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Best Outfitter Wall Tent for Hunting of 2021 | Reviews

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Best Outfitter Wall Tents for Hunting Reviews

A good wall or outfitter style tent is essential if you’re a keen hunter that likes to spend days, weeks or even months in the woods during the season. These tents are bigger than your traditional standard sized tents for camping and are designed to be able to hold a lot of people and equipment. If you’re a hunting outfitter or guide, then you need something that’s got enough room to hold everyone and their gear. These outfitter wall tents are also designed with a special gap so you can fit your wall tent stove into them nicely.

Because these tents are typically at the higher end of the tent market price wise, you don’t want to be spending your money on the wrong model and end up ruining this season’s hunt. That’s where we can help you, with our reviews of the best outfitter wall tents for hunting showing you how to spend your money.

Top ​3 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best ​Outfitter Wall Tents for Hunting

Elk Mountain Canvas

Second on our list is from Elk Mountain who have designed this quality canvas wall tent that measures in at 13x16. Although this is not designed like your traditional outfitter tents you will find on the market, this canvas wall tent is still specifically designed for outfitters, guides and general hunters. The canvas is made from polyester that’s both waterproof and mold resistant, awell as being designed not to rot away or even shrink. The tent also sports 6 windows, a stove jack with a cover, some inside pole straps, 10x 18’ stakes and x2 bags – one for the tent and an angle bag. Poles are not included in the purchase.

This is our top pick for the best canvas wall tent for hunting on the market currently for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly, the material is designed with real quality and will certainly hold up for many hunts. It’s also great in poor weather conditions and can withstand some harsh wind, rain or even scorching heat. It doesn’t come with all the features that your traditional style outfitter tents typically come with, but it’s still very spacious to allow for several people and all the hunting equipment. It also comes with some nice features such as 6 windows, a handy stove jack with a cover and a handy angle kit included. One of the biggest positives about this hunting tent is the price that it asks for. It’s a very good budget buy and is the cheapest model on our list. Another reassuring reason to buy this tent is the fantastic customer service that Elk Mountain offer. They are well known for responding to any problems or questions swiftly and sorting out any repairs or damages that occur.

Although the price is great for the Elk Mountain, one thing that needs to be factored in and needs to be considered, is the fact that no poles are provided with this purchase and need to be bought separately. Although it also sports some great features, again, it’s not going to have all the features that you would typically get with a special outfitters choice.

Overall has a fantastic quality of material that’s designed to last you many hunts, which is backed up with Elk Mountains great customer service. It’s a perfect canvas wall tent for any hunter at a great price, just be sure to factor in the additional cost of the poles into the overall cost. It’s a straight-forward, basic model so just be sure you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles that the outfitter models have.

Verdict: Our Top Canvas Pick


  • ​Great quality of material
  • Can withstand some harsh conditions
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Inexpensive


  • ​Poles not included in purchase
  • Doesn’t have all the features of an outfitters

#2. Ultimate Alaknak 13'x27' Outfitter Tent

Our #1 choice on the list is this, the Ultimate Alaknak 13'x27' Outfitter Tent. It comes in 3 different sizes – 12’x12’, 12’x20’ and 13’x27’. We have reviewed the larger of the 3 as we have went with the assumption that you would like as much room as possible, but feel free to check out the other 2 smaller versions if you don’t need something as big.

As mentioned above this is a very big outfitters tent, coming in at 13’x27’ with a carrying weight of 123lbs. As expected this model is highly breathable, UV-resistant and waterproof. It’s made with strong 250D polyester oxford material and has a 1000mm PU coating. The material is also puncture resistant and designed not to tear. Everything you need for carrying and setting up is provided with the purchase, making it ready to setup straight away. There’s also a 5” stove jack in the roof with a zip open style floor that is tough and is fully waterproof. There is also shelves built into the sides of this outfitters tent that can fold away easily. This model is also designed so that run-off will not go near the door and has some side condensation vents.

This model is #1 on the list in terms of size, quality and having everything built into it that you would need for long hunting camps. The material it sports is very good quality and is designed to last even in heavy rain and wind conditions. It’s also very tough and will withstand a lot of pulling about without ripping. The design is also perfect for ensuring that water does not directly run off at the tent door. It’s also very simple and straight-forward to erect, with everything you need for setting it up and transporting being provided in the purchase. It also caters for wall tent stoves with a  5” jack that has a storm flap to ensure safe use. There’s also plenty of ventilation built into this tent which is a must for any hunters looking to spend a long time camping in the backwoods in one. A strong, waterproof zip-open floor panel is also a nice addition and is perfect for your stove.

Although there are no quality issues letting this model down, there are still a few negative points that we wold raise. Although a carry bag is provided, because this tent is so large it will naturally be a bit heavier than most other models. Although it is not necessarily heavy as such, it can still add a little more weight that you would like to your hunt. Also, as mentioned earlier, this model may be too large and overkill for some hunters and guides, so be sure to check out the smaller models if this may be the case. And lastly the cost, of course it’s expected with a model this big, of such quality and with so many features, so make sure it’s definitely that tent you want at this high price tag.

Overall the Ultimate Alaknak 13'x27' is our number 1 choice as it has everything you would need in a wall or outfitters tent, just be sure that it’s the right one for your hunt before giving the money it asks for.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • ​Great in poor weather conditions
  • Large with plenty of room for people and gear
  • Comes with a nice transport bag
  • Nice ventilation design
  • Quality design and material
  • Perfect and safe for stoves


  • ​A little bit heavier than other models
  • Expensive
  • Maybe too big and overkill for some hunters

Barebones Living

From Barebones Living this is our second choice outfitters pick. This tent comes in at 12’x10.5’ with enough space for up to 8 people to sleep in comfortably. Everything is included with the purchase you need to get going straight away with the Barbones Living tent. It comes with an attachable floor, all the required poles, a high wind kit, covered opening for a stove, 10 mesh windows and 2 roof vents.

This model made our top 3 list for a few reasons. Firstly, like all the picks on this list, the material that is used for this outfitters tent is of a very high quality. This model was built with quality in mind and stand up to some of the harshest elements thrown at it. It will comfortably stand up to any of the poor weather conditions that remain a constant worry for hunters such as high-winds, heavy rain and even some snow. It also has all the features that you would need and expect from an outfitters model. It also has plenty in it for camping in and can easily hold up to 8 hunter beds. Everything you need is included in the purchase such as all the poles and stakes required to secure the tent. This model is also perfect for stoves and has brilliant ventilation, giving you peace of mind that the tent is safe for camping in for long periods.

The biggest negative that surrounds this tent is the price. Compared with the other models on this list and the marketplace, it’s very expensive. It has everything you would ever need in an outfitters tent, with lots of nice features and add-ons, but comes at a very high price. It’s reasonably sized, though you can purchase bigger models for less money, though the quality and features are what makes it a great hunters pick.

Overall a top of the range pick that will stand up to nearly any type of weather that the backcountry throws at it, with plenty of features and add-ons to enhance your camping experience. The biggest thing to take into consideration is its large price tag and whether it’s worth it for your camping needs.

Verdict: Runner-Up Pick


  • ​​Quality build and material
  • Great for all weather conditions
  • Plenty of useful features and add-ons
  • Everything included in the purchase that you need


  • Very expensive

​Things to Consider When Buying A Outfitters Hunting Wall Tent

Unless you want to end up building ​a survival shelter, you'll want to ensure that you buy a quality tent that's ​up to the job for your hunt. Here are the most important points you should consider if you want to end up with a wall tent worth the money you paid for it.


Because these tents may be subject to some harsh weather conditions over many different hunting trips, the quality of material needs to be good and up to the challenge of whatever challenging weather is thrown at it. You’re also paying more for a outfitters wall model than a standard tent, so you’ll certainly be looking for something that sports strong material that’s not going to rip or tear after a few uses.

Ease of Setup

Because weather conditions can be harsh with not a lot of light during the winter months, you want something straight out of the box with everything you need to get setup. Your purchase should be easy to put up and take down, allowing you to set it up in the backwoods anywhere you want.

Size and Dimensions

Are you a professional guide or outfitter? You may have to sleep a lot of people in your tent, therefore you want to choose something with enough room for placing some beds in it. You’ll also want to consider how long you’re hunting for and the amount of equipment that needs to be stored.

Stove Flap

A safe flap in the roof is a must for any hunter, as it allows you to safely use a stove in your wall tent whenever you like. Don’t worry though as every choice on our top list has this feature built into it.

Final Word

This completes our list of our top 3 picks that can be bought today on the market. Whether you’re a guide, outfitter or just a general game hunter, these tents are designed specially for you and all your fellow hunters and gear. Our pick for the best outfitter wall tent for hunting goes to the Elk Mountain Canvas, however every pick on our list is built to last and is designed to handle even the poorest of conditions. Consider what you want to pay and what features you would like, then choose accordingly.

Happy camping and hunting!​