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Best Hunting Stool Reviews of 2021

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Best Hunting Stools with Reviews

Simply put, being comfortable when hunting is important. Sure, you might be out in the woods, crouching in wait for your next target, but there’s no reason you have ​for being totally uncomfortable while doing so. ​To make things worse, if you’re sitting out there for hours on end, you’re going to get pretty uncomfortable at some point or another. You want to give yourself the best possible chance of staying out as long as you can while dove hunting, for example, ​so ensuring that you have something comfortable to sit on that supports you ​and allows ​you to make a clear shot, is very important.

A good hunting stool can solve this problem. By giving you something comfortable to relax on, a hunting stool will make your days much easier and your hunts more enjoyable. They often come in different forms – stools, and more traditional seats with seatbacks, which let you lean back and relax while hunting. Typically the better models will also come with some sort of compartment attached to the bottom of the stool that allows for the easy storage of some gear. So what should you be looking for?

Below, you’ll find our reviews ​of the ​best hunting stools currently out there​.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Hunting Stools​

Alps Outdoorz Horizon Swivel Chair

The Alps Outdoorz Horizon Swivel Chair is much like the SteadyReady, but features a swivel chair on top, giving you uninhabited 360-degree views of the land the around you. It’s made of a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, weighs about 10.5 pounds, and has a weight limit of 300 pounds. And at 21” tall, it’s comfortable to sit in for just about anybody.

The swivel chair is padded and easy to use, swiveling smoothly. Underneath the seat is a padded storage bag for shoving tools and accessories. You can fold it up, and the padded shoulder strap lets you throw it over your shoulder when heading in and out of the woods. We do wish the seat itself was a bit bigger, however; there’s not a lot of actual room to sit on. Some people also find the 10 pounds pretty heavy when trekking long distances into the bush.

The Horizon is a really a great swivel chair, and comfy enough for hours of sitting. Being able to rotate 360 degrees is really useful and makes aiming and keeping an eye out over the landscape very easy. Overall, it’s sturdy, heavy-duty but not too heavy, and comfortable. What else could you ask for?


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • The padded seat is very comfortable
  • Swivel chair spins 360-degrees for clear views
  • 300 Pound Weight Limit
  • Padded storage bag under the seat


  • The seat itself is a bit small for taller people
  • 10 pounds gets a bit heavy when hiking in and out of the woods

Browning SteadyReady Stool

The Browning SteadyReady is a portable, lightweight hunting stool, weighing in at only 7 lbs and folding down flat. It’s stool design, without a seatback, keeps you upright and in hunter-ready position at all times, but lets you have a comfortable seat on the ground. It’s amply wide (wider than most other stools) and has a slightly slanted seat that helps you get in perfect hunting position and makes it good for larger hunters. The construction is powder-coated steel, and the seat has a non-slip grip. Weight capacity is 275 pounds.

Underneath the fabric seat is a sewn-in insulated pouch, which serves as a cooler bag for stashing food and drinks. Pretty nice addition. There’s also a mesh pouch for accessories, like your phone.

A common complaint with the SteadyReady is that it is very tall, perhaps a bit uncomfortably far off the ground for shorter people. Some people found it tough for sitting on for long periods of time.

But, overall, the SteadyReady is a very sturdy, heavy-duty stool that is light and can go into the field easily with you.


  • Very light
  • Strong build quality
  • Folds away easily
  • Insulated pouch sewn in


  • Quite big
  • Uncomfortable after long periods

Alps Outdoorz Rhino MC

The MC in the Rhino MC’s name stands for More Comfort because that’s what they’ve given you with this wider, longer hunting chair, that still manages to remain compact. In fact, it looks more like a stool at first glance but has a nice comfy seat and a backrest, so you can relax with ease.

The frame is, like the Horizon Swivel, made of a sturdy powder coated steel, while the seat is made of a strong nylon fabric. The triangular shape of the seat gives it more room to be comfortable without being too large and keeps the sides of the seat from digging into your legs. The angled back adds more comfort. Underneath the seat hangs mesh storage pockets. To move it, simply fold it up and throw it in the included carry bag; it weighs only 5 pounds!

The only thing we don’t like is the lack of cushioning on the seat; while it’s not bad for short periods of time, any longer, and you will start to become a bit antsy; you don’t have much to sink into, and the seat itself is very thin. It’s also very unstable on uneven ground, tending to sink and fold in on itself, which is a drawback if the terrain you’re hunting on isn’t smooth.

But, if you’re looking for a super light hunting chair with a backrest, this one fits the bill.


  • Light; only 5 pounds
  • Triangular seat shape is better on the legs
  • Angled seat back for max comfort
  • Mesh storage pouches under the seat


  • Seat lacks cushioning and can be very uncomfortable. It’s very thin.
  • Very unsteady on uneven ground.

Allen Camo Folding Hunting Stool

Another option for a hunting stool with a back, this folding stool from Allen has a strong steel frame and weighs only about 6 pounds. It has a flat fabric seat, with a storage pocket underneath for stashing your phone, some snacks, or anything else. It folds nice and easy and throws right over your shoulder with the included carry strap.

Unfortunately, it’s not very comfortable. The metal legs are bulky, and the design lets them dig into the bottom of your legs on the bottom of the chair. The seat itself is too low to the ground for taller people, and the angle of the seatback isn’t very good; it’s too upright and close to the seat to actually lean back in.

It is, however, very inexpensive, and light. If you just need something to hold up to the elements, this chair will do it; it’s a good budget choice.


  • Light; 5 pounds
  • Sturdy steel Frame
  • Lower price; good budget option


  • Not comfortable; seatback angle is poor
  • Too low to the ground for tall hunters

Alps OutdooZ Tri-Leg Stool

When you don’t have a lot of space to spare, or feel like carrying around a lot of weight, opt for this tri-legged hunting stool. It’s made of powder-coated steel, like the other Alps OutdoorZ products, but weighs a mere 2 pounds – barely noticeable on your back. ​There are three sturdy legs, and a center support, which allows it to hold a solid 250 pounds, despite its compact size. The seat is a tough 600D nylon Cordura (in Realtree camo), with a mesh storage back hanging off, and a webbing strap on the bottom for added durability. The strap on the legs also functions as a carry strap for when you don’t want to use the carrying case.

The only real drawback to the Tri-Leg Stool is that it is low and small; taller, bigger hunters may not find it very comfortable at all, as it just sits too low to the ground and doesn’t have a lot of surface area for sitting on. Add that to the fact there’s no seat-back, and it can be hard to sit on for long periods.

However, that’s to be expected from a compact hunting stool; it’s a tradeoff you have to weight. If you’re looking for an ultralight, portable and cheap stool, the Alps OutdoorZ Hunting Stool is the perfect choice.


  • Super light and portable – only 2 pounds – but sturdy; weight limit of 250 pounds
  • 600D Nylon Seat
  • Center support/extra webbing for added durability
  • Super affordable


  • It’s uncomfortable for larger people, thanks to its compact size.
  • No seatback, if that’s important.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hunting Stool

When looking at a hunting stool, you’ll want to keep a few different things in mind. First,

  • Size and Weight: Do you need a large stool or chair? Or can you fit on a small one? The best hunting chair will be the lightest and most portable one you can find. The larger the seat, the more comfortable it will likely be, but the larger it is, the heavier and less portable it will be. Likewise, the smaller it is, the less weight it will be able to hold.
  • ​Chair or Stool: While hunting chair and hunting stool may be used interchangeably, there actually is a slight difference; a hunting chair will usually have a seatback to lean back and rest on, while a hunting chair will not, instead, requiring you to sit upright. While this will be a more alert position and is better for aiming and getting a good, steady shot, it will not be nearly as comfortable when sitting their hours on end. You’ll tire easily and find yourself itching for something to lean back on.
  • Padding: It’s easy to overlook, but having some comfortable, thick padding on the seat can make a huge difference in how comfortable it really is. A lot of stools – even some of the nicer ones – will only have thin layers of nylon fabric, which can be tiresome after sitting for a long time. IF that’s a concern, you may want to try a few out before settling on one.

Final Thoughts

Seat In Water

From what we reviewed our pick for the best hunting stool is the Alps OutdoorZ Horizon Swivel Chair. It’s larger and heavier than some of the other options but is still decently light and portable at only 10 pounds, and you can carry it over your shoulder with the included strap. We really like the ability to swivel a full 360 degrees and find it makes aiming and observing the surroundings much easier and more convenient. The thick seat padding is also really comfortable, and a welcome addition.

If you’d like something even lighter, and more affordable, the Tri-Leg Stool from ALPS is also a good choice; it weighs only 2 pounds, is compact and easily moveable. But, it lacks a comfortable seat-back, and is a bit too small for those of us who are larger.

Any of the chairs we’ve highlighted are excellent choices and will make sitting for hours in the woods on end much more luxurious. Happy hunting!