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Top 5 Best Game Bags for Elk Hunting (Reviews of 2021)

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An elk hunt can be challenging enough without the added hassle of having to transport your well earned meat back home. You may be tempted just to use anything that you can fit your elk meat in to transport it, but the big problem is keeping that meat clean and free from any dirt.

Game bags are perfect for tightly concealing the elk meat and keeping it as fresh as possible until you get it home. Once it’s in your special bag, you can then put it inside your backpack or hauler to transport it home. They’re usually very tough and durable and designed not to rip or tear, as well as being waterproof to make sure the meat stays dry.

We went ahead and compared the 5 best game bags for your elk meat, with reviews of each pick and what you should look for in the best bag.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Game Bags for Elk

Alaska Game Bag Elk

The top choice comes from Alaska Game Bags who are one of the most popular US based manufacturers in this hunting space. You have the choice of either a pack of 4 or 8 reusable game bags. These 60” bags come pre-rolled and are designed with tough, breathable material so you can transport your elk meat safely and without fear of anything coming into contact with it.

The main reason this is the number one pick is the toughness and durability of the bag. The material is one of the best you’ll find and leaves you with peace of mind that it’s not going to rip, as well as keeping out any dirt, insects, water and other nasty stuff. The bags are washable and can be reused over and over again which makes them great value for money. It’s very easy to fit them into your backpack as they are stretchable and can be squashed down if needed.

Although they can be stretched to fit in your backpack, one thing that made be a problem is their large size. These bags are larger than your average game bag so they might be too large for transporting for some peoples liking


  • Very tough and durable
  • Odor free
  • Can be reused thanks to it being fully washable
  • Breathable and stretchable
  • Great at protecting the meat
  • Good value for money


  • Bags are quite large
  • 8 bag option is more expensive than buying two 4 bag options

Verdict: Best Overall

Ajillis Elk Moose

Ajillis is a solid runner-up, manufactured in china your purchase gets you 6 bags which includes 4 quarter size bags at 47” x 27”, and two half size bags at 29” x 27”. These bags are nice and light and compact, and are specially designed for bagging up elk and moose meat.

Ajillis Elk and Moose bags make the runners-up spot due to the material’s strong ability to ensure nothing gets near your meat. The material isn’t like a lot of mesh types bag where liquids and water can get into it, it’s a light, breathable and washable nylon style fabric that doesn’t rip. These compact bags are also odor free which is another big plus when out hunting, ensuring that you’re not leaving a scent trail behind you.

Like our top choice, one of the issues with this bag is it’s large size. They are on the larger side and may be too big for some hunters to get in their backpack or attach to it. We would like to have seen more options available in terms of the number of bags you get for your purchase, as not everyone needs 6 bags for their elk meat and the two sizes are generally not required.


  • Excellent for keeping the meat clean and dry
  • Bags are breathable and can be washed
  • Odor free
  • Light


  • Quite large
  • More selection of the number of bags are sizes would be ideal

Verdict: Best for protecting the meat

Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags

Allen are known for producing a wide range of different hunting products, this is our pick from their game bag range. Allen provides you with 4 white bags for your purchase and offers you two sizes to choose from – 20”x30” and 28”x50”. The material is washable and designed to be reused, as well as having a draw cord that allows you to tie the bag securely without the need for plastic or rubber ties.

The Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags are a good pick as they have a little bit of everything going for them, although they don’t excel massively in any area. The bags are tough and designed to withstand any type of ripping from antlers or horns, and will not let you down in the field. You can wash the game bags are reuse them again which is perfect as they will last you a while. The bags are nice and light, and can be packed away fairly easily in your backpack with the meat in it, as well as being breathable and ensuring nothing gets near the catch. There are 2 reasonable sizes to choose from when purchasing – a smaller and larger size.

Although this is a decent overall bag, it doesn’t have the material quality of the other 2 picks above it in this review. They are designed to last, but they’re not going to cut it long-term. Another thing that is off-putting is the cord that it uses to close the bag. Although the cord is generally a better option than having to secure the bags with ties, the cord provided doesn’t fully close the bag and can leave small gaps that insects could potentially get in.


  • Nice and light
  • Easy to pack away
  • Breathable
  • 2 different sizes available


  • Doesn’t have as good a material as the top carriers
  • Won’t cut it long-term
  • Cord doesn’t fully shut the bag

Allen Big Game

Our second pick from Allen is our top budget pick – the Big Game bags. A pack of these consist of 4 bags that are manufactured in the USA and are 48″ x 12″. These bags are specifically designed for carrying larger game such as elk, moose or caribou.

The main reason that this makes the list is simply due to the low price tag that it carries. For 4 washable and breathable bags that will keep your meat clean, the price that you pay for them and the quality that you get, it is hard to match. The actual size of the carriers are also ideal, not being too big as not get them in your backpack, but also large enough as get all your catch in the bag securely.

The obvious downside with such low priced elk bags is that the quality isn’t going to be as good as other picks, and won’t last you a long time. They will however, last you a good few trips and still do a decent job of protecting your catch.


  • Very cheap for 4
  • Good size
  • Washable and reusable


  • Material quality not great
  • Not as durable as other picks

Verdict: Our Budget Pick

Eagle Rock Gear Large

The final pick on our elk carrier reviews list comes from Eagle Rock Gear. This is another pack of 4 elk game bags that are made from a lightweight and breathable synthetic fabric, rather than the usual cotton material that has larger holes. The size of these carriers are 28″ W x 60″ and comes with a mesh carry bag.

This is a reasonable pick that has average material quality, but does do a really good job of sealing and protecting your meat thanks to its drawstring closure and lock loops. The synthetic material is also excellent at stopping any bugs or flies near your meat thanks to the small holes that it features. The price tag that it carries is fair considering what it has to offer.

Although they are priced fairly, the bags themselves are not as durable and long-lasting as other carriers out there. The bags are also on the large side which may be a problem for some hunters, although that might be a plus depending on what you’re hunting.


  • Fairly priced
  • Washable and reusable
  • Smaller holes good for keeping bugs and flies out
  • Comes with a mesh carry bag


  • Not as durable as other options
  • Only a large option available

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Elk Game Bag

Material Quality

The most important thing is the quality of material. You want something that’s not going to tear or rip as soon as you put some heavy cuttings of meat in it, or come apart when horns or antlers come into contact with. The bag should be durable and designed to last you many elk hunts providing it is washable and reusable.

Size of the Holes

You want the holes on the bag to be as small as possible but still be breathable. The reason for this is that any meat you carry needs to be protected from dirt, insects or any flies getting near it and spoiling it, this is best achieved with smaller sized holes to stop all them getting in the bag,


When you’re out elk hunting like many other forms of hunting, good weather is never guaranteed and you’re going to get stuck in some heavy downpour from time-to-time. The last thing you want is your fresh elk meat getting soaking thoroughly with rain water, therefore, the bag you choose should provide some sort of protection from the elements.

Washable and Reusable

Most game bags for elk are washable and reusable, this is important as you don’t want to put out money on a few bags that’ll only last you one trip. It’s fairly simple to wash these game bags as they typically don’t require any special cleaning.

Number of Bags and Sizes

The number of bags and sizes available is worth considering to any hunter. The standard amount of bags that most purchases provide is 4, although there are a few hunting companies that sell the bags separately. Depending on what you’re hunting, how long you’re intending on being away for and the amount of people to cater for, you’ll want to consider the size of the elk carriers that you choose. Most of the picks on this review are on the larger side and should comfortably be able to handle elk, moose, deer and other large game. Be careful though, as some of these larger bags are not great for transporting on or in your backpack.

Final Word

That’s our 5 best game bags for elk hunting. Most of the bags reviewed were pretty similar in terms of what they offered, the big difference between them and the most important thing is the quality of material, and the bag’s ability to keep your catch clean and fresh. That’s everything from us, now purchase one yourself and get bagging some elk with real peace of mind that you’ve got the right equipment for getting it home intact.