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Top 5 Best Heated Insoles For Hunting in 2021

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As the summer hunting season is in full swing, It's time to think about the fall and winter season necessities. There are some must-haves to make your hunt more comfortable and therefore, more successful.

It's crucial to protect yourself from the elements when embarking out in low temperatures. There are many ways in which you can achieve this from dressing smartly, to using everyday materials as insulators. Heated insoles are a perfect solution to an everyday problem we all have during the colder months. Don't suffer in silence and be put off long trips when there is a quick fix that you'll never want to leave the house without again.

Thanks to progressive technology, heated insoles are a safe, reliable, and simple to use product to keep your feet toasty and your mind on the hunt. With a wide range of products on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which is worth your money. Take a look at our top 5 picks for a more informed decision.

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Heated Insoles for Hunting: Our Top 5 Picks

Hotronic FootWarmer S4

The Hotronic Footwarmer S4 comes in two different designs - Universal and custom. The universal kit is a trimmable insole with heating elements already attached ready for immediate use after charging. The custom is our top pick for hunting.

The Hotronic custom foot warmer kit provides all of the elements to customize your hunting boots. Rather than swapping out your comfortable, thermal, expensive, or orthotic insoles, this product gives them an upgrade. With instructions provided and many youtube videos to guide you through the installation, the process is reported to take no more than an hour for an amateur.

This kit comes with 2 S4 Power Plus battery packs, 4 cells for complete foot coverage and a charger for convenient and quick daily resue. There are 3 base settings increasing in temperature and a 4th ‘blast’ setting, giving you 3 minutes of the highest heat.

This insole kit boasts a battery life of 6-8 hours, giving you a full day of hunting to be had before worrying about getting cold feet that could turn to frostbite.


  • Long battery life (6 - 8 hours)
  • 4 heat settings - with a ‘blast’ setting for rapid heating
  • Compatible with any type or material of insole
  • Quick recharge for daily use


  • Needs installation time- not immediate use

What Customers Say 

Customers say the four settings are easy to switch between and the extra heat boost option (lasting 3 minutes) is perfect for getting you warmed up from the start. Customers advise settings 2 and 3 for the optimal settings for comfy feet; you don’t have to worry about all day.

Thermacell Original Heated Insoles

The ThermaCELL heated insoles are a customizable design for any shoe or boot size. Follow the useful insole size guide and trim the insoles down for a perfect snug fit. Going to down to as small as 4.5 and as large as a size 14, women’s size. Size 3.5 to 13, men’s size.

This design has an integrated heating element vertical up throw the sole, heating the entire foot. The rechargeable lithium batteries can be charged in 4 hours, extremely convenient for overnight charging ready for more days of busy hunting.

Once charged the, heating elements keep the insoles heated for 5 hours and controlled remotely. The remote has two heat settings and a stand-by setting for when no heat is needed. This feature is beneficial for hunters, using the wrist strap allows for quick and silent access to your remote for effortless and full control. Customers have advised others to remember to recharge your insoles and replenish the remote’s batteries frequently for reliable pairing.


  • Rechargeable (Under 4 hours)
  • Trimmable to fit almost any boot size
  • Remote-controlled settings (3 settings)
  • Water-resistant fabric liner


  • Shorter battery life (5 hours)
  • Insoles very firm

What customers say 

Customers have complained that the Insoles ran out of battery extremely quickly ( around 3 hours) due to the remote control system constantly trying to connect even in stand-by mode. It is reported that the battery life can be stretched to 6 hours if the product is in stand-by for the most part with a few 30 minutes of heat throughout. Some customers have had to return this product after the first use because the heating element had broken.

Hothands Insole Foot Warmer

The HotHands Insole Foot Warmer is a unique design to others. It is a natural heated, one-time use insole. This insole is one size fits all and is air-activated for your convenience. Remove the insole from the packaging and shake it in the open air to active the charcoal for 9 hours of consistent heat.

This product takes 15-30 minutes to reach optimal temperature and should only be stuck to socks with its adhesive strips, never to bare skin or your shoes. If the heat does decrease, it can be shaken in the open air again for further activation.

Perfect for the active hunter with worn-in boots this insole is odor absorbing and thin to ensure ultimate comfort. This product is disposable after use and is not harmful to the environment. 5 pairs are included in each bag giving you 45 hours of endlessly toasty toes if you decide to wear them continuously. Customers, however, have said that they often don't need the 9 hours because the level of heat does the job perfectly.


  • 5 pairs per package
  • Long heat life (9 hours)
  • Natural heat
  • Simple activation ( expose to air and shake)


  • Single-use
  • Takes 15-30 minutes to reach optimal heat after activation

What Customers Say

Customers praise these heated insoles for being simple but effective. Worry over the level of heat is soon forgotten as these insoles are reported to warm your entire foot with a consistent temperature.

Customers have mentioned that the one size fits all is not a problem. This insole spreads out to adjust to your boot and isn't uncomfortable if it doesn't fill the entire space. Customers warn others to follow the instructions to ensure you are not hurting your feet or damaging your shoes.

Thermic Sole Perform Soles (Thermic Smartpack Compatible)

The Thermic Sole Perform Insoles uses EVA foam modeled into an anatomic 3D shape. Giving your feet the extra support they need, when strapped into boots for hours on end. For even distribution of heat, these insoles have a stabilization line from heel to toe.

These insoles having heating elements ready to be charged through Thermic Smartpacks that need to be purchased separately. This sounds like an inconvenience. However, this allows you to choose the battery pack that is the most appropriate for your needs. With several Thermic Smartpack designs available, you can choose from ones with longer battery lives to ones with higher temperatures. Customizing your insoles so that you can get the best out of your boots.


  • 3D shape for better support
  • Customizable 
  • Stabilized heating element for even distribution


  • Parts need to be bought separately.

What Customers Say

Customers are happy with the level of firmness these insoles give them and state that they are a good choice for anyone who suffers from numb feet or neuropathy issues.

Thermacell Proflex

The ThermaCELL Proflex is another ThermaCELL product but with an upgrade for the smartphone user. These insoles are paired using Bluetooth and remotely controlled using your smart device. Being technologically forward does not come cheap, however.

Using the ThermaCELL app available on IOS and android, you can easily switch between 4 heat settings and control your insoles from the touch of a screen. All instructions on how to pair your device are available in the user's manual. The heat settings include stand-by, low (90 degrees), medium (100 degrees), and high (111 degrees).

This product has a battery life of 6.5 hours, water-resistant material and is recharged through any USB port. Boasting high durability through a 1-million step test these heated insoles should not deteriorate throughout the season.


  • Smartphone controlled (Bluetooth) app available on IOS and Android
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • 4 heat settings 
  • 6.5 hours of battery life


  • No backup control option if your phone battery runs out or Bluetooth connection fails

What Customers Say 

Customers are impressed with the comfort of these insoles, giving them equal heat throughout both feet. However, there are numerous complaints about the reliability of the Bluetooth connection. It has been reported to unpair from one foot or both- giving inconsistent heat and being frustratingly time-consuming when having to repair or relaunch the app.

Need to Knows about Heated Insoles for Hunting


Comfort is key. If the insole is too hard or too soft, then you are still going to be worrying about your feet. We suggest checking your most comfortable shoe’s insoles and going for a heated version of that style. Or choosing a heating kit that allows you to use your insoles.


It is crucial you order the correct size, too small,and you will have uncomfortable gaps or sliding insoles. Too big and you run the risk of damaging your heating system if they are not customizable. Be sure to check the guidelines to get the best fitting size for your chosen boot/s.

Heat Length (Battery Life) 

Battery life is a key deciding factor. If you plan to go for day trips or overnight trips, long battery life is essential for the longevity of your comfort. This is why some people opt for the cheaper disposable option because it has a long heat life and can be replaced effortlessly without breaking the bank.


Being able to recharge your heated insoles is a great option for those who hunt throughout the entire season. A single purchase to last you a lifetime. The insoles that cannot be recharged are also an option for those who do not have access to electricity overnight, perhaps in hides or cabins.

FAQs About Heated Insoles

Why are They Important When Hunting Outdoors?

Heated insoles can be a relief from the extreme cold temperatures over the winter hunting season that could cause your hunts to be cut short. They prevent immune system issues due to the cold and can keep frostbite at bay.

Are They Safe?

Heated insoles are incredibly safe. There is no need to worry about burns or electrocution if instructions are followed correctly. Heated insoles are designed to create a constant temperature and water-resistant.

What to avoid?

We suggest you avoid a short battery/ heat life. A short battery/heat life means you are still tethered to home..

Can They be Used as a Medical Aid?

Heated insoles can encourage blood flow and decrease the cold sensation, providing relief from mild circulatory issues and to those with diagnosed diseases affecting narrowing of the blood vessels. Heated insoles should not replace prescribed medical aids or used against doctors recommendations.


In our opinion, the verdict is split between the Thermic Sole Perform Insoles with Thermic Smartpack customization and the HotHands insole foot warmer. The Thermic combination- although pricey, is a usable product for life. because it's rechargeable and customizable. Making these insoles perfect for your needs from the outset.

While the HotHands product couldn't be more opposite. This product has the longest heat life and is the simplest for buyers to use. Budget-friendly, this product is worth the replacement fee when it comes out on top for its reliability.