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Best Hog Hunting Lights Reviews for 2021

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Light for Hog Hunting at Night

Hog hunting at night is widely recognized as the best time for hunt feral hogs and control their numbers. They typically like to feed at night and can certainly be described as nocturnal animals. For the hunter, your best chance of scoring the kill as at night when they’re actively feeding. You can either setup a hog feeder with attached lighting, or, you can hunt them when they’re feeding naturally out in the field.

Hunting them in darkness obviously requires lighting equipment that’s up to the challenge. You’ll want something that’s bright enough so that you can see the target, as well as not spooking the hog with the wrong color of light or brightness.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best 5 hog hunting lights for at nighttime, including mini reviews of each model and what to look for when choosing the right one for your hunts.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Hog Hunting Lights

Nitecore P30

The Nitecore P30 is our choice for a hog hunting night light, and one of the best, putting out a solid 1000 lumens and reaching over 676 yards – a very long distance and more than enough for any hunting you need to do. It comes with both green and red filters, letting you choose whichever one you prefer, and you can cycle through 5 power settings and three special lighting modes: Strobe, SOS and Location Beacon, in case of emergencies.

It has a dual-switch operation interface that makes operation easy: on/off are located on the endcap while modes and brightness settings are on the side-switch. It also comes with a complete mounting kit that allows you to mount it to either an offset mount or scope.

One complaint and design flaw that many people have pointed out is that the lens filters are not as crisp and clear as they could be, causing light to spread out, unfocused. It also dampens the light and softens some of its full power.

Otherwise, this is a solid green hunting light with tons of power, excellent range, and versatile lighting modes.


  • ​1000 Lumens
  • 676-yard throw
  • 5 brightness settings
  • SOS, Strobe, Location Beacon modes


  • Lens filters cheap, muddy. Softens light

Orion M30C

Our runner-up choice is the Orion M30C, which is capable of 700 lumens and a range of 377 yards when unfiltered. With three Cree XP-E2 LED lights, it has three brightness choices – 700, 400 and 75 lumens –that can be toggled through simply by turning the light head. It will also stay on the last setting when turned off.

The flashlight body is rated to IPX8 for waterproofness, and can be mounted onto either a scope, mount or rail. It comes with a light pressure switch, and is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries, which include a smart charger and car adapter.

While we like this light overall, it’s pricier than the Nitecore version, while offering less features, less power and only one color – green or red. The Nitecore offers both colors at once, as well as many more features and adjustable settings to choose from.

On its own, this is an excellent buy, but we’d still recommend the cheaper Nitecore P30 over this one; it’s simply a better buy.


  • ​Solid build
  • IPX8-rated waterproof
  • 377-yard throw
    700 lumens, three brightness settings
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • ​Only one light color
  • Pricy

Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting ​Kit

The Coyote Reaper from Predator Tactics is another excellent hunting light, with a range of 500 yards for the green version. It comes with all the kit accessories you could possibly need, including a 5-point adjustable rail, a scope rail mount, remote on/off switch and a battery extension tube. It runs off 16-850 Li-Ion batteries.

The best part of this bad boy, however, is the build quality. It’s premium and feels it, with a solid aluminum build and matte finish. The focus is adjustable, there’s a built-in halo shield, and the LED bulb module is interchangeable, so you can change the beam color easily.

With that said, a lot of users feel it doesn’t reach 500 meters. Somewhere between 350-400 is more accurate in actual usage. Considering its high price tag, if range is important, you may want to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, this is another excellent hog hunting light that will last you a long time and handle some abuse.


  • ​​High quality, solid build
  • Tons of rail accessories included
  • Adjustable focus
  • Built-in halo shield
  • Interchangeable light bulbs


  • ​Expensive
  • Doesn’t shine as far as it says

Wicked Lights W403IC

The Wicked Lights W403IC is another great hunting light that is built to the highest standards of quality and durability, but doesn’t shine as far as we would like, with a range of only 400 yards. That’s still not bad, but compared to others in the list, not all that great. Like the Coyote Reaper, it features interchangeable LED’s, so you can pick colors, and also has a zoom focus bezel, letting you change the light from spot to flood with a quick twist. They call this their Scan and Kill feature, which makes it easier to quickly scan the field and lock on the target.

The Wicked Lights also has this great intensity control cord tail cap, which lets you adjust the brightness instantly with nothing but the press of a button. They also used a convex lens design, which allows the light to focus and disperse light more accurately.

Honestly, there isn’t much not to like about this light – except that it’s more expensive ​than any others on our list, and you must switch the LED’s to get different colors. We do wish it had more range, too.

Otherwise, another fantastic light with a solid, reliable build.


  • ​Solid build
  • Light Intensity button
  • Zoom Focus bezel
  • Interchangeable LED’s


  • ​Expensive
  • Only one color at a time
  • Range is not as good as others

​​Wicked Lights ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-1

Another good choice from Wicked Lights. The ScanPro is a 3-in-1 LED light that lets you toggle between red, green and white just by turning the knob, without messing up the light’s focus; it will stay zeroed in on your target. You can also adjust the intensity, just like the Wicked Lights above, to any brightness and intensity you want, from highest to lowest, without being constrained to fixed settings. It also features the same Zoom Focus, “Scan and Kill” technology as the W403IC above.

Another thing about this light; it’s built from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, entirely in the USA, and is built to last. Wicked Lights also backs it up with a bulletproof warranty.

Cons? It doesn’t offer much range, like it’s counterpart above; it gets maybe 300 yards max. If it did offer better range, this would be a much more enticing choice for a green hog hunting light. The rubberized coating is also kind of cheap and tends to peel easily, affecting the light’s overall durability.

If you really want the choice of three lights in one, however, this Wicked Lights may be your best bet.


  • ​Three lights in one
  • Toggles between Red, Green and Blue with the press of a button
  • T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Made in the USA.
  • ​Zoom Focus, Scan and Kill design


  • ​Short range
  • Rubberized coating flakes off

​​What To Look For in A Good Night Hog Hunting Light

The Colors

The most common color lights you will find for hog hunting at night are Green and Red, as well as white. Green lights are best for long range, as they will do a better job at illuminating the area in front of you – almost as well as white – but without the intensity and brightness of white. You’ll be less visible with a green light than a white one, making it less likely to scare the hogs.

A red ​beam, on the other hand, ​doesn't reflect off surroundings as intensely as green ones, which makes them a better choice for hunting predators. ​But, since they don’t give off as much light as green, you won’t be able to see the scene in front of you quite as well and not as far; you may want to opt for green if you don’t need the subtlety that red lights offer.


​Range is another important factor to consider. The distance a light can throw it beam will be a result of two factors: what color the light is and how bright it is in lumens. At a minimum, you’ll want to find a light with a range of at least 300 yards/900 feet; if you can get one that throws even farther, that’s even better. We recommend a light that can throw at least 600 lumens, but the brightest lights you can get will probably throw out about 1000 lumens.


​When choosing a hunting light, you will also want to pay attention to the interface and buttons that control. Can it toggle on/off easily, with a single switch? Do you need to press an end cap button to turn it on, or is there a remote switch to turn it on while shooting? Can you toggle light colors easily using a single button, or do you need to switch out the LED’s or filters in order to change color? The simpler and more intuitive the interface, the easier operating the light will be when trying to get a shot off in the dark.

Light Modes

Strobe, SOS modes, Location beacon; these are all useful functions to have on your light. You likely won’t need them for hog hunting alone, but when something goes wrong out there, you might find they come in clutch, just in case of emergency.

Construction and Material

You need a light that can last, and that means choosing one with a durable, dependable construction. The best material for durability in a hog hunting light? Aluminum, which offers the best combination of light weight and strength. Most of our top picks for lights are made from aluminum and are virtually indestructible.


Batteries are an often-overlooked part of choosing a light, but it’s really one of the most important; you need your light to last through all-night hunt without needing to be replaced or recharged. We prefer rechargeable batteries over disposable ones; the 18650 or CR123a batteries are both commonly found in flashlights of all types, and are cheap and easy to recharge or replace.

Final Word

Our top choice for a hog hunting light is the Nitecore P30, which offers an excellent 1000 lumens of light, with a range of 676 yards – an ample amount for wild hog hunting in ​low light conditions. It has both red and green filters, 5 different power settings, as well as SOS, Strobe and Location beacon modes, just in case of emergency. It’s a dependable and solid light that will keep your equipped and illuminated during all your hunting expeditions.

Our Runner Up is the Orion M30C, which has 700 lumens and a distance of 377 yards. Either one is an excellent choice – as are all the lights we’ve reviewed. Choose one for your kit, and get out on the next hunt.