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Top 5 Best Duck Hunting Kayak Reviews in 2021

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With fall and winter just around the corner, duck hunting season is fast approaching. Which means hunters are polishing off their guns, repairing accessories and adding to their hunting gear.

This duck season why not try out a new approach to hunting or upgrade your old angling vessel if you’re looking to fill your time over the colder period. Kayaking can be a fun, relatively safe, and easy to learn hobby. But it can also be a great tool for your hunting season. To successfully waterfowl, there are some tips and tricks you should follow, as well as finding the best kayak for your needs and budget.

A kayak encourages you to visit places, which you never thought were an option before, opening up a new world of hunting areas. A kayak not only allows you to reach hard places not accessible by foot but also is a stealthy tactic for yielding larger amounts of waterfowl.

There is no better place to hunt waterfowl than actually on the water. Are you interested in adding kayaking to your hunting methods but not sure where to start or what is best? Check out our top 5 choices for the best duck hunting kayaks in time for this season.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Best Duck Hunting Kayak Reviews: Our Top 5 Picks


The BKC TK122 is a tandem option for the hunting teams craving space and comfort. Although this kayak is advertised to anglers, it has the perfect footprint for all your duck hunting needs. With customers reporting that this kayak can withstand two adults and a child or One adult and two children, this kayak is an excellent choice for the hunting family.

Crafted for stability this 12.9 foot long flat bottom kayak only weighs in at 77lbs, making it easy to transport and move from car to waters edge. Built-in to the bow there is a rotomolded handle, and at the rear, Flexi grip handles. This means that this kayak can be moved on land by one or two people comfortably.

This kayak can carry 770lbs of combined weight across hunting gear and hunters while on multiple water conditions. Boasting 2 soft padded seats and watertight hatches with dry bag inserts, this kayak has a large volume of storage space. The BKC also has a rear cargo area with bungee cords and a forward area that can be fitted with a mesh cover if desired. This kayak is a perfect choice for those who need space for long hunting excursions with friends or family.

The BKC TK122 the kayak can be easily upgraded as a peg system allows you to modify, move, and customize the inner layout. Unfortunately, customers have reported no rudder kit offered for this model at this time.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Collapsible aluminum paddles
  • 2 soft padded seats included
  • 2 watertight hatches with dry insert bags
  • Bungee cord storage system
  • Large footprint
  • Lightweight and long dimensions


  • Fragile locking systems, replacements of watertight hatch latches needed.

Customer Sentiments 

Customers have complained that the latches for the watertight locking system have broken extremely easily, leaving them in a soggy spot out on the water. With this kayak being on the more expensive side, customers are unhappy with this cheap attachment.


The Hobie 2019 Mirage Passport is a single hunters kayak. Powered by adjustable pedal steering leaves your hands empty to be able to use your hunting equipment with ease. With a twist and turn stow away rudder you have the advantage of being able to move across weeded areas and shallows with confidence and stealth.

This design allows you to reach even the hardest corners of water and not tire yourself out paddling. This kayak weighs in at 75lbs, easily manageable for the single hunter to handle and transport. Customers have mentioned that the handles are a little hard to reach but have been easily fixed with a bit of D.I.Y rope tying.

The Hobie 2019 Mirage Passport comes with a suspended mesh aluminum frame seat, aluminum paddle and options for a Hobie sail to be added. Giving you a multitude of sailing choices for your hunting experience across different bodies of water. Although this kayak is on the smaller side in comparison to others, it still has plenty of space to carry your hunting gear - with a watertight storage hatch and bungee cord storage at the front and rear.


  • Adjustable paddle steering
  • Lightweight
  • Stowable rudder
  • Watertight hatch
  • Bungee storage


  • The seat is not adjustable

Customer Sentiments

Customers are happy with the reliability of the rudder and pedal system, saying that it allows for quick and accurate travel around lakes and down rivers. They also mention the stability of the kayak, with it being a little bit shaking when standing on more open, flowing water.


The SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS is a sit-on-top style; paddle powered kayak for the more budget-conscious. Available in 6 different colors, this kayak is the perfect starter kayak for any budding or experienced hunter to get onto the water quickly and still comfortably.

This kayak is made from high-density polyethylene and UV- stabilized Forteflix. This ensures durability over many trips. Customers have complained, however, that its difficult to keep on track and stable in fast-flowing waters or rough waters.

The open cockpit area allows for easy entry and loading of essentials, limited to 395lbs.
Unlike others, this kayak has a detachable dry storage unit. The storage unit can either be clipped into the rear recess or dragged on top of the water.

This SUNDOLPHIN offers a soft backrest, cushioned thigh protection, adjustable foot braces, and paddle holders so you can really get into the rhythm without feeling the burn the following day.


  • Soft padded areas for the protection of back and thighs
  • Draggable watertight storage solution
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Bungee cord storage


  • No raised seating
  • Balance and stability issues on rougher, fast-flowing waters, and larger people.

Customer Sentiments 

Some customers have praised it for its capacity, taking onboard large dogs and being comfortable with outstretched legs amongst their belongings. While others say, they struggled to keep upright in comparison to their smaller framed friends and family.


The Vibe kayak Sea Ghost model comes in different colored camo styles, a great solution for stealth this duck hunting season. This model is a 1 person sit-on-top design at 11ft long and 62lbs. Despite its small size, this kayak has a loading capacity of 425lbs, with enough floor space to fit a happy hunter with lots of gear.

The Vibe, although primarily decked out for anglers, has integrated gear tracks for customizations. This gives you an array of choices to make sure your kayak fit your needs. Already including a large center console for optimal storage, watertight front, and rear hatch, and bungee cord area. This kayak takes advantage of every opportunity for storage and space-saving.

Wind, rough waters and strong currents should not be an issue for the stability and control of this kayak. A toe controlled integrated rudder system means that this kayak is not just steady on the water but great for fast turns and navigation. The foot braces are also adjustable for added comfort.

With a mesh, dual positions Vibe Hero seat built-in, cup holders, and Phantom- Grip handles throughout. This choice is great for the hunters that like to spend hours on the water in comfort and style. 


  • Dual-position Vibe Hero seat
  • 20” watertight hatch
  • Multiple storages and customization options
  • 425lbs loading capacity
  • Toe- controlled rudder system


  • Heavy to carry, needs two people, or loading trolley.

Customer Sentiments

Customers have reported that they have found this kayak challenging to handle alone. With the Hull shape and added extras for customization and durability, this makes the Vibe on the heavier side in comparison to others.


Unlike others, the Intex Excursion Pro is an inflatable single or tandem kayak option, a great choice for hunters with a smaller vehicle or storage facilities.

The Intex Excursion Pro is constructed with 3 chambers and made from 3-ply high impact and abrasion-resistant laminate PVC and polyester. All certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

This innovative design means this kayak is extremely durable, withstanding harsh sunlight, saltwater, possible collisions, and groundings. The high pressure, quick release valves allow for rapid inflation and deflation- leaving you more time on the water.

This kayak features removable and adjustable bucket seats and footrests that can be moved to give you optimal floor space, plus seat boosters for a better view. With two skegs included, one for shallow water, this kayak allows you to hunt in many different waterways.

Unfortunately, in comparison to other kayaks, the Intex Excursion Pro has little in the means of secure watertight storage. It does have space in the bow and stern for tying down dry bags to the stainless steel D-rings.


  • Carry bag, Paddles, and pressure gauge included
  • Simple and quick inflate and deflate
  • Inserts removable and adjustable
  • Weight capacity: 400lbs


  • Floor punctures with pets claws

Customer Sentiments 

Customers praise the accuracy of the pressure gauge, giving them peace of mind that the kayak is not over-inflated. This makes the kayak track well and stay stable even when in tandem.

Some customers have complained that the inner floors have received punctures easily from their trusty retrievers. When taking dogs onboard paw boots or regular pedicures are advised.

What You Need to Know About Duck Hunting Kayaks


Storage is paramount for lengthy excursions or hunters with valuable accessories. The best type of storage is watertight to ensure it stays protected even on rougher waters. A kayak that utilizes its footprint to accomodate storage is the best option.


Whether you're a lone hunter or working in tandem, you need to be comfortable in order to enjoy your hunting experience, wanting to return to the water time and again. A comfortable seat, footrests, thigh pads are a must. They should all be removable and adjustable to ensure you can hunt in the comfiest position for your height and weight.


You need to be able to handle your kayak out of the water. If you are a lone hunter, then something light with comfortable, well-positioned handles or an inflatable would be the best option for you. If you are a hunting duo or family, then something larger would be fine if everyone helps out. 

FAQs About Kayaks for Duck Hunting

Why Do I Need the Best?

Duck hunting season goes so fast so why waste your time with a kayak that doesn’t track, breaks or can’t accommodate all of your gear? Start successful, end successfully!

What Style Suits Me Best? 

Each kayak has its pros and cons, but we suggest choosing a kayak that suits your needs the most. Are you a lone hunter, duo or family? Will you have a dog on board for retrieving? Would you say you have physically strong arms or prefer pedal power? How are you going to store and transport your kayak? These are simple questions you need to answer before choosing a kayak design.


The Hobie 2019 Mirage Passport is our top pick for duck hunting. Its pedal system allows for hands-free operation; you can be gun in hand, ready for whatever you find on the water or flushes out of the bush. This kayak’s stow able rudder allows you to get into all the nooks of any waterway. It has sufficient storage with an accessible, and comfortable footprint for bringing a child or dog along, without breaking budgets.