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The Best Hunting Dog Boots Reviews of 2021

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Best Hunting Dog Boots with Reviews

Looking for a good pair of hunting dog boots for outfitting ​your four-legged hunting companion? ​These boots will help keep your dog’s feet comfortable and protected outside, whether it’s from rough, ​rugged terrain or, even some ​mud​ and snow​. The more protected his feet, the more fun he will have – and the longer you can stay out on the hunt. Just make sure he doesn't ​run away from you on the hunt!

​Because there are so many different dog hunting breeds out there, each used for different types of hunting, you'll want something that fits the type of hunting and terrain ​your dog will be ​dealing with. There's also a massive range of boots and price ranges to choose from, so how do you know exactly what pair you need?

Relax, we've ​gone ahead and listed the 5 best dog hunting boots ​that you should consider for your hunts.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table






Bark Brite Neoprene



My Busy



Ultra Paws Rugged

Recycled Tire/Nylon



Reviews of the Best Hunting Dog Boots​

Bark Brite Neoprene

These neoprene boots from Bark Brite are designed with wet weather in mind. Neoprene means they repel water but are also comfortable and stretchy. The shape of the neoprene is designed to conform to the shape of your dog’s paws and provide a better fit and grip, and there is a lining inside for some warmth. They’re good for protection from ice, snow, rocks and sharp objects, as the neoprene is puncture-resistant, and for wet days, water and mud; they make wetsuits out of this stuff.

Thanks to the neoprene build, these booties fit very snugly, similar to spandex or some other stretchy compression material. This means they stay on your dog’s feet very well with all different kinds of activity. ​They really are quite durable in any terrain.

With that said, even though they are meant to be expandable and fit all different size dogs, and come in several different sizes, they fit better on larger dog’s feet, than on smaller ones. If too large and loose, they will flop around loosely and eventually fall off; which doesn’t really do any good. Even the small size is too large for very small dogs; you’ll probably want to pass if that describes your best friend.

But, if you’re looking for a larger pair of water-resistant, puncture-resistant dog boots for a large dog, these are an excellent choice.


  • Stretchy, comfortable neoprene fit
  • Water-resistant, puncture-proof
  • Good for all kinds of activities


  • Don’t fit small dogs well; too loose and floppy

#2. ​Tinkle One Dog Boots

These dog boots are a little bit more heavy-duty than the last two; they feature stiff soles that ​have a tough grip, texture, and support, with an anti-slip bottom. They are also waterproof. They fasten on and tighten with Velcro strips, which are also reflective to provide some visibility in low light.

The build quality is pretty good, and we find the stiff, grippy soles work well; your dog may take some time adjusting to walking on them, but they offer more protection from sharp objects and rugged terrain than other soft boots.

We’d like to see a more comfortable interior, however; the inside of the boot is not well padded or lined, and if they don’t fit comfortably, they can move around and rub your dog’s paws the wrong way. This could be uncomfortable at best and cause blisters and bleeding at worst.

So even though we like the build quality and stiff, grippy sole, we’d hesitate to recommend these boots unless you are sure they fit your dog well. They’re pretty nice boots but can cause problems if they don’t fit properly.


  • Quality build
  • Stiff soles with good grip
  • Waterproof soles


  • No lining inside the boots; uncomfortable and can cause blisters, bleeding

My Busy

These hunting dog boots are very similar to the Tinkle One boots above, with similar stiff, ​rough, and waterproof soles providing some grip, stability, and protection from rugged, sharp terrain and rocks. The upper fabric is water-resistant, but not entirely waterproof.

So overall, we like these boots. The fabric and the rubber sole are obviously high-quality and well-constructed. They also feature a wide-open seam, which we really like, as it allows you easily slide the boots on and off your dog’s feet without the hassle and pulling.

Drawbacks? Like other boots, if they don’t fit well, they can rub the dog’s paws uncomfortably and cause blisters and bleeding. Not good. We’d like to see some more padding and lining in there. The Velcro straps need to be very tight to ensure the boots do not slip off.

But again, these are nice boots; high-quality and with good, grippy rubber soles that hold up well to all-terrain. But be sure to size them correctly and make sure they don’t hurt your dog’s feet.


  • High-quality
  • Rubber soles are thick, durable, good grip
  • Open-seam makes for easy on and off
  • Reflective Velcro straps


  • Can cause blistering and bleeding if they do not fit properly
  • Need to be very tight to keep from slipping off

Ultra Paws Rugged

From reliable Ultra Paws come these Rugged Dog Boots, designed for dogs who love the outdoors but need a bit more protection. The soles made from recycled tires, but made about 50% thicker than before (such as on their Durable boots) for more rugged terrain. The top is 1000-denier, water-resistant nylon. They’re super easy to put on and off, sliding on easily with open side seams, and Velcro to fasten them tightly onto the dog’s paws.

We really like the durability and quality of these boots; they’re well-made and ready for any terrain or surface; mud, dirt, pavement. There’s even enough grip for icy situations. There’s also foam inside the closure, which both cushions the dog’s feet and adds grip to keep them close to your feet. The tire sole and nylon top are tough and durable and are good at resisting water and moisture.

One thing we’d like was if they were taller; they cover the dogs’ paws, but not much else. If you’re heading out in the snow or somewhere with deep mud, you may want to find something taller and with more coverage.

But otherwise, we find they are a durable set of dog boots that offer good protection on any terrain.


  • Durable, thick recycled tire soles
  • 1000D nylon, water-resistant top
  • Side seams make on/off easy
  • Soles have lots of grip


  • Not very tall; cover paws and nothing else

#5. ​Long Dog Boots

These dog boots, like the Tinkle One boots above, feature stiff soles with protection and grip. But they are also longer and taller, similar to socks or even the stretchy cuffs on gloves intended for humans. These cuffs are made of waterproof nylon, knitted into a flexible ripstop, and provide not only waterproofness but some warmth in the snow. They’re held on and tightened by reflective nylon straps.

The height of these boots is quite convenient and really sets them apart from others, which are all much shorter and offer less protection. They also do a good job of keeping feet warm and toasty in cold weather and keeping water out. This makes them excellent for cold weather hunts and those in wet, swampy areas.

Complaints? They often don’t do ​an excellent job of staying on a dog’s feet, especially for smaller dogs. Yes, you can choose from different sizes, but they’re often just too large and floppy for a secure fit. This seems to be a common theme ​in dog boots.

But, if you need some waterproof boots that are tall and offer more coverage for snow and other cold weather situations, these are the boots you need.


  • Tall ankles; lots of protection and warmth from water and snow.
  • Knit fabric is comfy and stretchy, water-resistant.
  • Soles are waterproof and offer good grip.


  • Too large for small dogs; floppy. Don’t stay on feet well.

Things to Look For in Dog Hunting Boots


First, be sure to find a pair of boots that fits your dog’s paws well. The wrong fit can become very uncomfortable if they fit at all. They will flop around and be more a hindrance than a help. They can also cause blisters and bleeding if they don’t fit properly.


Do you need boots that are waterproof? Or will water-resistant boots be okay? While not necessary, waterproof ​protectors can make your dog’s day that much more comfortable and keep his or her paws warmer and drier when sitting around on the rest of the hunt. Some boots will have waterproof rubber soles, as well as waterproof fabric uppers. Others will simply be water-resistant fabric, such as neoprene or thick, coated nylon.


Some boots will simply be thick fabric (like neoprene) that offer a thick, comfy layer between your dog’s paws and the ground. But others will have hard soles, made of thick rubber or some other material. These kinds of soles are good if you will be hunting in rocky, rough terrain, or if you’d like a set of dog boots with good grip, as many of the rubber soles will be textured for traction.

Final Thoughts

Wet Hunting Dog

Our choice of best hunting dog boots​ are the Bark Brite Neoprene Paw Protectors, for their soft, comfortable and flexible fit, and their protection from the elements. They don’t offer the same level of grip and stiffness that other booties do, but they’re highly water-resistant, extremely comfortable on your dog’s feet, and come in all different sizes.

If you’d like the support of a hard sole, we’d suggest the My Busy boots, with their thick, waterproof rubber soles, good traction, and durable nylon uppers. Just make sure they properly fit your dog’s paws, so they don’t rub and cause blisters.

Whichever boots you choose, your dog will be ready to hit the trails in protected comfort.