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Top 5 Best Elk Hunting Backpack Reviews of 2021

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Are you looking for a top-of-the-line Elk Hunting backpack, but can’t decide on what to choose? We know that there are a lot of choices out there and it could be a hassle to know which one to buy.

Elk hunting can be physically strenuous and can last several days. Because of this, Elk hunting backpacks should have a lot of space for your stuff, but be light and easy to carry. Things like built-in refrigeration for meat compartments, and having some advanced load lifters, can make or break your elf hunting adventure.

Remember, when going Elk hunting, you're bringing more back from your trip than what you started with, so having quality features can be essential. The backpacks we list below were handpicked by us, as we felt that they were some of the best choices out there.

We took into consideration the ability to disperse weight, the quality of the material the backpack is made out of, and the most crucial aspect, the price. We believe that these are some of the qualities you should be looking for when buying your next Elk hunting backpack, as it could significantly impact the quality of your next hunt. So, sit back, relax, and dive right into the top five best Elk Hunting Backpacks!

Best Elk Hunting Backpacks: Our Top 5 Picks

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

When it comes to price to performance, you can't get any better than the Badlands 2200 Camouflage Elk Hunting backpack. This backpack won't break the bank while at the same time provide you with everything that you need for your next Elk Hunting adventure.


The Badlands 2200 Elk Hunting backpack is one of the best packs on this list. It comes fully loaded with a meat shelf, an internal scope with tripod pockets, and rear entry to access your equipment quickly. The fabric is DWR treated, meaning that it has scent suppression and is resistant to moisture, dirt, and blood when you’re out on the field.

With its built-in ThermoMOld Suspension, it utilizes an advanced ergonomic foam that matches every curve to the human body. Included is an Aircraft Aluminum grade internal frame as well as load lifter belts to transfer your weight to your hips to reduce the pressure when traveling.

This backpack also provides excellent cover as its neutral color pallet will make sure that you adapt to your surroundings and the current lighting. The versatility of this backpack is incomparable with anything else as it also features a hip-belt pistol holder, compression straps and an attachment that is compatible with a hydration system.

Weighing in at 5 pounds and 15 ounces, this backpack can ensure the quality of your next big game kill. It’s a definite must-have.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Not a lot of main pockets

Customer Sentiments

Customers have reported that this is one of the most comfortable backpacks that they have ever worn. It is especially fitting if you’re a larger person, it can feel like you’re not wearing a bag at all. Although very comfortable for men, there have been some women that mentioned it does not fit them very well. Nevertheless, this backpack has been recommended by army veterans time and time again.

Tenzin TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack

As compared to the Eberlestock Team Hunting Backpack, the Tenzing is a bit heavier at around 7 pounds 6 ounces, and also about 9 liters smaller. Nevertheless, it still gets the job done, and is one of the most versatile packs on the market right now.


The main compartment of this backpack provides 2,500 cubic inches of space. It’s large enough to pack everything that you need for a one to three-day hunt. It features twenty-one different types of pockets for binoculars, gloves, ammo and anything else that you might want to bring on your hunt. To top it all off, the Tenzing has an expansion zipper that provides an additional 300 cubic inches of space in addition to the 1,400 cubic inches of space behind the main compartment.

The comfort level it provides on your shoulders is superb, and the pack itself is of very high quality, and of course, is H2O compatible. It comes with a fold-out boot to store your bow or gun as you travel along with the trusty rain fly cover to protect all your gear.

The Tenzing TZ 4000 is still one of the most versatile backpacks on the market, to this day, and is a great addition to take along on your next hunt.


  • Affordable price
  • Large capacity
  • H2O compatible


  • Some people may find it a bit bulky

Customer Sentiments

Some customers reported that the water bottle pockets are not large enough and sometimes can be useless if the person wearing the backpack fills up the side pockets that they’re attached to. Besides that, this is a very versatile backpack to take on your next Elk Hunting adventure. 

SITKA Gear Ascent 12 Pack

This backpack is more on the cheaper end of the spectrum of available hunting backpacks. But still, as a day pack, the Ascent 12 isn’t designed for overnight elk hunts. However, few bags are better when it comes to day hunts.


The small and lightweight design leaves enough room for bare essentials when going on your next trek, so you don’t have to overpack and carry a lot of weight. It has a built-in compartment for a hydration bladder, as well as three zippered pockets for your hunting essentials. Also, it has external bungee straps that add storage for a vest or coat for when it gets cold. You can secure your weapon for longer hikes into the hunting grounds.

Although this pack is light and designed to carry your hunting essentials, the straps are well-padded and feel nice against your shoulders. If you carry trekking poles, they can attach to the side of the pack when you’re not using them.

At 1,200 cubic inches, it is a bit on the small side when it comes to hunting packs, but it’s perfect for day hunts!


  • Affordable


  • Small
  • Only used for day hunts

Customer Sentiments

People generally enjoy this backpack for day trekking and day hunts. It’s affordable and lightweight, and usually a good pick if you want an affordable and durable Elk Hunting backpack.

Badlands Superday

One of the smallest and lightest hunting backpacks on the market that not only is super light, but it’s also super affordable. It comes with a lot of great features! Here we have another perfect hunting backpack for day hunts.

If you’re planning on going for a more extended Elk hunt, this backpack may not be for you. However, when it comes to day hunts, this backpack is ideal for day trekking.


Despite its small 32- liter volume size, the material in this backpack is made from KXO-32 fabric. This fabric is some of the most durable and most waterproof fabric on the market right now. It’s especially suitable for hunting. The Superday backpack includes a carrying compartment for your rifle, bow, and pistol. It also includes seven other compartments for your gear. The zippers are of the highest quality. This backpack is very comfortable to wear.

Maybe this backpack is not made for long Elk hunts, but it can sure handle a Turkey or a Deer hunt, that’s for sure. This pack is small, but makes room for plenty of items and is made of some of the most durable materials around. 


  • Waterproof
  • Tough
  • Light


  • Limited to 1-day hunting trips

Customer Sentiments

Overall, this backpack suits a lot of people for general hunting use, but there have been reports of the water bladder size being too small, and when it’s full, it gets a little uncomfortable to carry. This backpack is ideal for bow and gun season and is highly recommended as a day pack. It’s easy to carry and doesn’t pull you back when using it.

 Eberlestock Little Big Top Pack

As compared to the Badlands Superday, the Eberlestock hunting backpack is even lighter but on the flipside a tad bit more expensive. Weighing in at only 3 pounds and 12 ounces, it doesn't include a harness or a hip belt. It features a dry bag-style roll-top, a huge frontal opening and a lightweight, but very durable construction.


If you combine this pack with the Mainframe backpack, the attached straps will compress and hold things like quarters, duffles, and any other types of gear you need to carry. However, this backpack doesn’t come without any faults. On the one hand, it’s not that easy to adjust the shoulder and torso straps, and on the other hand, some may find that the shoulder strap may not be that comfortable either.

So, if you’re planning on wearing this backpack all day, it might not be the best choice when going on your next hunt. Besides those facts, the Eberlestock Little Big Top backpack still holds a large amount of food that could last you for several days.


  • Well built
  • Compatible with F1 mainframe
  • Light


  • Uncomfortable shoulder straps

Customer Sentiments

There have been many reports from customers that are not happy with the way the shoulder straps adjust. Nonetheless, it’s a great backpack to store your tent or put on the hump of your car. It is also recommended for plane travel.

Features to Look for When Buying an Elk Hunting Backpack

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Good camouflage
  • Large volume for a water bladder
  • Easy access to all of your compartments

FAQ about Elk Hunting Backpacks

You’ve got a pretty good idea on what the backpacks mentioned are all about. However, we’ve provided some answers to questions you might have.

How do I choose the right bag?

When choosing an Elk hunting backpack, it’s good to take into consideration the size of the pack that you need, the number of days that you are planning on going hunting with this backpack and lastly, how heavy it is. With all of these taken into consideration, you can pick the backpack that will suit your needs the best.

How Do I Clean The Backpack?

Before cleaning your backpack, it is usually a good idea to remove it from the frame first and then empty all of the contents and try to hose down any of the larger debris from the pack first and then throw it in your laundry machine with your favorite detergent. Wash the pack with warm water on a delicate cycle and then hand it out to dry.

How do I determine what to put in my backpack before going on a hunt?

First, it will depend on the type that you are going for and the amount of time you will be out on the hunting grounds. Usually, it’s good to take the necessities like water and food, but also the type of backpack you will take will determine the kind of hunting gear you will take with you. When choosing what to put in your hunting pack, make sure you have enough space in the pack to hold your rifle, binoculars as well as any additional ammunition if needed.


The Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack is said to be the best elk hunting backpack. This choice has everything that you need for short day hunts and long hunting expeditions ranging from two to three days. With its large compartments and durable material, you can be sure that the Team Elk Pack will hold its own while you’re taking down your next big game.