; you must adjust the orientation of the nocks for fit recurve bow and compound bow.


  • Optimally used on a low poundage bow (under 60 lbs)
  • Not to shoot at hard surfaces; these arrows are meant for softer target shooting and hunting

Customer Opinion

Most customers purchased these arrows as cheaper practice arrows, but were surprised to realize they are quite durable if used correctly! They are said to be great soft target practice arrows and even better hunting arrows. You just need to keep in mind the fact that they are meant for a lower poundage bow, nothing above 50-55lbs.

Huntingdoor Turkey Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Shooting Arrows 31inch with A-803 Arrowhead 150Grain

Huntingdoor has some of the most unique arrows, with them being made out of wood instead of carbon. They are high quality standard hunting arrows for both hunting and target practice.


  • For both recurve bows and longbows
  • Fletched, nocked and ready to shoot
  • Not only are they affordable, they are well made and durable


  • Shipping sometimes takes longer than normal
  • Some arrows are not put together upon arrival

Customer Opinion

Most customers have stated their confidence in these arrows for deer/elk season, with these arrows withstanding any soft target! They are precise and shoot straight according to some customer reviews. These arrows are described as “great, quality arrows” and “good stuff”!

FAQ about Elk Hunting Arrows

Everyone has questions when it comes to making purchases, especially something as important as arrows for bow hunting during elk season. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions customers have had about elk hunting arrows.

What’s the difference in bow hunting and hunting with firearms?

This is a pretty important question, and most people don’t know that these two forms of hunting are completely different from one another. With bow hunting, the shot is taken much more closely to the target, with an average range of 30-60 yards; with firearms you can test your luck thousands of feet from your target, which can hinder accuracy. Shooting a bow and arrow simply gives you the satisfaction of knowing you got close enough to make the kill, and you took that shot and made it.

How do I know which bow and arrow to use?

You always want to make sure that whichever arrows you choose to go with, will coincide with the type of bow you have purchased. There are arrows for beginners with poundages that would be significantly lower than that of a veteran’s or professional’s bow, so you have to buy your arrows accordingly. On each product listing, you will find information on what types of bows the arrows go with, so you typically don’t have to put forth much effort to research it!

Do all arrows come with all the accessories needed?

There are a few brands that you can order arrows from that provide the arrows ready-to-shoot upon delivery, but on the other hand, some companies do not include every accessory you might need for your arrows, leaving room for customization. Broadheads, field points, quivers, and a few others are some important accessories to your bows that you need to make sure you have before you hit the range, or go on a hunting trip.

How to Choose the Best Elk Hunting Arrows

Buy arrows according to draw weight of bow (poundage)

Before you make any arrow purchases, you need to take into consideration the draw weight of your bow. Say your bow has a poundage of 60lbs, but your arrows can only withstand a weight of 40lbs (keep in mind, you’ll need a MINIMUM of 50lbs of drawback to kill an elk). Your arrows would be obliterated as soon as it hit the target. This is one of the most important steps, so pay attention!

Make sure the arrows are not JUST practice arrows

A lot of hunting arrows are also listed as target practice arrows; you need to make double sure you aren’t just purchasing practice arrows! You may have your package arrive in the mail one day and they’ll have rubber or fake tips. Always read descriptions thoroughly before purchasing!

Check the material of the arrow

Most arrows are made of a carbon material, but there are others that are made of plastic or wood. Not every material is tailor-made for every hunter, so you’ll need to get a feel for which one works best for you personally. Some materials will withstand more than others, with carbon being the toughest and plastic usually being the weakest. You never want to try and kill an elk with a plastic arrow; carbon or wood is the way to go!

Three things to look for when purchasing elk hunting arrows

  • Weight - When elk hunting, you have to take into account that these animals are VERY large. You will want to pay attention to the weight of your arrow, with the knowledge that more is definitely better when battling this beast!
  • Front of Center - Another important thing to take into account in something called the front of center (FOC). The common recommendation is 7-10%, but you can also benefit of a FOC of 10-15%.
  • Diameter - The smaller the diameter shaft, the better for elk hunters! With a smaller shaft, you’ll have better luck resisting wind drift on longer shots, and penetrating your target deeper.

Practice with your arrows until you are comfortable

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so when you are looking for the perfect arrow to take on your hunt, you want to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable before you commit! Take a couple of arrows to the range to practice to see which one fits you the best so you can go on that hunt and get your trophy elk!


With all things considered, the best arrow that we have presented here today that is available for purchase would have to be the Carbon Express Maxima RED! These arrows hit all the spots, from being crafted out of the finest carbon material, to the ultimate precision and accuracy when it comes to bow hunting.

Carbon Express Maxima RED is the ideal arrow for a number of other reasons as well, such as the Real Straightness, which is laser checked to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch; not to mention the Dynamic Spine Control to make your broadheads fly better, and the Launchpad Precision Nocks to deliver a more controlled arrow release.

The Maxima RED is simply the best arrows for elk hunting out of the five presented above, and although they can tend to be a little pricey, customers have all agreed that they are worth every penny!